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Disabled Parking Bay and Blue Badge Permit Abuse

Disabled Parking Abuse Sticker

Click image to download

If you have come to this page, it is because you parked in a Disabled  Parking Bay and did not display your Blue Badge or Disability Parking Permit correctly, and received a leaflet under your windscreen wiper.

As you didn't mind wasting our time in parking thoughtlessly where you shouldn't, we didn't think you would mind if we wasted your time by making you visit this website.

Your vehicle details have not been recorded on this site, but may of been passed to the local authorities by the person who gave you the notice.

Maybe next time you will think before you park?

Thankyou For Your Time!

If you received this notice in error, we apologise, but please feel free to download a copy to print out for your own use.

Your Comments

Email your comments to parking@apparelyzed.com

Disabled Drivers Questionare Results

Here are some views about people who park illegally in disabled parking spaces.

What is your disability?

What do you think the penalty should be for illegal parking?

What annoys you the most about disabled parking spaces?

sci shoot 'em or hang 'em
heavy fine
quadraplegia fine them heavily, community service ppl parking on the blue lines,
non-handicapped ppl using those spaces
spinal cord injury    
spinal cord injury fined  
sci cars tow  
sci quad fine/tow  
ddd./Herniations at the cervical, thorasic and lumbar regions/amputated nerve at the lumbar region. I eventually will have to have a dorsal column stimulator or a morephene pump put in my back. severe penalties and fines!!!!! never enough spaces in alot of parking lots example--malls,walmart,k-mart and grocerie stores.
spinal cord injury stiffer fine. Car towed the biggest problem is unavailability. Most new places have themm, but the smaller more remote places never have them. Also they are not always convieniant. Sometimes you park in an hp spot and then you have to go a very long way to get to where your going.
sci parking tickets their excuse is i will only be there for a moment
sci it is so hard to regulate, a philosophical change is the hardest to affect. no spaces, people parking in the no spaces, i.E. Blue lines.
spinal cord injury there is nothing that can be done. Most are seniors. people parking too close to the driver's side once i am already in the spot.
sci cars crushed people park over lines no room to get into car, snow on ground markings so everyone parks there in winter being unaware that it is hadicap parking
spinal injury fined over $100 too small space. Other cars crowding it. Near shopping carts.
t12 burst people should be fine $ big bucks people that when looked at need no parking pass, just want to be close to where the front door is, seen alot of people put permit in car, then jump out of car as if there was nothing wrong when someone with a handicap needs a parking space do to the size of there van/truck,but it seems like they just give the permits away like raffel tickets.
spinal cord injury towed away always filled, always vehicles without placards are in some of the spots.
quadriplegia - spinal cord injury i think that we should take down their licence #s, go into store and have them paged, asking them to remove their cars.
the fines and tickets, etc. That are posted on the parking signs seem to be of no benefit, as the police don't regularly patrol parking lots.
- people not understanding the extended line spots for side opening vans, and parking too close to us.

-handicap parking on a hill.

- not enough parking spaces.

-not clearing snow at curbside parking spaces.
quadriplegia ticket & tow people parking on or totally in lift/ramp area! I.E. No room for lift/ramp!
para from a sci. an accountable hefty fine and no registration permitted til paid for. the audacity from people when they come back and see that they actually affected someone else.
spinal cord injury tickets with large fines that are enforced, and towing 1) too few spaces and curb cuts; 2) spaces not wide enough to accomodate ramp which makes space unusable for lowered floor minivan (note--sometimes cars park in clearly marked van accessible spot even though car spots are empty; 3)cars with or without placards park in crosshatched area making spot unusable
spinal cord injury tow their cars and stiff fine people parking to close to my van ramp.
sci immense fines ($1000+) finding it
c-7 incomplete quad., My truck has a wheelchair boom that swings to the side,
my van has no lift if any kind but i load through the side door
if someone was around to just write tickets, then maybe more could be done from there. people with stickers that have a slight limp, or no physical imparement uaisn a sticker that the dr. Are to free with
handing out or it belongs to another family member. Spaces up front should be chairs only, then the spaces for handicap people who can walk,
people in chairs cant be seen when they are behind some cars or trucks
so they could be run over.
sci c5 complete fines  
t5 anterior fracture - paraplegia ticket them unable to find spaces. More para people going out now so need more spaces.
sci(cauda equina) heavy, unwaivable fines and/or towing at the expense of the owner, but many are willing to risk money for convenience so, possibly, a loss of a point(s) from one's license would make the driving population more mindful and bring the problem more out in the open.

or. . .Simply enforcing the regulations already in place would be a start! (If p. D.S can have seat-belt focused weeks why can't they have handicap parking focused weeks?)
poorly cleared of ice/snow. Also handicap spaced being used to hold snow removed from non-handicap spaces.

non-handicap placard/plate vehicles zipping in and out for the convenience.

in some lots the handicap spaces are not the spaces closest to the building's doors.

ramps on the sidewalk are not always next to the handicap spaces.
paraplegia ticketed and towed. unauthorized people parking in them, too narrow of spaces for a door to open fully, snow plow drivers using the spaces for snow.
nerological disruption better enforcement, ie better response time, more special (pwd) officers, etc, would solve the problem--fines etc ere high enough now, but too manny people just get away with it besides all the ab misuse, biggest gripe is pwd who use striped areas to park
  big fine or slash tires parking in looading area blocking my lift
ms tow away, heavy fine people sharing the same parking spot, spots taken by non disabled drivers
my daughter has spina bifida more tickets given people park there waiting for a friend or loved one to come out of the store.
my pet peeve is that some people who plow snow, put it in the hadicapped parking places, as if they think that during a big snow, people can all of a sudden walk!!
l-1 bad things  
quadriplegic substantial fine should be administered people parking on the blue cross section where my ramp needs to extend out to.
spinal cord injury we should have the authority to report them to transportation authorities we will park in a van handicap parking and even then someone will park so close to the side door that we have to unload in the street.
paraplegic fine/towed vehicle spaces used by those who do not need them
c 5/6 incomplete, walking quad just enforce current laws. Enforcement could be added with civilians being allowed to write tickets. poor placement of spaces, parking or standing of no permit cars, number of spaces need to be increased at handicap type centers.
sci give them a handicap having my ramp door blocked because some idiot has parked on the slash marks next to the handicap spot. And having someone who "just running in quick." And also ppl who are handicapped but are using the spot for their able-bodied passenger to "just run in".
hemiplegia shot at sunrise - uh, let me change that. The current laws for the state of washington (rcw 46.16.318) Cover the rules and appropriate legal responses quite well, all we need is good enforcement. people without handicapped plaquards parking in handicapped parking slots, or in the absolutely no-parking areas between them (the striped space for lifts and/or to provide manouvering space for wheelchairs) and not caring at all. The only way to solve this appears to be ticketing them and fining them. Then even if they still don't care, their attention has been gotten and they will remember the fine, at least, and refrain form continuing to park in those places.
i have a severe disinterest i walking due to a spinal cord injury. they should be forced to write a ten page appology addressed personally to the president of the republic of tonu tuva. The president of tonu tuva is not a crip, and probably hasn't even heard of parking spaces for gimps, which makes it even more challenging to be both enlightening and sincere. that's always where the guys that plow the parking lots after a snow storm dump all the snow. So there's a mountain of snow that sits there clear until the end of june. So really there gimp accessible parking is only available three months of the year. At grocery stores and target and places like that, the blue hashed part is the part that most people seem to thing is the place you are supposed to park you shopping carts. Also, other gimps (especially old geezers who walk but aren't true gimps) seem to think that this is an extra space that is just marked funny, so they pull up their big ol' lincoln town car and park it there.
quad heavy fines. However, i find the abuse more with people who have placards and don't need them. I think wherever handicapped spaces are, 1/3 to 1/4 should be purple. Purple placards would be "device assisted only." That way, if someone parked in a purple spot without a cane, walker or wheelchair they are busted, placard or not. not enough or enough, but placards everywhere.
generalized dystonia--a movement disorder. overlook them if i don't need the parking space, but report them if i can't find one or if i see a security or an officer nearby. some parking space are too narrow for my side lift.
spastic diplegic cp fined first, then jail time obviously ab people in disabled parking
c7 fracture - quad complete allow handicapped people to ticket the cars teenagers using granny's plackard
muscular dystrophy tow vehic;le to impound and healthy fine plus publication of name in local newspaper. biggest problem i have is people parking in access aisle
quadriplegia 10 day suspension-1st offense
30 day-second offense
6 month-third offense
revocation-fourth offense
many are design problems:1-not enough, 2-not correct size, 3-inaccessible route from spot to place
spinal cord injury given a fine or have vehicle towed people parking in the lined off spaces between handicapped spots
leg amputation heavy fine not enough handicap spaces as % of total
spinal cord injury $1000 fine. never enough available.
spinal cord injury give them a large fine not enough room for ramp, or room to get on the ramp once its out.
quadriplegic fined (100+$) the abled park in-line with the van lift
spinal cord injury heafty fine my biggest beef is when the curb cut is placed directly in front of the handicapped parking spot
ms place boots on the tires no spots available
paraplegic at least a $150.00 Fine no excuses not enough stalls. Way to many folks have placards.
sci fined older people dble parking on hash marks blocking van
spinal cord injury ticketed and or towed people using others permits, people parking on blue van access lines or parking too close even though i have bright blue stickers stating that 8 feet of room is needed
spinal cord injury there should be a non profit organization, possibly handicapped people themselves, that can patrol parking lots and write the license info down of the violator and that info can be forwarded to the police and a ticket can be sent by mail. Fines work, if they are enforced. That is the major problem. People know that the fines are rarely enforced because what is the chance a police officer will be there. some of the biggest problems i have are:
1) the strped spots are not wide enough for my ramp and my wheelchair for loading. 2) People parking illegally and sitting in their cars while they wait for someone to return out of the store. 3) In the winter, snow plows pushing all of the snow into the handicapped spots or the access isles. 4) Too many parking placards are being issued to people who do not need them or who abuse them.
paraplegia from a spinal cord injury create a panel of maybe twenty people. They will have a range of disablities such as amputations, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, bone disease- each person would have a different disability. Then this panel decides if a person is really in need of handicap parking. Twenty people with different disabilities will know if and why a person might need one. Broken bones should not get handicap parking. not enough. Not wide enough even though it says van accessible. People parking in the cross-lines next to a handicap spot.
ms they should be towed or fined at least $100.00. the drop zone next to van is too small or some stupid parking in the zone.
paraplegia larger fines (over $250). We currently have $140 fines. recently found the sears racing team using handicapped spots to showcase their car.
scpinal cord injury tow their auto and fine them at least $500 typical
c5/c6 spinal cord injury stiff fine to sci research none available or they park to close and my side lift can't open.
spinal arthritis, arthritis in both hands. Left hip, left knee,left ankle shoulder, and neck diabetes, diabetes neuropathy. i think the police should do their job when they are called and not tell me they can't do anything about it. Write them a ticket and have their car towed people parking with out hc tags or placks
sci from an auto accident. tow the vehicle. mentioned to someone in the checkered zone for a lift, that they were blocking a handicapped access spot, she keyed my vehicle when i went in. Some stores, put their merchandise in them.
sci,c5 expensive parking tickets not large enough when all the other spaces are used.
sci large fines and cars towed no matter what let them take a cab to go get it and the fine should be a least $500.00 to small of spaces people parking in them that don't have a card or plate and when they park in where the lines are for van accessible
husband had polio and cannot walk   all handicapped parking places are taken
sci ticketed or towed spaces not wide enough
paralysis i think that people park in handicapped spaces without handicapped placards must pay $1000 fine, and people who misused handicapped placards should be pay $1,500 fine. i saw many people have misused an handicapped placards. The placards that should be only using by disabled.
sci execute them without trial, on the spot i wish they would use other colors than blue
spinal cord injury '79 big sticker on windshield that will inconveniance them! spaces not wide enough for lift to drop out
polio the police should do their job and ticket them. Now they do not. mostly able-bodied people without permits using them. Also it seems as if every senior citizen in the state has a placard.
i have a neuromuscular desiese (severe periodic paralysis, though i haven't found anything periodic about it yet.) And am paralyzed from the waits down. they should be towed immediatly and fined large sums. it is not just people without handicapped tags parking in the places, but those who just have "bad knees" or are fat. They legally can park there, but i can't get my wheelchair out of the car because they are taking up the space that i need. They should have much much much much stricter handicapped parking laws, or some spaces that are strictly for wheelchair users only.
para burn em old people
spina bifida large fines, cars towed besides for the jerk parking there that is not handicapped, they park in the blue lines so i cant get the lift down. I am virtually stuck until they move.
c6-7 tetraplegia due to sci their necks shoulkd be broken for a day to see what it's like -- be real welcome to life in america where the bottom line is wealth and power. Selfishness is what we teach our children and the creed we live by. Think of our use of energy and disregard for the environment . . . fewer and fewer. I'll email you
ms toe them away bing trap in my car cuz some one park next to me too close
t2 paraplegia heavier fines and 100% towing  
spina bifida they should be fined but not monetary. They should have to be totally wheelchair bound for a week. people double parking, not enough parking places especially at wal mart, poor location of parking places.
quadriplegia hefty fines. people who are not disabled use the spaces, and not enough spaces for the disabled.
i have spinal muscular atrophy (sma type 3), a neuromuscular disease affecting motor neurons. It has required me to use a wheelchair for 25 years. public embarrassment and consistent enforcement are key. However, most regular police do not want to be bothered -- bigger fish to fry -- and perhaps so. And in shopping malls, considered as private parking for the most part, the owners unless forced to do so will never aggresively ticket or haul away the vehicles of potential return customers, fearing a loss of business. There should be more uniformity across state lines and if issued a placard or plate, you should also be given a photo id card to make certain that you're the one who's entitled to use the permit. However, without effective enforcement any system of issuance wil fail. I think community spirited volunteers should be used more extensively for enforcement with the power to issue tickets and authorize tow-aways. handicapped placards are not the real issue -- most vehicles have them. It's the method of handing out, using and retaining the placards that's the problem. Physicians issue them sometimes in a willy-nilly fashion -- i know it's sometimes hard to judge, but i see many who don't seem to have a physical or cardiac or other disability that warrants a close-to-the-door parking space. Also, i see non-disabled children and spouses use permits that were obviously asigned originally to others. Many people are issued permits on a temporary basis and never give them up.
spinal cord injury (quadriplegic) they should be ticketed and fined. Repeat offenders should be more severely punished. (I.E. A suspended license) people often park in the space designated for the van's lift.

people also park in marked handicapped spots while running into a business for a short time.
spinal cord injury heavy fines which are enforced, 2 or more times offenders should have to do community service at a rehab cars parking to close to my car, people parking in the grids which should be used for vans to drop their lifts, people other than the one the placard is meant for using handicap spot
spinal fusion of l4-5 ticketed  
  tickets most definately insults from elderly drivers unable to get permits to use spots because they say they are more disabled than me
l4 complete smash their cars  
stroke mad walk slowly, not far
in the scheme of things my handicap is not that important i have polio and and recently been diagnoised with post polio syndrome. I am not able to walk for long distances it becomes very painful. I need all the energy i have to do the store thing. they need to be fined big time. Not a slap on the hand. always no availability because someone is in the space that don't belong
sacarilliac disfunction, chronic gout, renal failure, acute cellulitis ticketed or towed not enough in large stores or malls
multiple sclerosis should get a very large fine and or have their vehicle towed. people parking right next to you on top of the walks and my door making hard to get in the car.
i have spina bifida which requires me to use a wheelchair to go anywhere a very large fine very often it is hard to find free handicapped parking spaces.
double amputee above knees heavy fines - but first the police have to ticket them, and they don't not enough spaces
quadraplegic car towed away and a stiff fine, and be made to stand in the area with a big sign saying. I abused a handicap parking area many times we just go back home
multiple sclerosis fined or towed - our laws say that now but no one checks the parking lots. My husband says they should have to take care of a handicapped person for a week. people parking illegally next to handicapped parking spot and you can't get into your van that has a ramp.
severe foot injury i don't know- sometimes it is handicapped people who were in the wrong car- it should be per situation but a stiff fine for someone who just didn't want to walk as far had crutches but placard was in other car and cop was very rude and snotty
double amputee with multiple personality disorder (hope i answered this only once - just kidding) more fines - but first the police must enforce the laws not enough spaces available
c4 quad make them c4 why they do this not enough spaces available for vans, usually taken up by cars
ms should be fined $100.00 handicapped parking spots are not on level ground
post-polio syndrome. Can't walk into most stores i think they should fined a large enough fine to make them think about what the are doing. a lot of them are far from the door of a store. They are usually not wide enough
partial paralysis due to the late effects of polio. denver boot!!! Demerit points for being an idiot. cars park too close to open the doors, especially when i need to get my chairs in.

