Dermatome Chart

Dermatome Chart / Dermatome Map

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Upper Body Test Ponits

C2 – Occipital Protuberance
C3 – Supraclavicular Fossa
C4 – Acromioclavicular Joint
C5 – Lateral Antecubital Fossa
C6 – Thumb
C7 – Middle Finger
C8 – Little Finger
T1 – Medial Antecubital Fossa
T2 – Apex of Axilla

Lower Body Test Points

L1 – Upper Anterior Thigh
L2 – Mid Anterior Thigh
L3 – Medial Femoral Condyle
L4 – Medial Malleolus
L5 – Dorsum 3rd MTP Joint
S1 – Lateral Heel
S2 – Popliteal Fossa
S3 – Ischial Tuberosity
S5 – Perianal Area

V1 – Ophthalmic Division of Trigeminal Nerve (Upper Face)
V2 – Maxillary Division of Trigeminal Nerve (Mid Face)
V3 – Mandibular Division of Trigeminal Nerve (Lower Face)


Dermatome Map - 01

Dermatome Map - 02



Dermatome Map - 03


Dermatome Map - 04

Dermatome Chart