slippery walking surfaces in the winter.
pps...Unable to walk great distances i think they should be towed and fined our population is becoming older and there just aren't enough spaces
pps wear full length leg bracebe be given a health fine like walking back to there car 5 miles away ! seen and know of many nonhandicapped people useing other peoples handcapped parking permits for their own use!
ms area"s needto policed more & fines inforced some are farher away from the enterance than the non handicaped spaces
fibromyalgia and arthritus bot rhumatoid and osteo also spinal injury at l 4,5,&6 they should for first offence be fined about $100 for second offence $500 and if a third offence loose their dxriving pr9iveleges for about 6 months and have to volunteer to help disabled persons with what ever tasks they need done my b iggest problem is that tere either isnt enough handicap parking or it is generaly full of non handicapped vehicles... My biggest hurt was when someone non disabled yelled at me told me to get the hell out of the disabled parking and leave it to someone that deserves iy...... I do have disabled plates on my vehicle but i have a silent disability i am not in a chair and most time can get by with just my cane sometimes i dont use it either but i weeble wooble when i walk and use the electric scooters or wheel chairs while shopping
severe back injury chronic arhritis in hip knees and feet tow their cars to the farthest part of the parking lot so they can see what it is like to have to try adn walk that far this is a tourist state more out of towners are using the spaces then residents. People that have placards are being used by people that do not need them to much abuse of this system
spinal muscular atrophy (sma) fined at least $500 and have their vehicle towed, just like any other vehicle parked illegally. all spaces are taken. Not enough spaces available for all who need them. People who park on the stripped areas meant for wheelchair van lift access.
post polio syndrome give them a ticket! Give the handicapped person an opportunity to issue tickets. attitude problems.
multiple sclerosis not sure maybe live with a wheelchair for a week to see how we live not fining parking place they some time are fare way from the door
stroke and degenerative disc disease,arachnoiditis stiff fine cars parked with no plackard or blocking them and often shopping carts left in them
post polio... severe fines first../Fine and commnuity service second.../Fine probation third /and fine/jail after that #one non handicap in space. #2 Non vans in van space. Side vans can't use regular handicap space. #3 Nasty notes from people when i take two spaces because all van spaces are taken. #4 Nasty notes because people don't see placard on mirrow ...They look for tag on license plate. I live alone and don't advertise that i'm a handicap driver on trips.
multiple sclerosis in california the fines are high enough, there just isn't enough enforcement in parking lots! cars without placards occupying the spots.
multiple sclerosis enforced fines not enough spaces for handicapped or spaces taken by non-handicapped
sci paraplegic. its not just people without the placards. Its people with the placards who do not need them as badly as someone like me, who needs the spot for the place to put the ramp down. Able bodied people who can walk get these placards all the time. They should at least make some spots "wheelchair only" and leave the rest for these other handicapped people. it kills me when people are able bodied and can walk and get to park in handicap spots, while i have to park in the back of the lot because its the only place i can find 2 spots together since everyones taken all the ramp accessible handicap spots. They need to tighten up on who gets the placards in the first place.
multiple sclerosis    
polio in right leg and ankle walk with a cane, and have trouble standing and walking. Had this problem since 1949 they should be given a ticket and then the court system should have to go through handicapped sensitivity training, and the should put the hammer down on those who abuse that parking spots having teen agers park in handicapped spots and dare you to do anything about it as the courts rarely do anything about those tickets and they know it
t-12 para a fine and community service since i use a van and side lift i sometimes find that there is handi- cap parking but not van only parking or not enough space between spots.I also think that the plaqards are givin out to people to eaisly. Or to people who are seniors they park up close but then they spend an hour walking around the grocery store! God that erks me!!
(sorry had to get that off my chest.)
cp a large fine!!!! there isnt enough of them at some stores, in fact some stores only have one! People that are not handicapped/dont have sign posted and park there!
post polio syndrome there isn't anything that you can really to do control it because of lack of people checking spots.  
brain injury ticketed and towed people who double park in a handicapped spot's yellow stripes
i have ms and my right leg doesn't like to move. they should receive a ticket the first time. After repeated times their car should be towed. they are always full.
have left foot drop...Have brace on leg cars should be towed away just others in the spaces without placecards
paraplegia the laws are there and the fines are large. More tickets actually written would make the law more effective. finding one open, even though the vehicles are usually parked legally. Snow not cleared from the spaces adequately. Other vehicles parking too close for the lift to work.
m.S. And i need to use a cane ticket them having to walk blocks just to go to the library and than worrying about carrying them
post polio syndrome and arthritis they should be ticketed and fined some times others park too close for me to get in and out of my vehicle with ease!
i'm paralized on my left side and can not walk! the cost of the fines! For illegal parking should be increased! A lot! the busiest store parking lots! Are not patroled! On a regular basis!
paralysis they should have to pay a fine and have their name printed in the local newspaper under handicapped parking violators not enough spaces provided...People that have no disability parking in them
i have spastic quad cp. making them live as a disabled, wheelchair user for 30 days. most often, it is non disabled people using the spots.
i have multiple sclerosis. they should be ticketed & towed off. especially around christmas, people will park in a handicapped spot because they're "only going to be a minute." In addition, for some stores, the handicapped slot is nowhere near a ramp or a door, so even if i park in that spot, i still have to walk or push myself to the store.
i have cp. fined they are small
me cp user2 - sbo user3-md burn the cars never open or in the right place
ms (fatigue, dizziness) and knee problems. very strict punishment. Heavy fines! too many in certain areas, like 8-10 at a school!
sarcoidosis/uveitis and osteoporosis fo the spine. their car towed away! people parked there that should not be
ms cars towed not enough spaces
spinal cord injury their wheels should be clamped and if they are not handicapped they should be fined quite high. because the handicapped parking is close to the door and convenient, people very often don't care a damn about the sign on the floor of the parking and the huge sign infront of the parking,there aren't very many handicapped parking spaces at the shopping malls and more often than not i will find all the disabled parking occupied, i am not prepared to park in a normal parking miles away from the door and ramp where i usually end up scratching or knocking the car next to me with the wheelchair lift.I'd like to put a few of these inconciderate idiots in a wheelchair for a month and see how they feel about the parking being taken by a non disabled.
spinal cord heavy fines can't park
1 stroke 2 heart failure-water backed in lungs, 3 heart attacts.Can't walk to good.
not enough
multiple sclerosis ticketed sometimes there arn't enough.
multiple sclerosis. Can't walk. police to take seriously this problem. Stiffer fines. Maybe even mandatory community service with disabled organizations somehow--or even serving as "courtesy car parkers" for handicap drivers at grocery store or mall who can't find a workable parking spot thereby letting the handicapped person get out of vehicle at door while they then park the car for them. non permitted people parking in handicapped spots. Walking people who are able to walk and run taking up the parking spots with access room on side for wheelchair users.
multiple sclerosis. should be ticketed. car without handicapped sign parking in the handicapped space.
ms raise the fine always full
ms i think they should be ticketed. non-hadicapped cars in spaces. Also i have ms and sometimes use a wheelchair, but when i am walking i get rude stares and comments about using the spaces! You can't see my rather severe problem.
paraplegia educate them  
have ms, and use a walker and cane. enforce fines  
multiple sclerosis they should be fined if they cannot prove they have been issued a handicapped sticker! people who could walk perfectly well using the spaces!
sci t3/t4 complete first offense fine second offense jail time people without placards parking in handicapped zone rules not being enforced
i have arthritis in the spine and can't walk very far at a time. I also have degenerative disc disease. i think they should be fined heavily. there is never enough of them also, they are sometimes placed farther away than regular parking spaces
post polio, arthritis, oa put in jail location,space
unable to walk any distance because of spinal cord injury. sometimes people forget to put it up but i think they should be given a ticket that has enough punishment that they will think before they do it again. i have waited at least 50 minutes for a handicapped parking place so i have learned to arrive very early for appointments. I watched a woman whose disabled husband was not with her parking in the disabled parking place. Her husband is in a wheelchair and you would think she would know better.
osteogenic sarcoma.(Bone cancer with lung mets) appear to be ab, but pain and lung problems severely limit mobility. ticketed and fined discrimination from people using wheelchairs. I am disabled and in pain, but look ab. I will eventually have to use chair, but want to try to get out of high school before i give in.
spina bifida better enforcement of law, and tougher sentences. most often, its non-disabled people using designated spaces.
sci fined spaces filled
i have multiple sclerosis and walk with a forearm cane for balance and support. first of all...Get the police dept. To do periodical checking of store parking lots and use the ticket book when necessary. Turn the person in at the store with the license plate # and have the police notified. i don't drive around with my card hanging up because it is blocking my view. People see me park in the handicap place and i have been verbally abused until i put my card up and get out with my crutch. Some "handicap" parking is further away from doors than regular parking.
cerebralpalsy in legs they should get a ticket and be towed. people sitting in the car waiting for someone to come out of the store,or doctors,when the person driving is not disabled.
ms they should be fined not enought spaces allocated. Allocated spacesw taken by someone without permit
spinal cord injury    
  get a big fine  
duchenne muscular dystrophy and noninvasive ventilation user they should have their cars towed and receive a hefty fine (that doubles with each offense) no parking available, parking garages that cannot accommodate a van, illegally parked cars refusing to move forcing you to either move or struggle getting by
spina bifida they should be fined severely, and i think disabled people should patrol these areas. I don't think able-bodied people are really doing the job they could be doing. often a person will park in front of a curb cut because the actual curb cut has not actually been designated as a disabled parking space. This nearly always happens after i leave a shopping center, restaurant, or movie theatre.
sci t-10 burn them at the stake, otherwise let handicapped people give out the tickets limted access and lack of convenient curb cuts and ramps
multiple sclerosis heavy fines  
parapalegic--i am 9 so my mom is helping me do this they should have spots for plates and spots for placards. the lift we have is on the passenger side. It is sometimes had to find a spot that i can open the lift. It seems all the arthritic granny's like the van acccesible spots.
above knee amputation car ticketed towed and impounded. A thousand dollar first time offense fine had a damn fool park in the crosshatched part of the spot, and refuse to move it even when two police officers were insisting. Only when i offered to let the officers let my lift down on his car did he move. One damn fool parked on the ramp to the sidewalk, and after i balanced my way up, i commented, "jeez." The man was sleeping in his vehicle and chased me into a store. Where we called the police, and waited. He left before security came.

i tried to put my chair in my car, and fell against another car parked illegally next to mine. The woman saw me laying on the ground and wanted my insurance information since her car had a dent in it. I didn't give it to her so she took my license number, so i got back out of the car and bumped her car again so i could get hers.
paraplegia enforcing the laws already in place would be a huge step! Fine them big $ non-disabled in spots, snow in spaces not removed, and it sure seems a great place to put a shopping cart after someone's done with it!
qadriplegia towed people using other peoples placards
c3 quad ticket and tow no enforcement - police protect rights of animals better that the disabled rights. There is no aspca for people
multiple sclerosis    
phocomelia enforce the present laws that ticket offenders. New laws aren't required. biggest problem in the winter time is that the snowplows pile the snow up in the handicapped parking spots.
spinal cord injury. fine them and make certain they pay that fine. people parking with no placards or handicapped indentification. Cars parking in van accessible parking spaces. I often have to park at far end of parking lot to allow my lift to come out.
multipe sclerosis ticketed with very high fines not enough spaces. Too far to walk
c 5/6 sci hang them-just enforce the law too narrow can't get out og the car. Too hard to park due to placement.
  cane them in town square phony cripples that get hp cards
paraplegic ticket none
ms larger fines..Lose there licence not enough spots to far away to small
olivopontocerrebellar atrophy[opcz] ticketed not enough parking places
spinal cord injury heavy fine and community service. using a "temporary" placard when injury heals.
lack of enforcement of parking laws.
people with placards who have no visible problems hopping out and running to get somewhere after they park.
spinal cord injury hefty fines and community service in rehab where there are disabled patients. blocking in the lift. People with placards that walk perfectly normal. Plowing snow into the spots.
ms fine them i have "invisible symptoms" much of the time. Some people think that i am abusing handicapped parking if i'm not using a cane. It is exasperating to be impaired in a way that is not visible (severely impaired balance and inability to stand more than a few min)
l-1 spinal cord injury make the fine stiff enough to discourage the behaviour.  
post polio syndrome very high fines i have not been able to fine handicap parking during adverse weather conditions, i'm very afraid of falling so there are times i wont go where i need to. This encludes doctors appointments, stores and college classes, post offices and goverment angencies.
cerebral palsy huge fines parking, going into a store, coming out and having someone parked in the loading strip so that the ramp to load can't be dropped.
people parking in a disabled spot, leaving disabled grandma in the car, and going into the store. If grandma doesn't need to get out of the car, why park in the disabled spot?
not enough disabled spaces in downtown city spaces.
paraplegic for starters.....3 Strike rule....Lose your license after 3 handicapped parking tickets..Fines should be higher nationally!! been driving 20 yrs daily..Too many problems too type...90% Of people parking in handicapped parking are elderly or don't appear to have any visable handicap
spinal cord injury. ticket and tow, first offense. Larger fine and community service in some type of nursing/rehab center/therapy center for second offense. not enough available and people using them without any apparent mobility problems.
cervical spine injury hung...Honestly i think that they should be forced to take a "sensitivity training" course, and then made to work in a rehab center. They just don't realize how much work a handicap is there are days i can walk, not many but some. When i park in hc, i get stares from people that just don't know. I also see people park in hc and then literally run into the stores. I don't know if it is a "fake" injury or they are using someone else's tag...
car accident fine them much more. all spaces full and some filled with vehicles that do not have handicap tags
spaces not large enough to allow ramp to come down.
spina bifada make them spend a day in a wheelchair and take a course on disabled life and pay a heavy fine trees at the end of a row in violation of ada - a-4.6.3 . Snow can ' t be removed because trees , wheelstops and signs preventing snow plows from clearing spaces!!
paralysis from post polio syndrome ticketed and fined, large fines increased number of people with handicapped tags and not enough parking spaces available.
lung/limited joint movement/other stricter enforcement of the law with higher finescars parked between cars parked between two handicapped spots/spots blocked/shopping carts in spots/non-handicapped in spots/non-handicapped using a handicap placard/plate
    p.S.: Lack of enforcement of the law by the police
sci ticketed and towed most people using handicapped parking are elderly, but have little or no visible mobility impairment. Most others are young and apparently have no impairment. These individuals tend to act very entitled to the parking spaces and pay no attention to the hatch-marked areas for the lift, and become angry if their parking makes it difficult or impossible to deploy the lift.
quadriplegia from spinal cord injury   sometimes people won't park in the actual handicapped spots but in the area with yellow stripes designated for the ramp/lift. Also, sometimes spots are poorly or incorrectly marked so that cars may be parked blocking the curb cut. Often not enough space is designated between parking spots for my vehicle (dodge caravan minivan with side lift)
rheumatoid arthritis fines and community service w/pwd's spots not wide enough, they assume the pwd is the passenger, people using it 'just for a minute'
sci put a lock on the wheels located further from the door of an establishment than regular parking spaces; not enough parking spaces alloted, lack of respect from other drivers
lupus and fibromyalgia keep me in pain and i have difficulty walking and standing. huge fines and community service with the handicapped not close enough to building entrances; seems there's an assumption disabled means wheelchair so distance isn't an issue. Not enough spaces especially near doctors offices/medical buildings--there should be 2 times as many there.
ms ticketed with a fine, 40 hours of community service. With each violation the $ amount of the fine is increased, as well as the hours served doing community service often very far from enterence, not enough space to set up my walker. Emotional upset when people who dont need the accomadation use the space.
spinal cord injury forced to sit in a chair and get in and out of your vehicle. So that they can see the reason for the handycap parking spot people using the yellow lines to park, which makes it impossible for me to get back in my vehicle when i come out of where ever i am. Also not enough handycap parking stalls.
reflex sympathetic dystrophy/ms either tow them or a hefty fine there aren't enough parking spots the malls are the worst.
muscular dystrophy put a big,hard to remove sticker on the back wimdow "i want to be handycap" no worries!I park my junk right behind them,they always say"i was only in for a minuit".I say, thats good,and keep going.You wouldent belive the stories i have.
multiple sclerosis. No balance to walk license suspensions. Short time at first and then add more time if continues. my primary problem is that the spaces don't have extra room on the right side for handicapped vans. We need an extra 3 feet than normal vehicles
spinal injury, paraplegic.
injury at t12-l1 from waist down!
i think anybody who has a handicap should be able to write a ticket which will fine the perpetraitor $250.00.
as long as their is a separate witness willing to testify on yur behalf by signing the ticket also, which means they saw they were parked illegally and witnessed the violation!!!
many times it is too small to park as the lines are not painted with enough space between in order to use and exit the van with my ramp! Not enough room basically!!!!!
i have a right leg amputation and do not wear a prostetic leg well first of all, maybe the police should ticket them like they are supposed to. People park in handicapped spots with out a disabled sticker, and i have not once seen any of them with a ticket. It infuriates me when all the handicap spots are taken by people with no disabled id. school is the worst. When i was in high school, at first i was told i could only use the handicapped parking on the other end of the school, the opposite side of the school's elevator. Then in college, there are 2 handicapped spots and they are always taken. I complained to the special needs department, and they gave me clearance to park where ever i want in the parking lot (with in reason) that's not a handicapped spot.
juvenile rhumeutoid arthritis. Total hip replacements and knee replacement significant fines and have cars towed. non-disabled people parking in spots just to run in for a minute. Parking there because it's sunday??
hemiplegic (ms) increse patrols the small % of available spaces
multiple sclerosis ticketed and towed not being to find a space and able body people using those spaces
quadriplegic towed, hefty fine alot of times there is not enough parking. Also to close together. Two many people that arn't disabled have disabled plates & place cards.
spinal cord injury - injured at t-8 get ticketed not large enough for my side ramp. Found people also parking in the lined area next to the van accessible parking spot. This makes it impossible for me to get into my van without someone moving my van for me. This is sometimes done by people who have handicap stickers too. These spaces should only be used by van accessible vehicles only.
lumbar fusions from l2-l5 with residual nerve damage resulting in weakness of left leg and foot drop. require them to go through some sort of handicapped awareness course. This course could include a day or two of classroom learning with speakers and people who have disabilities who are willing to come speak with them and answer questions (provided they don't start turning it into a preaching session which would only serve to shut out the audience). It would also include at least one day of personalized experience such as trying to use a wheelchair while going through aisles getting things for purchase in a mock store, trying to get into and out of a car, trying to use a faucet to wash hands with only one hand, and going on a blind walk. Also, it should include trying to cross a street or parking lot with a cane, walker, or wheelchair. The feeling of "god, please don't hit me" is inescapable in this situation, and i've come darn close to being run over in more than one parking lot despite looking for anyone who even looked like they might drive across that area. The program if publicized may even pay for itself by charging scout groups and school groups to go through it. My own girl scout troop did something similar when i was young, we made up the badge ourselves because there wasn't anything available at the time. It was a good learning experience, and the day we used wheelchairs at a local hospital we were able to make several suggestions to improve handicapped accessibility for the hospital. Some examples of the suggestions made were to lower the pay phones and fountains, which they did, and this was around 1983 or so. some places have put the handicapped parking farther than the first few spaces away and had the first few be regular parking. Also, at a large mall in an expensive naighborhood here in st. Louis they put the handicapped parking outside a retail shop which did not have automated or even easily opened doors and i couldn't fit the walker through the aisles without knocking merchandise over and going sideways, much less fit a wheelchair. At the same time, this mall didn't have handicapped parking outside the major retailers who have better access inside the store and are often open later than others.
spinal injury i think they should receive a stiff fine plus community service. people parking on striping next to disabled parking. Disabled people sitting in vehicles in disabled parking spaces while non-disabled person gets out. Striping painted on wrong side of parking space for van accessible spaces. Not enough van accessible spaces.
m.S. castrate them  
amputee fined and/or license suspension for repeated infractions people without placards or license plates parking in handicaped spaces; people returning carts into striped zones of handicapped parking
spinal cord injury. L2-l5 it is not that simple! Most who do have a legal plate/placard seemingly have no disability! many! And i can't park to even talk with them. I have been abused verbally and phsically by violators.
spinal cord injury i think they should be fined a reasonable fine,, to small space's for my van
can't walk distances they should be forced to live one week in a wheelchair. people return shopping carts to the handicapped spot(s)... Snow plows pile the snow in the handicapped spot(s)... Nondisabled people often park in a handicapped spot 'just to run in for a minute.'
i have facet joint arthritis in ls spine and ms i myself, write down the car make and model and report to people in the business i am at or i report it to local police. I have no way of knowing whether they are punished or not. having people park there when going to store. Having to drive and drive around for 15-30min. Depends on level of pain that day.
spinal cord injury increase finds or give them points--like speeding tickets people parking too close to my car doors
spinal cord injury higher fines,more inforcement not enough spaces
paraplegic fines for 1st offense and maybe 2nd offense jail, fine, and/or comm svc when i had a side lift couldn't get into my van because someone parked to close
sma they should be ticketed like are are now-and with a high price to pay! :) not too much, but sometimes people park in those spaces when they don't even need it
ms remove tags for 30 days not wide enough for wheelchair, not close enough to entrance to a store
multiple sclerosis i think they should be ticketed for it, as handicapped areas that are marked, are for the purpose of making the stores more accessible for persons that are handicapped there are not enough handicapped spaces in most of the parking lots, and even today, some parking lots do not cater to handicapped persons
sci ticket not wide enough for vans
sci $1000 fine sometimes not enough, especially at hospitals & doctor clinics
multiple sclerosis heavily fined not being able to go anywhere, cars parked there without having handicapped placards or plates, not enough handicap parking places for the disabled
cerebral palsy enforced heavy fines and points on their license. If they are blocking a ramp, they should be towed. non-disabled filling them, sites not large enough, and/or people park on the double spots reserved for a van lift.
decline to answer tickets or towed people creating their own spaces by parking next to van spaces thereby blocking the vehicle, parking in a diagonal fashion, abuse of placards
paraplegia $1000 fines and one year revocation of licenses should be meted out. That would most certainly eliminate the problem. in most states, an ingrown toenail is enough to qualify for a handicapped parking permit.
quadriplegic   people parking on hash (lines) marks
spina bifida there is already a fine, and they do it anyway, so what else can be done? alot of the spaces are at a wierd angle and come up quickly,so it's hard to park in them. I personally, rarely use handicapped spaces, i tend to park away from people, so i can be assured of getting back into my car. (I enter my vehicle from the passenger side)
sci, be put on litter patrol at camden yards for a year. :-) no spaces open, cars parked in loading zones (both with and without permits) no loading zones at some handicapped parking spots.
c7quad it would be great if the laws were just inforced which they aren't not enough space on the side
i'm a care giver give them stiff fines and suspend their
licenses for a while
not enough room for lift to come out and not enough handicapped parking space
post polio big, big and bigger fines none
spinal cord injury, paraplegic often nothing is done, one should be ticketed and fined. Towed would be nice if they are often ticketed and still do it. Increase the fine, perhaps jail time if they tend to do this often. i drive a 2 door older buick and often i can't find wide enough handicapped parking. My door opens as wide as if i were using a lift. Often there are no spots open. Often people don't have a handicapped place card. My door has been blocked and have had to go back into the store to have the car paged and ask to move please. Or i look for someone to back my car out of the spot for me. Sometimes i can't go inside at all, for there is no parking available.
  they should get ticketed! And towed with a huge fine  
paraplegic their cars should be towed immediately and ticketed. not enough widened spaces, people parking too close to my vehicle on the lift side and people parking in the extra space given for vehicles with lifts.
paraplegic, t-10 stiff fines. curb buts at the head of the parking spot so when you pull in you essentially block the accessibilty.
t4/t5 sci incomplete, some ambulation but primarily wheelchair in community in boston, they should ticket and tow them. The entire street for handicap parking will be blocked with non-handicapped people and police/btd no where to be seen. Also, if you have a placard, and don't really need it, then they should walk the extra 50 feet for those of us who can't. Stricter regs on who gets one and for how long should be enforced. other handicap people parking too close to my door so i can't fit my wheelchair next to my door. Just totally inconsiderate. Or ramps really far away from the parking spaces.
spinal cord injury should be given a night behind bars some aren't wide enough.Some still too far from the building entrance which is difficult to maneuver during winter time. Some are full with ambulatory driver parked.
c6 incomplete sci they should be ticketed and towed mostly at hospital parking garages. The two hospitals i frequent have numerous spaces but they are often full. They also both have valet parking which i use. A few times the valet parking has been full, causing me to go to the garage. If i cannot find a spot i park illegally .. Haven't got a ticket yet and if i do, i will fight it.
multiple sclerosis they definately need to be fined but i also think they should maybe have to do some kind of handicapped work...For example: clean up parking lot as a kind of community service (maybe cleaning the handicapped spots) with a sign on them stating "i parked here when i wasn't supposed to." never enough of them, especially at the doctors clinic/hospital.
mentally challenged,physically disabled and spiritually void! castrated inconsiderate neandrathals use it for convenience, however, i did the same prior to injury.
fusion surgery requiring limited walking for 6-9 months big fines!! And follow through to district magistrate for failure to pay. during holiday season, i only saw 2 cars in handicap spots with plates, all others (15-20) were not marked as handicapped
lupus/back don't know not being able to use them
abuse for asking people to move
indifference of police and officials
spinal cord injury ticket, but often this is not a priority of the local law enforcement agency i have a van with a ramp (not a lift). I have to be watchful of cars parking too close to my van, blocking access to my ramp. This has happened numerous times
epilepsy, autism, mental retardation fine them, possibly tow the car if feasible and they pay tow. not enough handicap spaces alotted to the particular parking lot, handicap spaces not placed in an appropriate part of a parking lot to make entry into the building or facility easily accessible, not enough handicap street parking, not enough handicap parking in parking garages, not enough handicap parking at parking lots for recreation facilities or outdoor recreation areas(and spaces are not appropriately provided that are provided), schools never have enough handicap spaces in their lots (and that ranges from pre-school/daycare to colleges/universities, both public and private).
ceribral palsy they should be given a stiff fine (at least $200.00 For their first offence. If they reoffend, then they should be forced to do community service for 6 months of weekends. They should be assigned to do all the shopping for handicapped people on crutches or in a wheelchair & see how they like it when an able bodied person takes one of only 3 or 4 designated spots & they have to navigate an often dangerous parking lot with crutches & their shopping. I bet they wouldn't do it again. they are often too far from the buildings & you have to cross a busy thouroughfare to get to the mall. The spots should be building adjasent.
neuro-muscular break their knees to let them experience a bit of what it's like to need the space people with placards parking in the cross-hatched section of the space; police who won't give tickets-"it takes business away from the city";
not enough spaces provided;
fibromyalgia/lyme disease 1st. I think they should pay a stiff fine for 1st offense 2nd. Court 3rd. Loose license hopefully they won't need 3rd i will be pulling into a parking space and a delivery truck pulls into the access isle and parks to unload goods and also block ramp to store i wanted to go to he tells me he has pemission too. I checked with ada folks and am told no one has permission to park in an access isle i called police they came and talked to the guy and nothing was done no ticket nothing and the guy delivers there 3 times aday and is there a good 15-20 miuntes each time. He either blocks me in or out of my van and i have to wait till he moves. I want the news to do a story about it and i am working on it happening soon if all goes well.
post polio syndrome ticketed and fined when using a side entry vehicle, people would sometimes park on the hatch marks making re-entry impossible.
sci ticketing  
i am a man they should blow me :-) but only if they are good looking. can't see them
paralyzed they should be heavily fined and this should be enforced. If it was enforced eventually they would not park in handicapped spaces.  
i have a mobility impairment that forces me to use a walker and am only able to walk short distances. i think they should be ticketed and forced to pay a fine. i have noticed many people who seem to have no handicap at all, but do have the placards and use the spaces.
i don't have a "handicap". I am a person with a disability. My disability is parapleagia!!!!!!! It is amazing that an apparant advocate for persons with disabilities can't even describe us appropriately! they, like you, should become "handicapped"! This is the year 2002 when the world should be aware of the use of appropriate language. Obviously, some haven't learned! ya know, in all the years i have had a disability, i have never seen a "handicapped" parking place and have never had any trouble with "handicapped" parking!
ms fined and towed not enoug local policing of this in shopping parking lots can't find on and some places have not enough and some are farther away from the main entrances then regular parking spaces
2nd degree spinal cord injury from spinal fusion surgery, periferal nerve damage in legs and arms. i understand that everyone should be included but the little old lady who can walk 10 extra feet and my car which needs room for me to setup my chair are different having people park too close and not be ing able to enter my car
severe osteoarthritis in hips, knees and ankles in public parking areas, police should enforce the law by issuing a ticket and towing the vehicle. State law should be changed so that local police agencies can enforce the law in the same manner in private parking areas.  
scdisease fined.......If the signing is correct and states that a there is a fine if you park and don't have correct identification. shopping cart/s, snow piles, consructiion /maintance equipment parked, deliever trucks, law enforcement cars, senior citizens who think age is the requirement, motorcycles, cars parked over the lines, slop of parking area and sewer grating,
sci impound and don't let them get their care out until they pay off all the fines that cam with it. If it is their second time put them in jail for 6 months. If it is their 3rd time, take away their drivers licence. If it is the 4th time, then just shoot them! most of the people take the van spots because they are closer to the store.
so it is hard to even get the spots to drop the lift. Other areas are that the spots are not made to the specs of the law and that there are tooo few spots with the driving population.
limited walking distance due to radicular and back pain if local police would just enforce the law it would probably deter offenders its odd how some handcapped spaces are further away from the entrance than normal spaces, makes absolutlely no sence to me.
partial quad paralylis from disease in c3-c6 region-must use scooter
& walker
the $100 fine works if enforced other than disabled using them
arthritis, limp, use a cane use wheel locks cars "standing" in space , snow piled up, deep puddles surrounding, legally parked vehicles overparking into a second space
post-polio hit them with heavy fines able-bodied types parking illegally and getting away with it
poor stamina, inability to walk more than 300 ft without assistance cars should be towed or booted being accosted or harassed when i am not using my power chair but still need the proximity, service and delivery vehicles parked in and blocking the spaces; location has ramp for chair but is much more distant from entrance than a regular space is.
can walk 2 or 3 steps only, heart and lymphoedema massive fines just general lack of free spaces people parking too close to allow reloading
c-6 quad they should be fined one thousand dollars there is not enough van accessible parkin spaces
t2-3 spinal cord tumor, paraplegic tow 'em and fine 'em lack of spaces, spaces too small to accommodate my ramp.
c3/4 quad ticketd spaces not big enough
quad due to brain stem infarct 20 years ago. tow their cars people with small cars or motorcycles pulling in access ailes and parking just to run in store for a minute and refusing to move even when i have door open on my van to get out. Another problem is sometimes people who are 65+ tell me i have no right to their parking because i'm not old enough even thou i use a chair.
post-polio, use crutches & braces large fine the main problem today is not people who do not have a placard, but seniors who have their doctors give them placards because their older and feel they deserve it just to park closer. A great many of these people, just because they are older, have no problem in walking. They may walk a little slower, but can manage fine.
arthrogryposis - it affects all of my joints. I use crutches. tow their cars some strip malls have to few handicapped spaces.There should be a coulpe of spaces every second or third store.
arthogryposis multiplex congenital i walk with crutches have thir car towed and be issued a ticket with a heavy fine attached the curb cutout is not directly across from the parking area. Some times there are no cut outs but a curbed sidw walk that i have to go over or around. No enough slots. The 20 screened theater has only 20 spots all other parking is behind a curbed side walk. Snow plows will pile the snow in the slots or they don;t get cleared because of the concrete blocks holding up the hanicapped parking signs. It the plow can clean the spots then the aer should be required to be shoveled out by hand.
arthrogryposis in all 4 limbs firing range *grin*. Ok, joking aside, i think there needs to be an extremely high fine for it, and a way for other people than police officers to enforce it, for example, by taking photos of the liscense plate and sending them in somewhere, then the violator gets a ticket in the mail.  
have small child - 6yrs old w/ contractures of all limbs & is unable to walk if they cannot provide the placard or proof thereof within a reasonable time frame then they should be fined. not all are spaced to allow a lift if needed or to allow a w/c next to the vehicle for transferring the person into the chair. The latter is the problem we see most often.
motor (fine and gross) towed and fined can't find empty spaces, aisle (access area) blocked by cars
spinal cord injury 27 years issue a citation, and if disabled proofed forgive the charge, otherwise levy a hard fine with some sort of education for the need and respect of the truly disabled. those individuals who stop very quick and run in and run out; looking for a close parking.
polio tickets that cannot be paid through the mail and a heavy fine aside from people stealing our stalls, stalls are not always made to ada specs--improperly placed, not near building door, have to travel behind parked cars because of lack of accessible pathway, not properly marked, on a steep grade--how long should i go on?
friedreich's ataxia...It is a progressive neurological disease that affects muscle strength, coordination, balance, speech & swallowing. For more info go to www.Ataxia.Org their car should be booted so they do not have access & be given high monetary fines. even more of a problem than not finding accessible parking is having the access aisles & ramps parked in/on. I can manage by getting another space, but sometimes there is only one accessible way to get to the building.
spina-bifida, tethered cord, arnold charri, spinal cord injury. should be ticketed dirty looks from able bodied people
ms enforce the law and fine them. (A lot.)Those trying to get by using expired placards should be fined even more..... And those perfectly healthy (even moderately healthy) people using a temp placard issued to another family member are guilty of fraud. Shoot them at sunrise. it's not lack of a placard... It's an expired placard that really makes me crazy. Or a perfectly healthy person using "grandma's" plackard. When i go to the mall without my husband, i still have handicapped plates on the truck... But would never use a handicapped space. Or, if he is going to wait for me - we don't use up a handicapped space. Have you ever noticed how many handicapped people are out an about when its raining??? By the same token, i see no reason why the "handicapped" spaces have to be the best ones in the lot. They just need to be wider than others.... When my husband is using his chair it really doesn't matter if the space is close. When he's using his walker, it matters.
there's no reason power chair users have to be close.... They just need some extra wide spaces for their exclusive use.
my daughter has arthrogryposis fine people leaving carts in the spot
c5-6 quad a substantial fine should given the first time. a bigger problem than peoplem than people parking in handicapped spots without the tags is people using someone elses placard to park in a handicap spot or a non disabled person driving a car with handicapped plates and taking advantage of the handicapped plates. Obviuously iot is hard to accuse someone of not being handicapped but it is obvious with some people and there are many people who do it. Many people even have the nerve to drop someone off and sit in their cars parked in a handicapped spot while they wait for the handicapped person to come back out. This of course is just flat out inconsideration. Unfortunately there are many people in our society who are inconsiderate. I believe many people would feel differently if they spent some time in a wheelchair and experience some of the things that we experience on a regular basis. There are a lot of spots that do not have enough room on the side for a lift from a full size van.
physically challenged; arthrogryposis they should be ticketed or towed or both not enough handicapped parking spaces and too many glances from people when i get out of the car until i go get my daughter and they see that she does have a handicap.
  ticketed & cars towed  
arthrogryposis, neuromuscular disease if they are infact handicapped, they should get a warning. If they aren't, they should be fined and be forced to do community service working with handicapped individuals so they can appreciate the nature of their offense. not enough spaces
my daughter has cerebral palsy warning with fine penalty if second offense. no access zone. Unable to unload.
need for more wheelchair accessible parking.
i have a form of muscular dystrophy. I wear leg braces. Walking long distances and stairs are difficult. i think they should be fined sometimes the handicapped spots are far away from the ramp. Other times when it snows the parking lot is plowed, but not the handicapped spots or it is plowed into the spots. I have encountered abandoned shopping carts in handicapped spots alos.
arthritis large fine taken by people without a permit or i'm harrassed for not being in a w/c when i do have a permit.
i have arthrogryposis, and am chair bound. their car should be towed always. Much larger fines should imposed and inforced. Where i am nothing is done until their 2nd or 3rd offense. Even then the penalty is not harsh enough. people with out placerds parking in between the "van accesible" spaces. No we do not have a lift, but my hubby needs that extra space to load me. The overall rudeness of the public when they are confronted. The police here are just as bad, we went to do laundry, the laundromat has only one "handicapped" space. It is van accessible, the brainless officer parks in the "no" parking zone. When my hubby went to ask her to move, she says "well it's okay, i'm on my lunch break." Then when he told her that he couldn't even get me out of our van, she came out yelling "what is she in a wheelchair?" Last time i checked you didn't have to be in a chair to be disabled. I called the desk sargent, and made him aware of the ignorence of one of his officers. He assured that proper action would be taken. She then had the "balls" to move her car over and take pictures showing where she had parked. What a bitty. Being the out spoken women that i am, i called the sargent back, and told him what she had done. It seemed like no big deal to him. Isn't that what they get paid for??? (Sorry i didn't mean to write a book)
several neurologic defecits which interfere with motor function. in my town, abusers are reported and fined with evidence. I suppose that may help once in a while. i'd have to say that by far the biggest problem is finding spaces that can accomodate a 'side lift'.
i have c.P. they should be given illegal parking tickets and have to appear in court in front of a judge and have to explain why they parked in the spot in the first place.(Charge the maximum amount of the fine) people parking too close and i can not get my lift down(not enough room )
spinal cord fined.......And made to pay, not just let off the hook with a warning! not finding a place, not enough room for the lift to let down completely
leg amputee fines should be high enough to deter them and more information should be diseminated not enough room on side for lift and for scooter to exit with lift down
quadriplegia must be given large($$$$) fine/ticket and towed car/van just plainly illegally parked; senior citizens parking in access aisles, they consider non-access aisles as handicap parking stalls/fair game -- i have been unable to get access into my van on many occassions because access aisles being blocked -- have had to wait up to 2 hours for individual(s) to move their vehicle ---
i am the care giver, my wife has multiple sclerosis vehicle should be wheel lockedand then ticketed & fined tried reporting illegle parking to the store and was told they can do nothing about it. They would not even call authorities. Also there is just not enough of them. For instance we have a mall that probably bring in 60000 people a day with at the most a dozen handicapped parking slots
multiple sclerosis - can walk, but only with cane/crutches higher fines it seems the spaces are always to far from the entrance
problems walking and carrying items vehicles should be towed out of the spaces plus the fines should be raised to at least $100 spaces full
4 year old child with amc (arthrogryposis) i think they should be fined and towed not enough parking spaces....Too far from front door.......
para fines people that do not qualify under the law have placards
post polio syndrome pps
they should have a higher fine for them.
some one parked in the striped area after i have parked. Have to move my van to load in the side door
disintigration of entire spine with multiple vertebral fractures, herniated discs, stenosis, neuropathy, bone spurs wrapped around nerve roots, spinal cord impingement, etc. fined and drivers license taken away for 5 years, and make this a federal crime. Imprison thnese habitual offenders. not enough spots is the main problem, some stores have no handicap parking, and people taking handicaps spots, who have a family members placard,
amc towed immediately with a large fine not enough in boston
child with arthrogryposis driving rights taken away at least a year and impound car. people saying things like well if she can walk they don't belong there like my son's disablity and walking in a walker should allow us to use the spots.
i have asthma and mild ceberal palse.I dont have a handicap sticker. I am told i could get 1 though because of my asthma but choose not to as of yet.I see people parking in handicap spaces all the time with out a sticker.(That makes me mad)    
paraplegia they should be flogged  
paraplegic fine them heavily some hp spots are not correclty marked,which precludes police from ticketing. Lack of enforcement. "We're not in the ticketing business" most violaters are lazy and claim that it was only for a couple minutes.
degenerative arthritis they should be towed even when i get a space, i come out to find someone has parked on the stripped lines, which blocks my access to re-enter the van.
paraplegic current fines are sufficent but should be enforced more. 1. Most frequent problem is there not being enough van accessible spots. I don't use a lift but still need the extra space.
2. Curb ramps are often at a parking space and are blocked by legally parked vehicles.
3. There are some places that still have too few spaces, especially medical buildings. They probably are required to have the same percentage as others when they actually need more because of the nature of their business.
4. The worst problem i had was when someone, without a hp placard, parked between my car and another in the ramp access area.
sci not sure... Stiffer fines??? none really
arthrogryposis, limited movement, unable to walk, power w/c 10 year old child. i would like to have them be forced to ride in a w/c for 1 week. i have seen people park on top of the yellow stripes ment for side van lifts. I also sometimes have problem with curb cuts not being near the h/c parking spaces.
right above knee amputation drawn and quartered... Or at least assigned a few weeks of community service in benefit of the handicapped. mostly finding able-bodied people parking in handicapped spaces. Sometimes not regulation width.
back,ddd.Can't walk long tow them  
stroke depends on why they think they should be using a handicapped space.  
congenital bone deformity the biggest problem is the huge number of people that get permits who don't really need them. Or those that use them when the person with a disability is not in the car. too many people with permits, people with permits parking in the stripped areas between spaces (loading area).
polio find a cop who will give them a ticket non-handicapped people in spaces
not enough spaces
i have degenerative arthuritus of the spine and ruptured discs i think they should be towed and pay a fine people that shouldn't be parkrd there or they park half way into the space so you cany get into them
paralyzed (sci) it's more the problem of illegal use of the placard,and yes i know of not viable
non disabled users,getting pinned in and not able to get back in
my vehicle.Also have tried valet parking,but now some places refuse
to park my vehicle due to hand controls.Were not talking a ford model t.
this is a 1998 s-10.
quadreplegia they should be ticketed as the law allows. Police are unwilling to hand out tickets in scottsbluff & gering, ne even though there are statelaws on the books. i've had to wait until the person blocking the access isle or my lift moves so i can let the lift down to get in my vechile.
i am a quadraplegic. they should receive finds. If it continues, send them to a disability sensitivity class or community service. my main problem is wide enough access lanes or lanes period. People also like to park in the access lanes, disabled or not.
i have beckers muscular dystrophy i think they should have their cars towed away and pay a hefty fine to get their car back. haven't been able to find spaces,cars blocking my wheekchair lift.
stroke have trouble walking ticket and tow them finding a spot
c5/c6 quad heavy fine $1,000 people park too close to the side.
t-4 paraplegic enforce major >$200 fines. have never in 24 years seen an illegally parked car ticketed or towed!
spinal cord injury i use a wheelchair some and walk
with two canes and leg braces also
huge fine  
paralyzed,sci.Cannot walk they should receive a huge fine!!! not enough spaces, they are are used,often by people who get out and run into the store! Sometimes they are not near a curb cut.You get out of the vehicle and you're in traffic!
spinal cord injury fine them; don't just give them warning citations. young people parking in spaces and when asked say they will only be a minute. Many elderly people park in handicapped spaces, when they are told by their doctors it's good for them to walk. Small vehicles parking in van accessible spaces.
spina bifida t ticketed
spinal cord injury level t5-6 ticketed at the least i have to be able to get my door all the way open. You can't park in a regular parking place and still have the room to get out.
polio quad they should be towed and ticketed. Or we should park behind them until they come out. other people with handicaped parking outside the boundaries or on the acess isles. That is true for other cars as well. They park on the access isle.
paraplegic temporarily paralyze them and put them at the furthest parking place in a totally packed parking lot in a snowstorm.  
spina bifida. i think there should be more enforcement and heavier fines. Maybe that would get the point across. in our small town, in order to get on the sidewalk from the handicapped parking spot in front of a shopping center, blake must roll behind the parked cars. It is frightening because he's not very easy to see in the rear view mirror. Also, we were at a subway sandwich shop in northglenn, co and they had handicapped parking but the only way into the store were steps!
visual impairment fine and towed  
cp fines not be able to park in it
sci para only issue them for temporary use and each person be subjected to a state exam whereupon if you qualify for the permanent card. inconsideration. It's ok to violate as long as they're back in 5 minutes.
t9-t10 complete,complete quadraplegec they need to have theirlegs tied together and made to go everywhere in a wheel chair for abour 2 months i was fined one time because i took up two spaces to open my side door and let the lift down.
paraplegic heavy fine problems arise because everyone other than wheelchair users can now use the handicapped spots. There needs to be a different parking for people with wheelchair, walker, scooter. Perhaps a number of signs could be designated wheelchair/prothesis users only. A lot of the elderly need to park close to a building but do not need a space that is van accessible for folks in wheelchairs. I have been in wheelchair for 33 years. It has improved, however, i still spend much time circling parking lots hoping i can find a spot on the end or an empty handicapped spot.
aggressive degenerated disc disease good question.. I don't feel mean today so i'm not gonna answer that one there's not enough of it at the big stores or it's way down yonder where the pavement is practical
paraplegic secondary to a gunshot to the spine. first offense=$100 and 1 point. Second offense $250 and 1 point and so forth. The money could beused for local ramp building projects or to help bring cities into compliance. lack of a wide enough access isle to put down my ramp or someone one parking on the access isle.
sb fines not enough at the children' hospital, and people who seem perfectly healthy taking spaces
stroke warning then fined there are not enough handicapped spaces available. When parking in a van accessible spot, people park in striped area which leaves no room for the lift to come down.
pps confine to a wheelchair for 30 days!!! hostility, insults, kids threatening, and the "only-a-minute" bs
multiple sclerosis    
pps 1500.00 Fine some times they put them in bad place's
pps,brace, bad legs. i think they should be fined to the max as a reminder not to do it again. No warning slips. not available or erratic parking so you can't park, people abusing the spot.
bk amputee heavily fined & enforced educational courses (guilt trips) places being taken by indviduals that aren't handicapped.
handicapped parking for motorcycles is almost unheard of.
polio stiff and heavy fines. people parking on the grate area.
post polio syndrome fatigue and weakness. Fall if walk more than a few steps pay a fine unable to find spot for right side lift. Cars with placards but driver runs into store. Handicap??? I see it all the time
paraplegic ticket and consistant enforcement
limit those who can legally obtain the permits. Most of the time the spots are not taken by wheelcair users. They are taken by those with supposed medical needs. For example most individuals with cardiac problems can get a permit. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and mandated in most cardia rehab programs. Those who under go bypass surgery have to walk a predetermine distance before discharge. However, with their parking permit they fight for those spots but then are physically capable to walk around the store or mall etc.
another problem.... The spots that are considerably wider--van accessible with lined off areas, some even with a permit feel it is ok to park in the lined out areas. When approaching these individuals parked in the lined area, their response is that they have a permit and can park there. They don't see that it is not even a spot but an area that nobody should be in. They don't care that now i don't have the room i need to get my chair in/out.
disabled due to polio ticketed at a high enough cost to make them think. i don't have problems with it if i can find one empty.
multiple sclerosis and post polio syndrome you don't want to know! more of a principle nature, i really get upset when i see a person with handicapped tags come out their cars and sprint to the store at a jogger's pace!!!!!!!!!!
i had polio on both legs, now diagnosed with post polio syndrome. I do not use a wheelchair all the time. When i don't i wear braces and cane. increase the fine and check more frequently if spaces are legally parked i have had to go in circles for hours at a time waiting for a space to open. If i'm in a hurry i have had to park as close as i can to the entrance, and that usually is not close enough.
difficult to walk long distances without a cane - pps & fms. they should be fined. other cars &/or trucks parking too close to handicapped parking which prevents me from getting my small wagon into the parking place.
i had polio and walking is a big problem for me. I have braces on both legs. it should be enforced more. when the space is made larger with the yellow lines people park there so you don't have the extra room to get out.
post polio syndrome
back problems and one leg partially paralysed.
stiff fines none. The situation is very good here in miami.
primary progressive ms major fine and or schooling like drunk driving  
very difficult to walk, walk with assistance of a cane. Pps they should be fined and towed away. they are usually to far away from the entrance to be of very much good to me. I have difficulty walking and 9 times out of 10 there are people with handicapped stickers who are perfectly able to walk or there are no stickers and they use a handicapped space. Seems like everyone has a handicapped sticker.
i had polio and wear full leg braces,, send them over with bin laden just finding one is the problem,,, a lot of the times the younger drivers are using grandma's or grandpa's car and it has a handicapped sticker so they think it is alright for them to use it,,,,wrong again
cerebral palsy verr high infractions tickets not enough places
polio quadriplegia fined heavily sometimes the spaces are non-compliant
polio should have to spend their sentence in rehabilatation centers or va hospitals tending to the care of wheelchair bound patients, so that can get a first hand view of what it's like. some handicapped parking is too far away from the building.
post polio syndrome a very stiff fine...Higher than what is imposed now in most states and i think their cars should be towed away also like cars in unauthorized parking areas. not wide enough and not near cutout.
multiple sclerosis cars towed, owners fined too few spaces, placards being loaned to friends, handicapped person sitting in vehicle while able bodied person enters store
multiple sclerosis - require walking assistance - use canes. they should be ticketed and towed away. not enough spaces. People parked across wider areas designed for van access.
polio in both legs; however, i walk without assistance of crutches, etc. they would benefit by giving some community time to handicapped individuals. i've been very fortunate and, although, i'm handicapped, i'm conscientious about using the handicapped parking because i feel wheelchairs or others less fortunate than myself needs the space more than i.
pps summons given none
only have use of left arm, and that is from the elbow down. they should be heavily fined, and after three times have their liscense revoked for some period. many businesses do not have enough handicapped spaces for the number of people who come to their business. Also, i really doubt that much is ever done when people illegally park in these spaces, because most of them are on private property with no security personnel, and police do not check.
post polio syndrome hefty fine  
polio stiff fine. none
post polio syndrome cars towed and a large fine imposed not wide enough, but the biggest is non-handicapped parking in spaces because they are just running in for a minute or someone sitting in vehicle in a handicapped parking waiting on someone even if they have the plate if they are not going in they could park somewhere else and pull up and pick them up.
limited mobility by using a cane to walk. Post polio syndrome with asthma. Have had numerous leg and foot surgeries and am very happy to be walking, but am facing wheelchair bound soon. steep fines large department stores and large grocery stores do not have enough handicap parking spots and i think some people park there who do not need to be having a hang tag.
multiple sclerosis i think they should be fined more severely. there never seems to be enough parking spaces available.
progressive ms tow car spaces not big enough for side ramp, spaces blocked by other cars or delivery trucks or dumpsters
sci huge fines people using van accessible places that dont need them.
multiple sclerosis ticketed by police not enough space between vehicles to get my lift down and have space for me to get off the lift.
pps jail too few
multiple sclerosis they should be fined a substantial amount of money. too few spots.
p.P.S. Very weak legs and back like ontario canada ........ $3000.00 Fine not enough spaces..
used by people without handicaps
ms, multiple sclerosis, makes walking or standing impossible for any length of time citations and fines it is farther away from entrance often, and if i am walking with a cane or walker this is a problem
can't walk because of pps deterioration. i think the laws should be enforced agressively and they are not. i have had to drive arround waiting for a suitable parking place if possible.
left with limited walking capability from paralysis due to polio. ticket them. no place to park!
ms big fine too many people have placards because no doctor is likely to refuse to sign the paperwork and risk losing a patient (customer). As a result there are not enough handicapped spaces. There is also a problem with non-handicapped people "borrowing" somebody's placard to get a good parking spot.
weak legs/ falling fine them 1. People putting grocery carts in handicap spots. 2. People taking up 2 parking places. 3. Not enough handicap parking places. 4. In the winter the snow covers the marked handicape spaces, and regular people parking in that spot.
post polio syndrome/advanced osteoporosis have driver's license suspended and get ticket when i find one, they are too close to the next car making it difficult for me to get out of the car. Other disable people get very impatient/angry if it takes me too long to get my chair in the lift and get in the car because they have also been looking for a space long enough. I try to do it a fast as i can so others don't have to wait for me, but this has caused me to get hurt.
post polio syndrome they should be ticketed and assigned community service at some handicapped facility boss who refused to let me park in handicapped spot.
effects from polio. Use a brace and cane. Both legs affected. more enforcement and higher fines. not enough parking spaces.
parking is to far from building entrance.
poor snow or ice removal.
pps, copd, heart patient, major breathing problems not sure find one
muscle weakness due to post polio syndrome.
ticketed immediately. not enough handicapped parking spaces.
quadriplegia enforcemnt of present legislation. 1.Not of legal design standard.
2.Ease of parking qualification.
3.Disregard of law.
post polio syndrome, loss of use of one leg. jailed, then hung in public. Need to have the law enforced first however. not enough spaces, not wide enough, not kept clean during snow season.
pps--very limited walking tickets should be issued and fines given not enough spaces even for those with placards or special license plates
pps, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and more. they should pay a much larger fine than they do now. If they repeat the offense, they should go to jail. at times there have been spaces that are too far from the door, or there have been areas that are not paved properly. Also, doorways are often not as accessible as they claim to be. For instance, there won't be an opener just a reasonably flat opening.
multiple sclerosisfirst first, parking lots need to be monitor more closely. The fines should be higher and they should be towed. i hate when a person is waiting in the car for someone(they could park somewhere else. My all time favorite is when the person comes walking, with out any apparent difficulties.
para mid thigh down both legs take them out & shoot them. I'm kidding atleast i think that i am. For the most part i do not believe that anything will stop them. the worst would have to be the crip spots themselves. I have found one that blocks the only ramp the strip mall. About that my dear i am not kidding. If you park there you are not getting in to shop. Others that are on hills. Some for business that are not wheelchair accessable. Just because they have a crip spot does not mean that you can get in, use the restroom,or for the most part are made to feel welcome.
the late effects of polio. Legs paralyzed and scoliosis and arthritis. they should be made to pay a fine or attend a class of some kind so they
will be more enlightened on people with disabilities and what they go through
to get around.
there are never enough handicapped parking. I think that permits are given
too freely and they may be obtained with false information. I've been disabled for 52 years. I sometimes think
that almost everyone over the age of 60 can easily get a parking permit. I live in tx.
multiple sclerosis higher fines. 2Nd or 3rd offense have license taken away. not able to get a spot because people without handicap plate or placard take the spots, or those who are handicapped take the spot so that their healthy partner can do the shopping. I find that wrong as well.
polio fine, suspended license spaces filled by illegal vehicles or live parking filling spaces
multiple sclerosis and degenerative disc disease. arrested usually used by someone who doesn't need onte.
polio towed to far from entrance if raining get soaked to far from ramp not enough room to open doors wide
mobility problems, can only walk short distances fined after warning then license suspended after 3 times in violation handicap spots located far from bldg entry, no curb cuts, insufficient number of spots
post polio syndrome lg fine, as i think after while they would stop parking in the spots.... small handicap vehicles using the parking spaces designed for side door ramps
post polio wearing leg braces for walking support all my life enforce more parking violation citations not too many spaces
paralyzed tickets need wxtra room for side lift enterance
long leg brace due to polio revoke their drivers license temporarily. i need to open my door completely, and some times the space itself isn't wide enough or there isn't the extra wide aisle next to the space to begin with.
i had polio, cannot walk to far make them use a wheelchair for a month  
wheel chair user--polio residuals levy very stiff fines and enforce. Washington state levies a $5,000.00 Fine and, needless to say, there is no problem there people without placards or needs filling the spaces2
post polio they should pay a fine of no less than $200 for their first offense. $500 Per infraction after that. too few spaces. Spaces at the opposite end of the lot from the front door.
multiple sclerosis very stiff monetary fine and if more than lst offense 3-mo.License suspension spaces are usually not wide enough; not enough spaces per # ofparking spaces in lot; inadequate enforcement of the law; parking of vehicles in the striped spaces needed for exiting your car/van; poorly laid out parking areas with often very steep surfaces or blockages making exiting vehicles virtually impossible; unthinking people piling up shopping carts in handicap designated spaces or in the striped exit lanes
post-polio syndrome ticketed people, obviously abled, taking spaces..
not located by entrance.
post polio syndrome they should get a ticket at places like wall mart, ect., There just is not enough.
my disabilities are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis fines / people parking too close; not getting a space to park; etc
md ticket them. i see too often placard abuse. Folk who have a need for it a month or two, but keep it and use it non-stop. Folk abusing the parking spot to park close to the mall and then walking the mall several times for excerise. Since i drive a lowered s10 w/3rd door for my chair, i've been shouted at and told that when i get out of my truck i better have a handicap or else. Recently folk that drive several senior adults to church park in handicap spots when they could easily unload and move on.
compression fracture, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis right hip, degenerative disc disease. it is posted in my county $500.00 Fine. Need to be patroled more and enforced more. people pakring in a lift only space, people parking on the yellow striped lines so the lift can't come down. People leaving shopping carts in handicap spaces and on the yellow lines.
t5-6 sci tow checkered line by handicap spots that is made for lifts, almost always has a car in it, some are handicap too. When they do this, the van handicap spot, no longer will accept a van with a lift.
severe arthritis and cardiac problems clamped pr wheels removed from car and charged £200 for release not being able to go to the swimming pool. This is the only form of exercise i can do.
stroke, neuropathy, and degenative lumbar diease. if someone forgot their placard nothing. If no placard at all tow with $5,000 fine first time and up fine by $10,000 each time afterwards. end up parking at end of lot, go somewhere else. Person block lift area on side mount and had one person pull up behind my rear mounted one while unloaded and parked their car for over an hour. Couldn't move due to handicap sign post in front of van and no way to locate driver.
polio have them do community service working with persons with disabilities blocked access isles, non handicapped people using someone else's handicapped parking permit, public officials/workers/ups and many others illegally parking in handicapped parking spaces and local law enforcement's lack of enforcement and knowledge of the law.
multiple sclerosis reported to officials more often than they are, & properly ticketed if used w/o placards people who use these spots in overly parked malls, hospitals, emergency rooms entrances for out-patient treatments, and at discount places such as wal-mart, these people are using placards of someone elses obviously,and/or just simply using this spot because it is closer to doorways and they can't find a closer parking spot. They take their chance with the policemen who do patrol these places but for some reason they haven't been fined for their offenses and so they keep doing this over and over
can't walk arthrits in knees. fined& towed mall parking is the worst. I always have trouble getting a space there. A lot of people w/o stickers or plates park there.
lbka and nerve damage in back tow vehicle and go to jail mostly those kinfolk of persons with hcpp. 2. Is people who dont care,#1 problem is lack of law enforcement
paraplegia . Spinal cord injury severely fined all spaces are filled by senior citizens
i use a straight cane. I had a tumor on my spine with l4-l5 to s1-s2involvement which left me with severe nerve damage effecting lower extremities; loss of sensation both legs ;rt foot drop and neurogenetic bowel & bladder community service limited availability of reserved spaces in mall areas;
local tows which don't have parking lots do not have handicapped spaces on the streets
polio at age 14 left me with very weak knee, on the right side from the hip to the knee. Since 1989 i also have suffered from post polio syndrome which makes it very hard to walk any much distance they should be prosecuted to the fullest extant of the law, and judges should be forced to live in a wheelchair for a week to see what handicapped people put up with some stores do not have spaces otr they are poorly located and the store managers dont care
multiple sclerosis ticket and tow not enough, not big enough for ramp
can't walk distance. Have pps - post polio syndrome. the fines should be $500 - $1,000.00 they are not convenient to entrances, they are geared more for wheelchairs close to ranmps so those of us who can still walk have to walk a good distance sometimes.
old polio and a work related acdident that they are fined to the extrime people who are sitting in there car and say that they are waiting for a friend and that they will onley be a miniut.Then they get combative about it when i tell them that the space is onley for handicap people
arthritis, fibromyalgia,myofascial pain syndrome they should be drawn and quartered spaces too narrow, shopping carts left in spaces, hp spaces used for tent sales, not enough hp spaces for number of users, people parking in lined off access area blocking side lift vans, non-disabled people using a disabled parking permit, no enforcement!
polio, post-polio syndrome they should be towed and fined places all taken
no places with room for access
park in a spot with access only to have someone come and park in the area needed to drop my lift.
post polio....Can't walk distances. they should be fined. If 2 offenses, they should have their car impounded for 2 weeks. some places don't have enough spots, and they are always full. Other places are too far away from the entrances.
collegen disorder - ehlers-danlos syndrome ticketed and/or towed! vehicles parked in the hatch mark areas (where my lift is supposed to drop).
multiple sceloris have use of a cane. Must have a stopping cart available or use a childs stroller. have spaces monitored and jail the offenders. the distances i had to walk due to not being able tto have a disabled parking.
i had polio and now have post-polio syndrome fine them $1000.00 i find that many people just don't care if they have a placard or not. I have had the same run-in with three times with one woman who just doesn't care if she doesn't have a placard.
ms mobility problems should be fined but there is never anyone around monitering these spaces. non disabled drivers in parking spaces. Lorries parking across 2 disabled parking bays.Not enough for genuine disabled people
multiple sclerosis increase the fine. In boise, idaho its only $25  
copd, ashmia, broncitis, emphyzema, apnea, osteoarthitis, dvd, no ligaments in both ankles, bulging and prolapsted disc, neuro damaged, fibromyalgia ticket and tow cops won't ticket and the biggest is in my complex it is privote property and the cops will not ticket or tow. Management will do nothing about it and it is a hud complex. No one will enforce what is already there in law, not even the cops even they don't understand it is a law. The spot beside my van is handycap but a person parked there and with out having a plate or plaquet so i could not drop lift. I had doctors appointments and could not get into my van so i had to cancell appointment.It has happened 4 times already. A cop did ticket the man but then some one started to key my van and put a hole in my tank becuase i was using 2 car spots. People got angery and the cops got mad and the manager told me to get along with my neighbors. This is only one of many and i live in this type of problem.
multiple sclerosis tickets issued with extremely high fines and community service
in an organization which works with people with disabilities
my chief complaint is finding van accessible spots filled with cars
there is a sign designating van accessible spots, but the sign
should say van accessible only! I need the extra space in order
to get out of my van. This should be a law, no cars in van sights
this is a huge problem during holidays, i am unable to find a
spot which will accomodate my lift, all these spots have cars in
spina bifida take away their driver's license. old ladies who are perfectly fine but think they are handicapped because they have vericose veins.
post polio syndrome fined and towed. unable to shop because of unavailable handicapped parking.
polio right leg - wear long leg brace
with some mobility problems
car and driver photographed and placed in a prominent place in the newspaper where everyone can read about them. It's only fitting. some places are too far away and designed for wheelchair only. Some people have mobility problems which don't require wheelchairs.
sci larger fines  
multiple sclerosis fine, or tow away i do not use often, as i can still walk. But on bad days, there always seems to be people there without placards
. People often stare at me because i am able to walk.
i am a c3-4 quadriplegic, paralyzed from my neck down. I became that way because of a jeep accident which occurred when i was 16 years old. I am now 40 years old. i think they should be fined.I think more people should report on them.
i really wish i had an answer.
people don't leave you enough room to park.
t5-6 paraplegia $10,000 fine not enough
post polio ,ake them spend time in a wheelchair lack of available spaces
if uyou want these questions answerd i wou like for you to reffer it as a disability a large fine $200.00 $300.00 Maybe well ada in mass says 2 nhp for every 25 a business has...... Thats not enough
my disability is sci $500 fine small spaces, not marked properly
spinal cord towed away huge fine and second offense lincense suspended none available, cars blocked my car by parking in the lined off area
car accident i think there should be more enforcement and heavier fines people parking in spots that can walk or just want the close spot cause they are to fat to park in a normal spot!
leg diseases - lymphoedema and others. tow away at the minimum, plus fines on the spot. Give security guards at shopping centres the power to not only give on the spot fines / tickets, but, to enforce wheel clamps and then tow. young p platers parking in these spots without regard. Older generation tends to use them, without handicapped placards. Parents park there with prams. Not enough disabled parking spots anyway and badly situated.
multiple sclerosis big big fines and have license removed they are hard to find
multiple sclerosis boil them in oil! not enough spaces; spaces too far from entrance; not large enough
multiple sclerosis pesides shot? :) Better enforcement of the laws, especially in "private" lots -- like those attached to shopping centers. People who park there without placard (or plates) should be towed, without delay. people without placards parking. People *with* placards thinking they can park in the diagonal spaces now on some lots. Even though i don't have a chair lift, i still need that space to transfer into my wheelchair. Spots designated "handicap" which are the farthest from the door, and/or which have no ramp in sight. Handicap spots full of plowed snow from the rest of the parking lot. Spots full of shopping carts.
ms-quad fined & community service. Ordered to spend 24hrs in a w/c. spaces too narrow.
ms. Tire easily ticketed and marked so people know they are inconsiderate at some stores the handicap parking is further away the the regular parking. It's made for wheelchairs and not for people who just need to park close.
mobility due to ms have the car towed and fined not enough of them..
multiple sclerosis fine, fine, fine and then take away the license. I call and report them all the time in the parking lot at work. So far i think i have gotten 29 cars fined $250 each. people that should not be in the spaces are.
multiple sclerosis they should be warned 2x, after the 2nd warning, they should be cited. not enough spaces are available.
severe osteoarthritis, ms, fms and spondylitis. higher fines and demerit points taken off their licence, just as if they were speeding.. Afterall it it illegal. unauthorized people using them and therefore i can't
multiple sclerosis heavily fined not enough spaces provided
multiple sclerosis make them sit with handicapped people who really need it and see how they're affecting them. not enough, close enough to the stores.
multiple sclerosis - use a cane and a leg brace they should be given a ticket not enough spaces
progressive multiple sclerosis they should go to a defensive "handicap school" for a day like defensive driving. They should spend the day trying to go about their normal business while in a wheelchair, on crutches etc. This might make some of them think twice. They could also make it count as points off their driver's license. too few spaces in some shopping centers. People parking too close which makes it difficult or impossible for me to get in or out. The handicap slots being a "mile" away from the curb cuts or ramp
i have ms. Use a cane because of balance problems. ticketed & fined [a large amount] never enough spaces.
  heavy fine not enough spaces or only spaces far away from where i need to to so have to walk a distance.
multiple sclerosis denver boot! parking in 2 spaces, making it impossible to bring wheel chair.
sometimes cannot walk because of flare-up of multiple slerosis tow and fine big bucks usually none
multiple sclerosis, difficulty with fatigue, weakness, balance should be ticketed, if repeat then fine should double not available, not enough spaces, snow not removed to allow safe use
possible ms handicap them  
multiple sclerosis -- inability to walk distances w/ assistance (cane or walker) substantial fine ($300 or more) and awareness classes people accusing me of not being handicapped; delivery vans using spot for convenience; people using spaces for "quick trips"; spaces too narrow to be useful
ms and fms, difficulty walking distances. Only use placard on bad days. equivalent to a speeding ticket/moving violation. (Not a 5$ parking ticket..) too far away; assumption that wheelchairs are the only reason for the spaces so that distance isn't that important.
multiple sclerosis heavy fines not being available at all, or full sometimes without placards, sometimes the handicapped spaces are too far away
    arguing with those not having a decal for the parking space
ms footdrop and sometimes balance problems strict enforcement and stiff fines for violators not enough of them in some lots
ms...Fatigue, balance, weakness on left side. Also, c3-7 fusion, limiting movement and agility. Endurance is a big problem for me. enforcement of these parking places should be able to be done by the stores themselves, as well as the law enforcement agencies. Tickets should be able to be issued by the store personell, so that it can be done more frequently...And consistantly. I believe that most people that use the designated spaces who are not entitled to do so, feel that they will not be "caught or ticketed" because the police are busy doing other things. The spaces are difficult for the police to monitor..And because it is a "crime" that is not injurious to others, handicapped parking enforcement is not high on the list of the police's enforcement list.
if repeated offenses occur, then there should be stiffer types of penalties..Like defensive driving schools, but making the able bodied person role play the world of the handicapped for a period of time. Maybe driving priveleges should be suspended for 3 months etc. If the offenses are repeated.
spaces being full, due to lack of sufficient spaces at the store. Full due to non handicapped cars using the spaces. I have not stopped at a store before when i needed to because i could not get a spot.
breathing problems, cardiac problems, ddd towed never finding spots- or not enough spots
multiple sclerosis stiff penalties  
ms fined 500.00 there all filled
ms toe and fine them sometimes the space is not wide enough
multiple sclerosis court-ordered day as a handicapped person, complete with lack of parking, lack of bathroom stalls, lack of room to navigate in stores/restaurants, etc. besides non-handicapped persons using the spots, they also use the extra room between spots as parking.
multiple sclerosis limits my walking to about 50-100 feet. tow the car. I have no sympathy for them. And make their fee to get it out of tow enough to cover the tow and to donate somewhere. too little of it.
ms huge fines looks from able bodied people because i am young and not in a wheelchair
ms should be reported and ticketed  
ms, walk with two arm-band crutches. they should be fined heavily and driver's license suspended for 1 month. Repeat offenders should be fined even more and license suspended for 6 months. having to drive around continuously until space becomes available or just giving up and returning home.
i have ms and fatigue easily when i walk a lot. In addition, when i have exacerbations, i have a great deal of trouble walking and am in pain and have balance problems. fined and towed. not enough handicap spots in some parking lots-some people sit in their cars in the spot waiting for someone when i could use it and walk.
paraplegia w/diagnosis of ms immediate tow of illegal vehicle from public and private lots as well as a steep fine . -non disabled drivers park in handicapped spaces.
-walking disabled drivers use wheelchair access spaces when there are general public spaces very close and available.
-drivers will park and sit in a handicapped spot, with tag waiting for their passenger to return.
this is an unneccessary use of wheelchair/hadicapped space when the car could wait elsewhere for the handicapped passenger.
-both disabled and non disabled drivers park in no parking spaces designated for wheelchair access-very necessary for lift or rampvan access.
-cars are parked to close to vehicles needing wheelchair access.
-cars are driven through wheelchair access spaces endangering the lift, ramp of the rampvan as well as the life of the wheelchair user.
mainly in the summer, i cannot walk very far due to weakness and balance issues. (Probable ms) they should be towed, fined and serve community servicein a disability hospital. i haven't had much only because i use it only when i desparately needed to and there has mostly been a spot to park in.
note: i use a scooter - answered as if it was a power wheelchair.
major ticket - at least $250. Problem here is cops don't enforce - they "warn."  
unable to walk long distances due to ms and lupus huge fines!!!!!!!!! just finding a spot
multiple sclerosis--difficulty walking and high fatigue expensive fine none.
m/s immediate towing , sever monetary fine $200.+ long distance to the store rest. Ect.
i have fatigue and walking problems stiffer fines, that increase with the number of fines that you get. not enough available
multiple sclerosis tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
sci ticket/tow availability
ms there should be better enforcement and **significant** fines.  
m.S. heavy fine......Towed unauthorized people using space
severe limping, walk with the aid of a cane or walker due to multiple sclerosis strap 50lb weights on each leg, have them park in the back lots and then try walking. Seriously? They need to be towed lack of availability. And then there are always the stares if i happen to have a great day and walk unaided. If it is a hot day, i can't park far away, as ms is so heat sensitive.
ms big fine too many people using it wrong
multiple sclerosis towed and hefty fine. mainly busy places, such as malls or popular smaller stores, not having enough hp.
i have probable ms that is progressive constantly and i must use a cane or a walker. tickets requiring a court appearance sometimes all are filled.
multiple sclerosis...Walk with crutches should be fined and ticketed greatest problem has been in the winter, when snowplows deposit in handicapped spaces
degerative disk disease and multiple sclerosis their auto type should be announced over loud speakers inside business, and a stiff fine there are none in the downtown area, where my small drug store is, or anywhere that i know of!
ms fine  
i have ms, not in wheel chair yet, but use of cane and walker they need to have a high dollor ticket to learn something, or maybe stand at a street coner holding a sign saying, i stole handicapped parking..." never enough spaces; too far from front of store; people taking spot with need
ms-- fatigue give them a handicap and no placard/license plate to park in a handicap space for a while i working at a university and parking in general is back,even for handicap places
multiple sclerosis fine them none
ms with fatigue,dizziness,and leg weakness jailtime. Car impounded for a week so they can experience that handicap having to park far from doors 'cause there just aren't any spaces.Stupid cops telling me i don't look handicap so why am i parking here? Why aren't they ticketing the people parked illegally?
walk with a cane because of ms they should be ticketed and fined. at some stores, the handicapped parking is very far away from the store entrance. Some stores only have a couple of handicapped spaces available, and because of this, it's often hard to find an available spot.
ms... Can't stand, walk, ambulate at all. given a costly ticket. i use a ramped van. It has a sign on the side "please allow 10 feet clearance. Wwhen i come out... Someone has parked in the striped area... Right on my door.
ms towed, fined given points against the driver's license. many are too far away from the building entrance to be useful. Never enough hdcp spaces in strip shopping centers.
c2-6 incomplete quad. Walk with cain. Sci heavy fines. If thay keep doing it pull there licence by making
a moving violation like speeding.
un plakered vehicals.. People that leave shoping carts in
handycaped spaces. Store managers who think that thay
dont need to keep handycaped spases clear of baskets.
ms tow the vehicle and impose a healthy fine; that $100-200 crap is, well, it's just crap, innit? already occupied, illegally or otherwise
curb cut not plowed after snow
sci give a ticket. no van parking.Have to go way down the parking lot and take up two spaces.
ms points 0n license and ticketed ilegally parked in handicaped spot
cerebral palsy given ticket and have car towed unable to get out of car on side, spaces too close. Unable to get to curb cut as it is covered by another car.
multiple sclerosis huge fine---people w/ placards should be able to ticket those without! But some kind of documentation would be needed--picture of car in handicapped spot busy small parking lots are the worse since people can't find a regular spot and they want to run into the post office for "just a minute" they see no problem with parking in the handicapped space. I just drive back home if i can't find a space
difficulty walking - require cane fined  
spinal muscular atrophy,, type of muscular dystrophy heavely fined and or for persistant offenders, a day or two in jail its not wide enough, there arnt enough of them. The kerb is not level
sci heavely fined unless there are extenuating circumstances like some
sort of emergency concerning person with walking disability.
vehicles already parked there. Vehicles parked so close that i can't open th e door to get out.
vehicles parked in the lift zone.
quadriplegic huge fine people that are handicapped that operate cars parked in van accessible spaces!! I can't get my ramp down!!
have a list of problems.Currently am not
in need of using my w/c.Sometimes the body becomes too disable to walk at all.In which the chair is needed.
when i am capable.I don't use the handicap parking space.Even if i am useing,or not using,my chair.
my chair was provided through my medical system.And manuel is all we're authorized to recieve.Unles we pay of ourselves for an electric one.
have among many other problems:
the grissle between my bones's severely
disolving.Left side's very bad.
have a metal plate in the left ankle. Have a form of gout in the left knee.
get severe breathing problems.
at times will loose my balance.
at times will fall down often for no apparent reason.
those with handicap placards should be allowed to take down the car's license palet information,car description,where was seen,other information as capable by the disable person.And anonymously call,e mail,phone,or postal mail the infoiramtion into to some aurthoity place.So that some sort of punishment type of action can be carried out to offender. there has been times when my body was just too incapable of working properly.To go too far from the vechile to the facility needed.In which case.When no handicap parking space was availabl.Edue to unautheorized parkers.It was very rough for me.Some stimes have had to give up even parking in a non handicap space.As those available was extremel;y too far a distance for me.So had to leave.
duchenne muscular dystrophy towed and ticketed (with a harsh fine) people parking with no placard and refusing to move.
cp it doesn't happen frequently in arizona its a 200 dollar fine and we have plenty of advertising about illegally parking in a handicapped parking slot not finding a space, we have plenty of elderly here in arizona
sci find and towed away areas are to small and not maked correct
sci tow cars cars too close
polio i think they should be exposed publicly as well as be fined heavily not enough spaces designated at shopping facilities and restaurants, doctor's office etc
encluation in right eye.No eye ball. place the biggest fines on them. none don't use them.
paraplegic i think that they should be fined heavily, maybe $500 and sentenced to 20 hours or so in a facility closely observing so they can see what a handicap really is. one of the worst problems is when i park in a handicapped parking spot next to the area with the diagonal lines designated for lifts, etc and when i come out of the store someone has parked on the diagonal lines and i can't get to the door of my van. I am trapped. One time i was at sears (at westgate in toledo)and i came out of the store and someone had parked on the diagonal lines trapping me. I got the license # and went inside where they made an announcement over the pa system. I waited at least 25 minutes until a woman finally came out and got into that car. Trying to remain calm i pointed out that she was illegally parked and then asked if she had heard the page over the pa system (that was done at least 3 times). She said "yes, i heard it but wasn't finished shopping then". She was lucky i couldn't stand up or i probably would have "punched her in the nose". I can't believe how rude some people are. Another big problem i see is people using somebody else's handicapped parking permit just so they can get a close parking spot and sometimes taking up a spot that is the only one left with room for my lift.
relapsing-remitting m.S. fines should be enforced. Enforcement is the problem, especially not having adequate personnel to enforce given decreased municipality budgets. mainly handicapped parking spaces are already occupied and i have to go elsewhere or park somewhere else and walk farther. Fortunately i can as long as i walk slowly and carefully. Occasionally people leave empty shopping carts in handicapped parking spaces, so no one can park there.
mobility ticket and fine. Towed if not moved in a reasonable time people using other people's cards, parking in-between the zones to allow only one vehicle,
cerebralpalsy   others parking to close to my car
multiple sclerosis i have found that companies use the excuse "we don't own the lot" often when i complain. Police won't ticket cars without the lot owners permission... It is so dumb!!! I have several kinds of "tickets" i printed on my computer that say, for instance "you are parked in a space for the disabled, i will gladly trade you my disability for your parking space", and "you are parked in the access aisle of a space for the disabled, you have denied someone the ability to remove a walker or wheelchair from their vehicle" (a major pet peeve, especially when folks with hc tags do it!!)
i am frustrated that although many more people are obtaining tags/placards, the laws still only require 6% of a lot be set aside.
multiple sclerosis car ought to be towed and/or fined heavily!! i've driven around looking for a parking place where i could use my w/c for over an hour. Gave up and went home.
i have ms. don't know but something would be nice, maybe people with placards can ticket, they're the ones that notice it people in spot not with license or placard.
neurofibromatosis,(tumors on spinal cord) help transport other handicapped people to and from there destination for a week and have to search for the handicapp parking place also. not finding one for starters or there all taken legally but not having enough to start with. Giving the placards to those who don't really need them is one reason.
sci they should be towed not enough spaces, spaces too small
i have ms and rheumatoid arthritis, but i am still fairly mobile. fine 'em big time a few times i have had to walk several blocks because all the handicapped spots were taken.
quadriplegia suspension of licenses root law breakers!
ms since 1985 there needs to be a stiffer penalty applied to people who park their illegally. And it also needs to be inforced. there doesn't seem to be enough.
sci not sure. Fines/ticketing (when imposed) have proven to be a weak detterent. 1. Small passenger cars occuppying "van accessible" spaces. 2. Abuse of h/p placards by relatives/friends of person to whom placards issued. 3. Absence and inadequate of numbers "van accessible" spaces. 4. Improperly striped accessible spaces and access aisles, including an absence of access aisles. 5. Placement of shopping carts in access aisles. 6. Cars parking in "van accessible" access aisles.
spinal cord injury higher fines and more enforcement to tow them their some times is just not enough spaces
spinal cord injury, incomplete probation or one month suspension of license spaces full; not cleared of snow
quadriplegia tow them & ticket  
sci penalties should be reinforced - fines should be levied 1) none available; have to find another place to park, such as 2 adjacent parking places elsewhere 2) the only available parking places have no adjacent space for loading/unloading my wheelchair; "van-accessible" means nothing to the plethora of vehicles with the sacred handicap plaque
3) my car is unaccessible because another vehicle has parked illegally next to the driver's side so i can't get to my car or get in.
4) curb cuts have cars parked in front of them; i have to negotiate the curb
quadrapeligic they should be towed and fined. my attendants have to stop traffic so i can unload from the rear lift in the van.
parapleic tickets parking too close, no parking
paraplegia ticketed first offense then towed. people often park in the hash marked area to the side of a hancicapped spot so that i am unable to open my door and take my wheelchair out.
osteoarthritis/back problem/joint hypermobility clamp them, fine them!! i just give up if i can't get a space after driving round a few times.
i was in a car accident back in 98 and now i am a c5&6 quad they should be ticketed then towed. i can never find a van accesible parking spot. I think if there's a choice between a van accesible spot and a regular parking spot they should park in the regular spot and leave the van accesible open.
quadriplegic towed and fined sometimes there is not enough room
between cars for a transfer.
sci i believe that the law officials should take more action aand the people who dob the offense should be made to become aware of why it is important whyn these parking spots are designed the way they are the most common problem i encounter is motorcycles. The 2nd is van accessible being used by people who do not need the extra space
quadriplegic a ticket i think the sticker is misused - finding people leaving the handicapped person inside while they run into the store. Alot of the people we see using the spots - do not appear to be physically disabled enough to need the sticker.
spinal cord injury from auto accident in 1970 towed or ticketed the real problem is that a great many people have handicapped permits. People who can walk (even with difficulty) take spaces from people bound to wheelchairs.
spinal cord injury ticket and tow people even with plates who are perfectly capable of walking, or are using someone elses placard.
9 forms of arthritis they should get a stiff fine, have there cars towed, and be made to spend a day with someone that's handicapped to help them. not enough spaces, people not handicapped using them, people look at me weird because i'm young and they feel i don't need the space
spinal cord bigger fines  
c4-5 sci apparently the word is out that nothing is done about people parking in these spaces. Reinforcement of the law would be a welcome change.
non-vans parking in spaces marked with room for van unloading. Actually had someone stand in a h-van parking space to hold for his wife and son. He did not care that we needed a space to unload or that a "normal" space was much closer to the door. The reason she deserved this particular spot was that she had asthma - even though is was much further for her to walk.
spinal cord injury ticketed space won't accomdate van parking
quadriplegia if convicted of parking offence the person should be required to perform community service, preferably with/for a disability organization. only with vehicles that park too close to mine so that i cannot deploy my lift.
i use wheelchair or walker depending on distance. Multiple sclerosis substantial fine first time - other times loose license for a period of time people who leave there handicapped relative in the car in a handicapped space. They go into store.
i am paralized from the waist down. they should be given a ticket or fined well if someone parks to close to you it is very hard to get the space you need.
quadraplegic car towed the spaces are too small to unload with a side lift. Handicap people without wheelchairs park in spaces for lifts and wheelchairs
sci the should be made to move and be fined space
para fines and investigate expired temporary not being able to get a space and also bad in garage parking with van
paralysis (l-1) cars without placards should be towed. This action should be taken by anyone eligable to use the parking stall and needing it. in the winter, parking in those spots is especially important.
loss of total control of lower body so must depend on leg braces and crutches they should receive traffic citations, expensive ones. getting out of the parking place when i am ready to leave. Since the parking places are close to the begining of the row there are often several cars lined up waiting to turn and blocking me from backing out. Also not enough at many places and also not many wide enough.
ms for 23 yrs and recently tb,total exaustion without my wheelchair or wpower chair community service ,maybe to the disabled
not just a fine for parking in handicapped
the rights are given out to too many people.I see them walking away from the handicapped parking with the greatest of ease.Whe i got my first handicappe dparking permit you either had to be in a wheelchair or using crutches.Now even people using canes mildly get them.Just whimper to your doctor and they sign for you.
polio-paralysed legs fine them having to park further away from my destination than i would like.
bad ankles, have to wear afo's on both legs now for life. depends upon if they are elderly or not  
spinal cord injury fines not wide enough to open door
spinal cord injury fined people parking in the blue grid where my lift goes down
wear leg braces. education might help but hefty ticket adn higher insurance might be better too few, others parked there, people there that shouldn't be.
double amp and a tripelegic fine them 250.00 the spaces are not wide enough for my van and a side door lift. People parked illegally
reduced capabilities to walk due to a spinal cord injury. bigger fine.. people who aren't handicapped (or without a sticker) parking in a handicapped zone.
t7 para & lupus &arthritis towed, ticketed spaces aren't wide enough to get lift down. Aren't enough van accessible spots. Not enough h spots in general, esp at medical centers. People park in h space, let someone out, and remain in space while waiting.
spinal cord injury i think that they should be reported and get a stiff fine in the mail most all spaces are to small for a van with a ramp or lift, so i just take two spaces and people get made.
sci they should be fined heavily it is quite a business to get me out of a car. If the car is some way away from where i want to be, it can cause more problems as my wheelchair is not very good over uneven ground.
motorcycle accident i think the fines are ok. It just needs to be enforced. I don't see it being enforced. I have heard excuses about being to hard to enforce. birthing mothers with placards, people that are 400 lbs and get out of their car smoking cigarettes while parking in handicap, non-qualifying injuries getting placards
broken back more spaces
no spaces
paraplegic enforce current fines. Improve public's awareness through education. lack of spaces in some areas. Non handicapped and delivery people parking in handicapped spaces. Some handicapped people who drive someone else to a store and then sit in their car and wait for the non handicapped person to return. If a handicapped person is not getting out, there is no reason to deprive another handicapped person of the space.
spinal cord injury should be ticketed and towed also finding people who are not handicapped using illegal placards, or using the placard of someone who has died.
sci fined no room for ramp
spinal cord injury they should not be fined if caught but sentanced to community service at a rehab hospital too many placards being issued for the number of spaces required
  towed and ticket  
t-6 para post there picture in the paper people parking in the lines drives me nuts
paraplegic, ambulatory with braces and crutches, no wheelchair now. tow car others parking too close; cannot open my door enough to enter w/o struggle
t-12 paraplegic tow vehicle people with placards,taking a handicap space while the mrs. Is shopping, people who can walk/run but still park in handicap space because they have the placard (from a knee operation 10 years ago
quadriplegia have their cars chained to the pavement and not allow police to respond for at least two hours - enjoy the wait. the main problem is not people without handicap placards, its the people with placards using the spaces unnecessarily - they of all people should know better. That is, using a hc space and leaving the disabled person in the vehicle, using "grandmas" car to go to the store or concert and get great parking, using van accessible stalls - when you don't need a van space. Common courtesy among the disabled communtiy is severely lacking. It seems the overall problem is that the "handicap" status has been so widely extended to so many people, that one's who really need extra wide parking stalls and aisles have little chance in a busy parking lot.
partial paralysis leftside they should be fined no spaces left people who really aren't bad taking spaces they dont need
l1-2 spinal cord fined big time or towed away sometimes i have to park far away cause some idiot with no disability is in the handicapped parking spot
t8 para fines put twards the need for better handicapped adaptation. some spots are just marked handicapped but don't offer extra room to transfer from auto to chair.
sci...T-6/7 epidural (sp) people thinking that i cannot be cripple because i am young and drive a nice car.
spinal cord injury follow up on license and registration number, send a fine, or suspend license. people parking on the striped space beside the parking space
non tagged cars in hc spots

people who are so fat the are claimed disabled. That ticks me off if they walk through a store to go shopping, they can walk through a parking lot. Don't get me wrong i'm over weight too, but if i could walk again i would never sit down.
sci they should be given tickets of more than $500. cars parked in disabled space with no placard, cars parked in the cross hatches and non-disabled people using a placard that did not belong to them.
complete c1 tow away car  
paralyzed impound car, large fine,possible lisence supention not enough
connective tissue disease higher fines and towing people parking in the hatch marks;spaces well away from the place you want to go;they are the furthest away from the entrance
my so has cerebral palsy quad. fine them so that they would remember next time they go to park no parking do to someone sitting in the vehicle waiting on mom.
they do have the disabled plate that i pay for.
parking in between two cars in two spots so there are three cars.
my son has a severe brain injury.I am his caretaker tow lack of.
t12, l1 spinal cord injury they should be fined, as is now only that is not available sometimes
spinal cord injury ticketed  
post-polio syndeome (pps)    
sci hefty fines, impound vehical for 30 days mandatory #1. People who park in the space provided for a wheelchair lift or ramp.
psoratic arthritis, end stage liver failure car should be towed just not enough some places
functional quadraplegic in ca there is a stiff fine, so this is rarely a problem usually there is not enough spaces.
husbands-spinal injury give large fine,getting large each time till jail time is needed. spaces not large enough for pick-up my husband can drive.
quad fined none
spinal cord injury - paraplegic fine them heavily and if done more than once, take license away. have no room up let my lift down. If i do find a place, people park on the double yellow lines next to my van.
t1 para there is wording in the goergia law books that allow a police department to give people the ability to write tickets ........ the worst one is when i park my van and then someone pulls in and parks over the white lines
spinal cord injury fines large enough to have an impact on future decision to park in unauthorized spaces. not enough of it
arthritis ticketed or towed  
osteogenesis imperfecta high fines punitive charges for repeat offenders no snow and ice removal, shopping carts left in spaces, construction equipment in spaces, spaces too narrow
sci heavily fined and towed i have more problems with individuals with placecards who are not disabled
spinal cord injury a fine of at least $1,000 for the first offense. 3/4 Of the money to go back to the handicap communtiy. not enough handicap parking spaces. People parked in spaces without placards.
incomplete quadriplegic police should do their job better in this area. park and someone pulls to close and i have wait for them to move.
mental health tow and ticket not enough spaces, target, maumee movie theaters, walmart(bowling green)
spinal cord injury cars should be towed at owners expense and owners should be fined.  
parapalegic ticketed  
weakness and little stamina   not enough of it. Not close enough.
i was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and the arnold chiari malformation type ii they should have their cars taken away from them and somehow be watched to make sure they don't have some other car for a week.

they should have to totally live their life as if they had a disability and try to get around in their community for a week.
i have had to go very long distances to get into a building because of no available handicapped parking. I had to have my vehicle moved when leaving someplace because somebody parked in a space they weren't supposed to right next to me.
spinal cord injury they should have violators towed. inadequate space for operation of lift and navigation of powerchair. Many businesses have otherwise very well designed spots, which they mainly use as a loading dock, shopping cart return area, or as a space for trash bins.
spinal nerve damage they should lose their license to drive for 6 months and do 300 hours of community service working with pwd who need mobility access parking. non mobility pwd users with placards or plates. Illegally parked vehicles, vehicle blocking accessible paths, not enough or incorrectly marked hc spots, police not enforcing violations, having to avoid being hit by other vehicles using only accessible paths after parking, or paths not ada code to buildings.
t-11 paraplegic fines and/or tow the car not enough handicapped spaces
spastic diplegic cp max fine the first time and sixty day liscense loss the second. losing a space to an obviously ab person or to any person who can walk.
sci huge fines  
mine is ms, hubby is amputee. Both wheelchair users. hefty fines, demerit points on license for starters. other cars sharing same spot! Non handicap users taking up spots, spot covered for store promotions (i.E. Garden centers in spring). Not enough or no spots at all.
i have a genetic disorder which causes me to have multople disabilities. i think they should be fined to say the least and made to spend a day in a wheelchair and made to do everything from that wheelchair all day. trouble finding one that isnt taken, seems like everyone has a handicapped placard nowadays.

people parking too close to or on the stripes that are made for vans that have lifts.
sci tow them away! can't get inot garages!
t4 para massive fines strictly inforced. Proceeds go to spinal cord injury research  
c5/6 spinal cord injury just enforce existing fines at a hospital, visiting a friend 20-25 cars were parked in handicap spaces. I complained to a police officer inside and she just turned and walked away. Incidents like this are fairly common. No one enforces the handicaped parking laws.
sci they should be severely finded, $500.00 First offense, and that money should go to better access in that town/city. elderly misuse, illegal use, lack of adaquate spots, spots often uised as a cart storage area or not properly plowed after snow.
confined to a walker due to spinal chord injury fined and towed non handicapped people using a family members placard. Spaces too distant from building entrance.
post polio & sci fine of 500.00$  
cva first fine $5,000 and add $10,000 each time afterward and seize vehical. used have side lift, blocked. Rear lift blocked by motorcyle being parked.
sci larger fine not enough wide spaces for lift
quad. Sci fined  
c3-4 quadriplegia strap them in a wheelchair for a day  
m.S. towed away not wide enough drop zone
paraplegic fined,and towed not enough spots
paraplegic reinforce its handicapped parking and pay a big fine the spaces are not wide enough, they park too close to me, in the winter their not cleared off very well
spinal cord injury maximum fines, community service, require them to use wheelchair for a period of time to see what its like businesses not in compliance, too few spaces,
spinal cord injury they should be fined people parking in front of ramps or not enough space next to the parking space. Also people parking next to me and i can't get to my lift.
spinal cord injury should be subject to travel without their car for an appropriate time finding it
t-5 para fine and/or tow individuals using placards that obviously do not need them. Also, individuals with placards that park in the cross-hatch area between handicapped spaces.
sci kill them lazy fuckers who borrow grannys hc placard and park in a hc spot then get out of the car and run to class
quad fine them and make thim set in a wheelchair for a few days mainly spaces not wind enough for lift/others parking where the lift extends out epecially motorcycles
spinal cord injury very large fine, and tow their car. More patrols to catch people. no handicapped parking for a specific store, people parking illegally (with no permit)and just not enough spots
sci paraplegia citation and tow 1) when someone parks so close to me that i can't open my door far enough to get my wheelchair in position to transfer into my car so that i have to ask a passerby to back my car up for me. 2) The inability to find a space because they are all taken by cars with "borrowed" placards or with a disability that may not be significant enough to qualify for a permit but was issued one anyway because an md didn't want to say no.

3) related to # 1, people that park in a lined off adjacent area thinking its legal.
spondloythesis increase the fine to more money. parking spaces are usually taken up
quad car impoundment i feel people who can jump out of their car and run into the store shouldn't be given cards. Too easy for people to obtain, the criteria should be be strict.
paraplegia i think their cars should be towed and they should pay a $1,000.00 Fine alot of them are not wide enough to put the ramp out.
spinal cord injury ticketed and fined denined parking
paraplegia, due to spinal cord tumor ticketed and towed too many people with valid placards/tags. Abuse of placards/tags by other non-disabled family members.
car accident large fines and license restrictions not enough spaces available; spaces not large enough for chair lift
knees and ankle injuries from military cars impounded on the spot and fined, people setting in their cars and refusing to move as they are "waiting for someone to come out"
c7 complete heavy fines not putting my sticker out and recieving a ticket
spinal cord injury from tumor fined heavily people parking or otherwise blocking the lift area (blocked off area)so i either cannot park in the place or leave (must find someone to move my van for me so i can use lift to get in), some areas not having wide enough spots for vans with lifts, those using spots when the person doesn't appear to be handicapped, or handicapped person stays in vehicle and ab person goes in
paraplegic be placed on a state-wide list, '3-strikes' puts them on some-kind-of dmv probation. people use it for 'temporary' parking... Just running in for a minute, sometimes leave the engine running. People with 'questionable' mobility problems. Many senior citizens who are much healthier and active than previous generations.
tumor on spinal column ,removed, lumbar area still damaged from fall,use a walker or cane. towed or a hefty fine. seems there are more of us now, spots too small as people complain parked next to. Door hitting car.
my disability is neuromuscular fined $250 to $500 and community service i have had people park a vehicle on the stripped off access aisle, a motorcycle has been parked on the access aisle, people with no disability plates or placard using disability parking, a lot of people use disability parking as a space to wait for others who "just run in to get one thing" or to wait for people they are picking up or just to run in someplace...Etc., Etc., Etc.
also, van accessible parking being put in with a small access aisle (3 to 5 feet wide instead of 8 feet). I have even seen regular disability-marked parking with no access aisle or with 2 to 3 feet wide an access aisle.
c5 quad warned the first time, second time costly ticket people parking to close
failed lower back surgical syndrome, dorsal column stimulator implanted to manage pain. My sciatic nerve root was damaged during hemilaminectomy and diskectomy surgery. As a result my sciatic nerve root was "shaved" to remove disk material that had adhered and began to grow. Now the scarring of the nerve causes severe pain all the time. In addition to pain there is partial numbness of my left foot which causes my gait to be extremely antalgic and my balance is as if i was walking on a narrow blade. There is also neuropathy with radiculopathy in the foot as though it were being burned with hot coals. i think their cars should be towed and donated to the state and sold to raise money for projects that ease the burden of handicapped persons. at one particular "7-11" store, the handicapped space is much further away from the entrance than the regular spaces. Where i work there are several handicapped persons working there but there is only one handicapped parking space. When i asked about it i was told that the company was only "allowed" to have one space!
parapaegic, no use of legs at the very least a fine, points on license, anything to hurt their pride and wallets because that is what they do to me. obese people using handicapped plakards. Old parking lots with small parking places. Parking lots that have the cuts in their walkways in front of handicapped spots (ie. When parked in handicapped place cut in sidewalk is unexseccible ) etc....
tkr and back, neck disk problems fined big time, no warnings mostly not enough handicap places per size of parking lot, especially local schools
qudroplegic they should be towed away the parking space is often to short
i had a brain injury and am in a manuel chair......My parents get really frustrated..When people use the parking and no sticker.//////Or lic. Plates stick big old orange card on their windshield not enough.Especially wal mart....K mart and mervyns
sci, car accident hefty fine all spots taken
spinal cord injury at t2-t3 parapalegic higher or stricter fines and someone loking out at the parking spots with tickets every 15 minutes people who do not need the parking who have the stickers, and people without stickers parking in our spots
legally blind, kidney disease, cauda equina syndrome(lumbar sci) cars should be impounded, owner should be fined and license should be suspended handicapped parking placed on a hill,
police officers who think it is funny that a handicapped person might need to actually use a handicapped parking place while a non-handicapped person is parked there(and claims that they were told by a doctor that they can park there because they sprained their back two or more years ago yet have no handicapped parking placard.
non-handicapped person who starts yelling at me for daring to be handicapped and get all the good parking places.
paraplegia due to meningoencephalitis they should be fined a substantial ($500) and do community service somewhere they can see how difficult truly handicapped people live. My favorite idea, although i know it will never happen is to use botox to paralyze their legs for a couple months so they can get a small idea what it is like to be unable to walk. people love to park or leave their carts on the diagonal lines that are for wheelchair lifts. Also i've seen many people use someone else's placard for a closer parking place.
spinal cord injury to get them to know the difficulties of disable person, it needs to make them disabled person. the width of paking space is so narrow that i can't park my car. Because i can't through the narrow space with broader wheelchair.
sci if the people were actually ticketed, it would probably be a deterrannt, but many times cars are never ticketed. the largest problem is people who have the placards, park in the spaces, and then run into the store, building, etc. Essentially, there are too many people with disabled parking placards who aren't actually disabled.
paraplegic huge fine - $300 people using placards who, in my opinion, don't appear to need them
quad make them handicapped rude people,
boxing me in so side doors will not open
multiple sclerosis duct tape them to my bumper for a day people using a friends placard. People borrowing cards to sue to get a better spot. People with the "7th inning cure" (you see them running to the lot from a ball park. I always attribute this to a cure that was given during the 7th inning stretch
back injury and heart problems limiting my walking any distance have there car confiscated rude teenagers taking the loading space between spots and deleivery trucks blocking cars out/in.
t-12 shattered, rib used as a doner, snowmobile accident 3 1/2 years ago heavly fined, areas should be partroled i live in alaska, snow and ice make it impossible in winter (9 months per year) to puch chair without assistant, can not go places alone, parking spots not cleard in winter, people using grandma's vehicle with handicapped plates have told me they are running erronds for a handicapped person so it is ok to park there, alaska does not have enough spots,they are not cleared in winter, and the police will not follow through on anyone using a place illegally, in alaska handicapped parking is a joke. Even at the hospital on the keni peninsula
spinal stenosis fine/tow i use wheeled walker and ride on it sometimes
sci t-12, l-1 paraplegic due to mva 1984 enforcement of the law people who aren't disabled parking in the spaces, spaces designed to be van accessible aren't large enough to accomodate side lift, everyone is eligible for a placard or disabled plate. Disbled/non-disabled persons who use the parking spaces to "wait" for another person who is in a store shopping
ms larger fine $500 or more, points on license. Repeat offenders & commercial vehicles should have fines doubled.  
spinal cord injury severe fines- repeated offenders should lose license or get jail time other drivers illegally using spaces. Others parking to close to open my doors fully or entend van lift when i had a van
spinal cord injury, paralyzed from waist down. heavier fines. there is either not enough spaces or someone parked there with no tag.
t11 severed chord from bone fragments makes sure there is no hand controls in car, or if they forgot to put the tag up.If they r illegally parked maked them cut my grass and weed my landscaping for about 10 years, and beat them with a cane pole. people who park in handicap but walk all over super walmart for 3 hours - waz up wit dat????????
my ex husband spinal cord injury give them a warning first time next time a hefty ticket not enough space to let lift out- people without placard or tags sit in car for someone
someone else to run in the store
anxiety panic attacks. Lumbarlamenctomey l5/6 second back injury they should recieve warning, or a ticket i am not yet able to park in handicap spaces
spinal cord injury, c-6 fine's and revoke license for repeat offenders space too small, or not enough spaces
sci stiffer fines and more enforcement! being blocked in or out of my van because a vehicle is parked too close
spinal cord injury i think placards should be eliminated and only handicap car tags be allowed this wont solve the problem in whole but will curb it a little, persons who have to drive other people due to there disability should drop them off at the entrance of were there going and then park or if we keep the placard may be it should bear the picture of the disabled person,and the persons who abuse the placards should get the same fine as if they did not have one on there auto at all and these incidences should be enforced and taken seriously by the police. 1. People parking in them with out proper or no handicap tag or placard
2. Businesses think they can just paint a regular space blue and call it assessable and it realy is not.
3.Van assesable should be just that vans only.
4.Businesses should be more take a more active role in keeping those space for the handicap available for those persons, and have the cars ticketed who park in them without proper tag or placard.
quadriplegic fine them the designated fine. obese and elderly using lift only spots.
spinal cord injury fine placed far away to accomidate people in chairs when i can walk but distance is hard
ms ticketed have to park far wawy from the store
quadreplegic from surgery complications;original diagnosis spina bifida spinal deformity $120 dollar fee/and or letter explaining parking rules/regulation & incovience it causes able bodied persons park into a clearly designated area for those in a wheelchair...Or an individual's own vehicle is over the lines & into the next parling slot.
sci - paraplegic towed away and fined cars, trucks,suv's everything other than a van with a lift parking in the van accessible spaces
t12 incomplete sci tow the cars and make them pay the fine plus towing to get the car back. i have been stuck, where someone parks on the white lines next to my van and not been able to leave a place for hours... I have also had to skip going to stores because i had no place to park and didn't want to chance parking in a regular spot, only to get locked out of my van...
walking they should be ticketed and towed away no placecards, often see a driver waiting for some one when they go into the store even thoe they have a placecard. There should "no standing"
t12 incomplete spinal cord injury current florida law varies between municipalities. The max is $250. Raise it to $500. availability of spaces. Not enough. Those using the spaces appear 'normal'. E.G. Borrowing parents/grand parents vehicle.
paraplegic parking fine. people who assume they're handicapped after their fiftieth birthday.
spinal bifida with complications from surgeries done wrong very stiff fines too many people with placards, too few spaces that are wide enough for my chair to be unloaded on the side of the van
walking difficulty due to spinal stenosis. car should be towed at owner's expense and points on their license. not enough disability parking available.
i have several severe problems, asthmatic with distant breathing problems, joint desinagration, back problems effecting walking, seizures from lymes disease,chronic pain disorder nedding me to be on very high doses of pain medication for 5 years, cartiledge desinigration in hips back and knees. they should have their cars towed immediately, and spent the night in jail, or maybe they should have to be placed in a wheelchair and have to live as we do for 1 week and try to do what we have to from that position. Then try to get in and out of a vehicle without useing their legs and try to do it from a non handicapped space. Let these inconsiderate jerks see how we have it for once. Since they want to park in handicapped zone then let them see what it is really like to be handicapped. When i go in to a school or a store and say there is someone in the reserved space without id they look at me like well what do you want me to do. (Well i want them to enforce the laws and get involved)  
spinal cord injury fine or tow car away cars parked in van accessible spot or no blue lines to unload
cerebral pasly    
spinal cord injury loss of license people illegally parking in the access striping
rheaumatoid arthritis fines, after second offense, some type of awareness class paid by the offender.  
spinal cord injury from a fall. they should be towed, and fined hard not being able to get a lift accessable lane,
having no place to park, the parking surface
is at a very steep incline, and people parking
over the lane line
cp in a wheelchair,can't walk i think the laws and fines should be inforced. I think that it should carry a higher fine when getting in and out of the van we need at least eight feet on the side to get the ramp up and down and still have enough space to drive off the ramp. Most w/c accessible spaces aren't wide enough, so we either have to find a spot on the end of an aisle or park way far away
incompolete spinal injury ticket first time (with the requirement that the owner appear in person to pay the fine), tow second time, i would love to say crush the vehicle after the 3rd time. people useing someone elses plates or getting the plates without a real need. Also people parking on the lines between the spaces.
spinal cord injury fixed fine lack of allocated space
spinal bifida..So use crutches i thought they were fined.....But in maryland..To get a parking tag..You must be whote, fat or old....And hanicap person must prove they are handicap...Took me two years..Cause i was just pissed i was told i was walking on crutches all my life for fun. had one put in frount of my house..And everyone takes it..Cause they want to. Cops do nothing.
  the should be given tickets  
spinal cord    
spinal cord injury should be towed away immediately...Or store owners should be able to issue parking tickets (for no less than $100) spots too small for side lift
both feet amputated it depends. My wife and care giver uses the hc pkg. She is not hc but has trouble walking. But we know that people that buy hc plaquards... And are in no way hc. I think the expiration should every year. Even with at permanent disability as mine. Is it that the dr's give these out too easily? I have the licence plates. not enough hc pkg. Not enough van accessible hc pkg. Space not long enough to accomodate my van and lift in space it extens in to driving lane.
multiple scerosis at least get a ticket, or towed not always the most convenient spot
paraplegia held up to public ridicule. not enough. Spaces too narrow.
cant walk brake their necks people that can have run in the store have a pass
rbk [amputee] boot the wheel or tow handicapped spots in the back of the lot
cyst on my spine developed in 1988 and never bothered me till 3 years ago. I use a cane and my car to get around. one should be able to write down the plate number and report them. Taking a picture of the car and having the police send them a $200.00 Ticket! i just had a yelling match with a healthy woman that parked in a spot. After i asked if she had a hc plate or card, she said no. I asked her to move her car in a sincere tone. She did not, so i decided to give her hell. I embarrassed her in front of many people at a shopping mall. Reported it to the mall security and local police.
spinal cord injury severe fines to start. $500 - $1000 Which increases for each violation. Revocation of driving priveledges for a period of 6 mos - 1 year, increasing for each succesive violation. Violators should be required to give community service to disabled organizations. They should also be forced to take out adds in newspapers explaining why they parked in the handicapped space. limited number of spaces. Non handicapped persons abusing the parking permits. This is extremeely common.
unable to walk long distances more enforcement and tougher penalties spaces filled with unauthorized persons using another persons cards.
spinal cord injury impose very large fine and have them donate money to spinal cord injury assocation or rehab hospital people not paying attention to the notice that van has a ramp; park too close; spaces taken by people who clearly are not handicapped.
head injury
spinal cord injury
if they are handicapped they should become informed about the placards. If they are not handicapped they should be fined. not being able to get through to the handicapped walkway because a car has it blocked. No parking spot.
2 strokes - right side left very weak. stake them out on an ant hill and leave them there. handicapped spaces are farther to door of building than regular parking spaces. People without handicapped placards park in these spaces. Not enough spaces in some parking lots, such as the large dept. Stores or shopping malls.
left leg paralysis, due to spinal cord injury. Have to use a walker all the time. in california there is a $250 fine, when caught. I am in favor of risking blocking their exit with my car exhibiting my handicapped placard not near enough to entrance of a facility.
ms much higher fines!
compulsory community service.
these spaces are basically used by folks who are a little older who are fine! It is used by people (who have admitted to me) use family members placards. And in this era when everyone has "victim" status, they feel they deserve a special parking space if they sprained their ankle in a minor skiing fall. It is an utterly disgusting situation.
paraplegia fines not enough space
3 brain operations during the last one i suffered a stroketrying to find out how i can geta wheelchair i need help walking everywhere.Sometimes my friend takes me to the store and if there aren't any avaiable scooters i have to go back in the car and wait while someone else does my job i don't like to depend on other people to help me because they always have an excuse not to i need to be independant.R raise the fees! i sometimes have to walk across the entire parking lot. I know i can be picked up and dropped off in front of the store but the problem always comes before or afterpeople see i'm disabled and they don't care,either i or my friend who is taking me to the store get yelled at,for being picked up right at the curb.
i have lung disease and aids, it is hard to breathe and cannot walk long distances w/o feeling as though i will pass out tow there car and give them a $500.00 Ticket!! peoe parked in places that r reserved, then whe tey see me sitting in myu car waziting (sometimes for more that anhour) they say, oh sorry, i was only in there a minute
t8 para i cant say in public getting there a someone as just parked and is not disabled using the spot of a handicaped person.
i am a quadraplegic. i think they should be fined and given community service helping somebody with a disability. since i have a side-lift, i need extra space to get on & off the lift. Many times the access space is either too small or somebody parks in it.
spina bifida fined inadequate spaces, unusual quantity of users
spinal cord injury i think they should be towed. often there is not enough room for the lift.
multiple sclerosis the fines should be raised and inforced! not enough spots or spots taken up by people who has no card or plates for handicap
paralyzed fined their not always in the best location and occasionally there is someone in the handicapped parking that doesn't need the parking spot.
amputee and ms stiffer fines  
spinal cord injury they should be fined having to find a place to park so that i could get my chair out.
paraplegic they should be heavly fined not enough parking
c6 quadraplegic large fine...$100 in my area (fl) the problem is not people without placards...It is that too many people appear to have placards who should not. I see people all the time with placards and no apparent disability (certainly no mobility problems).
sci receive a very large fine - make proceeds go to finding a cure ramps on the other end of parking lot, parking spot on very steep incline, someone parked in it.
spinal cord injury,but i dont use wheelchair yet. i think they should be fined big time or have ther cars towed away. people without handicap srickers parking
fibromyalgia/arthritis/bursitis a fine should apply and towing of their car  
paraplegic ticketed or towed spaces too narrow and not enough room for my ramp in some spaces
loss of muscular control resulting from motor vehicle collision loss of driving priveliges,1 yr 1rst offense, 5 yr 2nd offence,permanent 3rd time nothing unusual just non placarded vehicles in the spaces
mobility challenged   there is rarely a place to park, not matter where i go or the handicapped parking is placed the farthest away from the entry door.
quadraplegic big fines / towing
narrow spaces sloped spaces "waiters" people in cars waiting to pick up someone
quadrapelegia towed and/or fined people (handicapped and not) park in the white lines. When i come out of the store, i cannot get my lift down. Try paging someone at a mall...I have sat for hours waiting for the owners to move their vehicles.
sci towed  
spinal cord injury    
sci tow there cars carts put in the space
sci ticket  
i have multiple sclerosis i think they should receive much higher fines. The additional monies can go to law enforcement, os that maybe they will take illegally parked (in handicapped spaces) vehicles more seriously. healthy people using a handicapped relatives placard.
handicapped parking spaces located a greater distance from an entrance, than normal parking spaces. It seems that too many places assume that all handicapped people are in wheelchairs. The ramps are a distance from the entrance of a building, causing a problem for those of us who still walk, but with difficulty. And, because i have multiple sclerosis, and heat has a very adverse effect on people with ms, spending more time on a hot asphalt parking lot than should be necessary, exacerebates the ms.
businesses not required to have signs, either on the wall of a building, or a pole to make the handicapped parking spaces more visible. In my community, the police will not ticket a vehicle illegally parked, if there is no sign on other than the painted pavement designating the handicapped parking spot. The theory is that an individual can claim they didn't see the sign, if it is only on the pavement. They can claim the paint was faded, light or lack of it may make it difficult to see, or in winter, the snow could be covering the parking lot, making the designated parking spaces difficult to differentiate from other spaces.
cerebral palsy from birh and seizure condition beginning at 10 years of age. be highly fined and their vehicles impounded. The fines collected should go into some kind of fund that would benefit the disabled community in that area. people who seemingly are not disabled using these spaces, not enough to serve our individual needs and having to use 2 normal spaces to meet my access needs.
para hung ups trucks parking their to delivery package
c4 complete towed and fined trouble finding spaces large enough to unload from my van.
perfectly able bodied people with placards using the handicapped spaces.
c/p use wheelchair...But able to be independent & self-reliant have the cars empounded, serve jail time for 2 days, and made to pay a stiff find on the spot. So they will think twice before they park in a handicap spot again. there are many times i am forced to park a good distance away from where i am to be, or i am forced to have to park at the bottom of a hill and have to roll my chair up the fucking hill to get to the building, or i am forced to have to park at the curb...Of which then i get a parking ticket... All cause walkers feel they want the parking place that was meant for drivers like me.
i have poly peripheal neuropathy i have constant pain in feet no feeling have them ticketed with points put on there lcence people dont park correctly
t-7 para + lupus heavy fine (at least 500) and/or handicapped sensitivity class not enough spaces based on total # of spaces. Access aisles too narrow (not van accessible). Cars parking too close or over line of parking space (i need every inch to get lift out-4 inches into my space makes the space useless for me.
spinal cord ticketed, with additional 15% on cost of normal fine
not enough parking places and people with placards and plates with very good mobility using them for their personal convienance
quad cars towed, how about those people who have placards because they are over weight or left over from a broken leg spot is two small for my lift to go down or the car with a placard but the person is able bodied has taken the van spot
spinal cord injury public service working with paralyzed people. handicapped parking spaces that are two small, too few parking spaces for the parking lot. People who are not handicapped using handicapped placards.
spinal cord injury (complete t-4) $500.00 Ticket and, if after more then 2 violations a suspension, up to i year your driving privliges of your drivers license. cars parking within the hashed mark adjacent to van accessible spots.
people feeling it's okay because they aren't staying long (like a teller machine).
spina bifida with paralysis from knees down severe fines having to push through a busy parking lot where my safety is compromised
t-2 sci incomplete the abuse i see that runs prevalent in columbus oh. Is the misuse of placards. 80% Of the people using it are teenagers to mid 30's with no apparent comprimise that either run, jog, or liesurely walk into the stores. people pulling in tight to my driver's side door, following my exit, then i have to wait for their return in order to gain entry
parapelegic t0 be clamped and fined and money go to disabled charity bays to small and high kerbs to get out of disabled area bays on a hill
partially paralyzed the fines should be raised and parking enforced. Or vehicles towed. i have a wheelchair lift and when i want to park there is someone parked half way on the cross hatchings or when i come back to my vehicle, another handicapped person is parked on the cross hatching and i can't get into my vehicle. I approch the person they say the reason they parked there was because their parking space isn't wide enough.
sci i walk with a walker and use a manual chair and a scooter tow or put a boot on the car, increase the fine amount to one that is meaningful. cars with placards parking in hp parking spots, but the person in the car is not disabled. They are clearly using someone elses hang tag.
sci fine and/or tow 1. Other individuals with placards parking between cars in the 'hash mark area'
2. Individuals without any visible signs of mobility impairment parking 'with placard' in spaces.
paralysis they should receive a ticket and be explained the importance of handicap parking. It's not just so we can get the best spots. For people in wheelchairs it's because the spots are bigger so we can get our chairs out without hitting someone elses door. my major problem is seeing people who do have a handicap sign or plate for other family members who are disabled, but use the parking when they are alone. 75 % Of the time i see perfectly healthy people take up the spots.
incomplete qudf fined and towed alot on hills
spinal cord injury have their car towed and ticketed people who use handicapped parking that are not disabled or use someone elses just to park for free or closes; also when i come out of a stroe and someone has parked in the striped marked aisle and i cannot get into my car
c6 quad- diving accident strictly enforced parking fines always full
fibromyalgia and sjogren's syndrome/ need wheelchair but can't aford tow car or have a security guard to ask why person parked there and explain the difficulties of disabled persons not being able to shop there, thus needing to leave...Fine to make more handicapped places and pay security  
t12 incompleate sometimes i will be with a friend and not have my placard with me and have to park without it, but with that said i feel that the fine should be around 500.00 To a 1000.00 Dollars, if there is a handicapped person parked without there placard then fine them and have them have to go and get the fine removed. seeing people using placards that do not have a handicap or people that might have needed one at some point but are fully functional now and still uses them, this upsets me more than people that park in stalls with no disability as you cannot fine them and it happens more often than not.
para it's not that people dont have placards, it's that doctors give them to people that don't need them. They can park in other spaces but i can't get my chair out without extra space. mostly old people and others that are able bodied have stickers and don't need them, and i drive around and around and sometimes never get a place to park, where as they could park anywhere. I can't as i need the room to get my chair out.
t-10 paraplegic ticketed and towed. none wheelchair users using handicapped parking...Legitimately
t-12 paraplegia fines and manatory community service when the weather is bad i seem to have a harder time finding a parking space. Also if i happen to be somewhere where parking is limited.
sci impound their vehicles for first offense, revoke driver's license for 6 moonths for a second ooffense small cars taking van accessible spots, preventing use of wheelchair lift
c-7-8 quad fined my van requires a 96x96 and many times i find people parking in them when the 96x48 is all they need, but use the large ones instead
spinal cord injury fine them $500 dollars not enough
traumatic brain injury i think they should recieve parking tickets. spaces not being big enough and just not being able to find a handicap space.
paraplegia a heavy fine...Strictly enforced. Maybe even give part of the enforcement to the disabled themselves...Because i know the cops have worse things (in their mind) to worry about. wal-mart never has enough handicapped parking spots. Lowe's on the other hand is great. Walmart should take note. Usually people park on the sides of handicapped spots where there is not a spaced marked. This prevents me from being able to open my door wide enough to enter my car.
paraplegic fine spaces too narrow
tramatic sci heavy fines, including vehicle impoundment and community service related to those with sci  
sci due to ms fine them a regular car parking in a van accessible parking spot even when other handicapped spaces are available
spinal cord can't express it properly all what i need is to be able to open my door all the way
bad knees,backpain,fibromyglia i think give them a ticket i've not had my sticker long
advanced spinal stenosis stiffer fines, people who habitually park in a handicap space w/o a placard should have their driver's license temporarily revoked. access ramps are often blocked or there are no ramps up to the sidewalk. Lack of properly marked handicap parking in many apartment complexes (prevents police from being able to enforce handicap parking violations) and again lack of access ramps to such things as pool and mailboxes.
c6/7 quad ticket them no van accessable parking or insufficient ammount
sci fine and car towed abuse by non-disabled; cars park too close in spaces-can't get wheelchair out;
incomplete quad due to spinalcord injury a ticket every now and then would be nice,the police do not seem to care. never being able to park at the store,sporting events,concerts,school
sci tow em!  
cerebal palsy a mild case i can walk give them tickets and save the licnese plate. If they do it a gain in the same place have their car fiend and towed away peole parked in the striped off area of the blue box of the handicapped parking spot.
c6-7 spinal cord injury suspension of license unauthorised use of a handicap placard by able-bodied
sci big fines- more patrol so they get caught not enough van accessable parking
spinal cord injury, in wheel-chair. Have been for 61 years. receive substantial fines. not being able to get my lift out because small cars park in van spaces.
paraplegic towed in a parking lot with no handicapped parking i needed to park at an end spot to accomadate my lift, and while crossing the parking lot was hit by a car backing up. This resulted in surgery on my shouler, 3 months of not being able to use my right arm, and perment damage to my range of motion.
    able bodied people using their relatives parking permit when the handicapped person isn't present.
stroke heart desease ticketed can not find one
arthritic/heart strict enforcement of penalties already on the books abuse of a handicapped zone by an individual(with card) who uses the zone for vehicle storage
paralyzed from waist down they should be fined that it should be parking places for van only w/lifts. Alot of times you can't find a parking place that you can get the lift down.
my father suffers from blindness. I am his driver. more frequent patrolling of these areas, stiffer penalties. it seems that placards are very easy to get. They need to stiffen the restictions. Also, i often see non-handicapped people using placards and taking the spaces, something i would never do if my handicapped father wasn't with me. There should be penalties for that as well. I can understand how lack of spaces could be a huge problem for a person with a chair lift. At least if all the hc spaces are taken, i have the opportunity to weave my father through the parking lot (still a dangerous feat and one that undermines his independence).
paraplegic offenders should be fined. cars park too close to car for handicaped person to open door for entry, over diagonal lines desiginated for handicap slot, also park over ramps
spinal cord injury on site security should be able to ticket so there is not a long delay for pd it seems that a lot of people who appear not to need placards are getting them for things like having a cast etc.. Causing people who do need the parking to find them full.
paraplegia there cars should be towed the biggest problem i believe is that the people designing the stripping do not understand what the layouts should be to get the most efficient use of space for the owners as well as the users of the space. The other is to educate all the people who use handicap parking legally, why there is a difference in the stipping and the width of some areas. One of the most frustrating things there is is to have all the val accessible spot filled with cars or vans with no lifts and then you have to go find two stalls that are vacant and use them to make sure you can get back into your vehicle. The other is non-hnadicapped people using placards belonging to someone else so they can park in a handicapped area.
para let the handicap people write the offender a ticket someone parks to close to you; so you can not deploy the ramp.
cerebral palsy heavier fine just because i am young and limp, does not mean i need the bad looks and questioned why i am using it
spinal cord injury they should be fined more than the current rate and the threat of being towed should be followed through! people parking in van accessible spots and they have cars. Parking in disabled parking w/o a placard. Or people parking in accessible areas and 'waiting' for the person or lraving the disabled person in the car. Often i'll see able bodied people using a placard that doesn't belong to them.
parapalegic sci i think they should be made to pay a fine and i think they should have to do community service with a disabled person and see what we have to go threw not enough, people who are not handicapped are using other peoples placards for example there mothers or grandmothers
para large fine first time, loss of license next time.. Week, month, 2months etc even with a sign on door asking for 7 ft i often get blocked in by folks parking right next to my van...Even when spot is lined off as handicapped parking
spinal cord injured paraplegic using wheelchair towing and or manditory fines. Or public floggings. i see many people with placards or license plates that are obviously not handicapped psrking in handicapped areas when the handicapped person is not with them ie; kids using grannys placard to get a closer parking space at the mall.
my child age 15 has spina bifida,and scoliosis i think they should be fined atleast 150 dollars the first time and then arrested any other time not enough space to let the lift down without her going out into traffic.
not enough handicap spaces available.
people that are to lazy to walk using the spaces when they don't need them.
and belive it or not some parents with handicap children using the spaces when the child is not with them.
quadraplegic stiffer fines no parking available, or people using a vehicle with placard but the person with the disability is not present and still they use the restricted parking
t-5 sci - skiing   other disabled people: people who have disabled placards/license plates but do not use a wheelchair and feel it is ok for them to park in the yellow lined spaces between the handicapped parking spaces. Not realizing some people need these spots not to be closer to the entrance, but so we can open our doors completely to get our chairs out!
the spots are bigger for a reason, and the reason is not so 2 cars fit into the spots. We need to be able to open the doors completely! (Or in some cases fit a ramp)
i was injured during cervical spine surgery and the doctor cut my spinal cord. I was told i would never walk again but i have worked very hard and can walk with a cane for short periods of time. the problem is nobody is enforcing these parking laws so people continue to abuse it. The fines are sufficient but they should have triple offenders work with a handicap organization for a minimum of 2 days so they can see how hard it is to be handicapped. people leave grocery or shopping carts in the space. Some spaces are not to code in size or location.
ha,ha,ha :)
pay a big price
not enough space, not enough parking spots
i walk with a kafo and crutches allow disabled people, after training, to issue parking tickets. Violations should have a substantial fine penalty. the biggest problem i see is nondisabled people using the parking places. Many places do not have enough handicapped parking places.
sinal cord injury mandatory jail time not nearly enough van access spaces
ceberal palsy tow/fine/jailtime non handicapped persons using them
central spinal cord injury   when attending large social events-never enough spots available
arachnoiditis should be fined handicapped spaces are not close enough to businesses or shops
quadriparesis leave them a nasty note then call the police with thier license #.

in wa. State there is a $250 fine, but it is rarely enforced.
people parking in the stripped loading area blocking the doors of my van
paraplegia towed away. everywhere i go people who can walk have the handicapped parking placards and use the handicapped spaces.
paraplegic ticket the hanicap parking is to far from the door. Parking is on the side of the building with no light. People that is waiting for someone that sits in the care for someone in the store.
spinal cord injury educated as to the need not convience rude actions and words when asking a person not to use space if without legal document
spinal cord injury burn in hell. And have car towed. van spots are all taken up by cars that do not need the extra room.
t4 paraplegia tow vehicle and monetary fine people using spaces that appear to have no disability but have a placard
sci c1-2 fined by call to police alert and embarrased people have stolen my handicap card from my vehicle. Not enough spaces oe too far from the door.
spinal cord injury towing and fees, tickets or put them in a wheelchair for a short time. unavailability is the major one or being occupied
paraplegia make the fine 500.00 Or better. people park in the spaces and you can't use them.
spinal cord injury people who spot them should have a place to report the violation the only problem i have really come across is that handicapped spots are sometimes the same size as regular parking spots. I think that it is more inportant to have a few spots that have a wide span, than ten of them in a row...Empty...Which causes non-handicapped people to become angry and disgruntled at handicapped persons.
i also think it would nice if these spaces could be used for elderly people too.
spinal cord injury fine them or let them do community work w/ a handicapped person. either there isn't a place to park that is enough room for the wheelchair or it is in an inconvient place (sometimes they are at the back or end of the business or the ramp isn't feasible.
i am a l1 complete. Paraplegic. they should get a very stiff fine and the fine turned over to the handicapped community for use in making things more accessible. people not parking properly. Making it hard for me to get in and out of the car.
spinal cord injury ticket/fine them not enough space to open ramp
spinal injury given tickets not close enough.
paraplegic cars should be immediately hauled off. what some store owner's believe are "handicap" parking are not to code. Not enough handicap parking in parking lots. People just sitting in their cars in the handicap spots
spinal cord injury the should receive a ticket from the police some spaces are at the back of the buildings
sci fine them people parking illegle
spinal cord injury. Left leg amp. Below the knee. it is not enforced enough in fl. not enough and those that have the placards and shouldn't.
t3-t5 fines and ticketing should be enforced parking in the blue striped area so can't get out of car
spinal key there cars moterbikes and cars blocking the lift
spinal cord injury have car towed,ticket & fine 1st time , 100.00, 2Nd time fine 300.00 & Loss of license for 3 months. people leave shoping carts in parking space, nonhandicapped people parking there. At banks armorad money trucks blocking 2 to 3 handicapped spaces,
spinal cord injury.... steeper fines...........Possible jail time... people that don't "appear" to have a physical disability, people using a family members placard
c4-7 break. Spinal cord damage fined heavily. i have gotten spit at, yelled at and cursed for parking in h/c. I am not wheel chair bound, however i have difficulty walking. People have pulled in front of me to park, even though they have no placard
t-10 para incomplete fines should be at least $500 and if they go to court it should not be lowered or wiped clean no room to get my chair out
42 year old with cerebral palsy; my husband has spina bifida sticker stuck on thier windshield to obstruct thier view to make them really aware of what they have done; community service in the form of 'spending a day using a wheelchair; tickets whose payable fines go directly towards the disabled community besides able-bodied persons using them.....They seem to be the place where the snow is piled after being plowed
spinal cord injury which causes problems using my legs and walking distances. shoot them. Not really but they should be towed and given very heavy fines. companies advertising their product using the spaces for booths, vehicles, etc. Complaints to the owner of the companies were laughed at and i was told that it wasn't a big deal.
severe rhumatoid arthritis cars should be towed not enough parking spaces, shopping carts left in handiappedspaces,people making comments to me becausei don't look disabled.
have arthritis throughout my entire being. Have spina bifida but not severe so that it threatens my life. Have problems walking long distance. i think that if this person has a history of it, they should tow the vehicle and impound it and then put a huge fine on them and if they continue, let them sit in jail. Also, maybe community service to help the handicap and drive them around. not enough parking spaces, too far from the stores, people without placards or tags parking in them. Got a ticket once for it myself even though i have handicap licence tags.
  cars towed & fined  
rsd, limited mobility sometimes in wheelchair, spent 2 1/2 years in one. Now on walker. fine them $1,000 for the first offence and take their licence if they do not attend a special class given by people with disabilities so they can become aware of how difficult it is. It may even be appropriate to put them in a wheelchair and let them see how difficult it is to get around or out of a car that does not have enough room to get the wheelchair out. people parking there and leaving the flashers on, as if that is a substitue for a hangtag. Also, wal-mart here, provides hanicapped parking but it is besides the curb, not good!
rsd/crps, fibromylasia, nerve damage be towed away immedately cars without handicap stickers, some stores only have one or two spaces available
spinal cord injury, c-5 they have the placards but walk amazingly well walk amazingly well and have complete documentation
bilateral total failure of femoral replacement arthroplasty put them in wheelchairs for a month everyone over the age of fifty five has one--their grandchildrebn are using them
i'm paralyzed they should be ticketed, fined, towed, and have to work with someone who has a handicap so that they will know why those parking spaces are marked handicaped. i have trouble finding a place to park and have to park farther away, when i get up to where the spots are someone will pull in who does not have a handicap. That happens way to often.
spinal cord depravation of enough blood during an opperation caused some nerve damage. $500.00 Fine and take the license plates off the vehicle for one year. not enough room for side door ramps, not enough handicapped spaces at some facilities. A building supplies place may have too many while a hospital rehab facility may have too few.
sci fined  
quadraplegic caned,no something like a big fine and time learning about dissabilities well i have even put down the lift and getting out and people with pull right up and i can't turn my chair and get out and there all walking people and look at me like i am crazy that happens alot
anoxic brain injury with spinal cord injury due to lack of oxygen. they should have a hefty fine. More than currently required. i think the biggest problem is that anyone can get a parking placard. It is too easy to obtain one.

complete paraplegic
fined heavily most spaces taken by ambulatory eldery. There should be several spots (depending on size of facility) reserved

most spaces taken by ambulatory elderly.

spinal cord injury tow, huge fine, sensitivity training there are not enough spots wide enough for a lift to come down and be able to exit the vehicle.
blood on my brainstem.Spent two years in a chair. ticket & public work with people who are in a chair. i was given a ticket in calfornia when i had a pass. Because he thought i didnt look disabled.I only walked like i was drunk. I left before the court date,but i know im messed up.
c-6 quad fine them 250.00$ cars park to close
sci hit them in the wallet and have the car towed away many people use their parents or grandparents hang tag just go park in a close to the building space
spinal surgery on c3 c4 c5 c6 c7 and t1 bigger fines to small of space
spinal injury be killed space not wide enough, people that may be handicapped but have no need to really use the space (like no wheel chair or visable injury) or they are just old ect.Find a space only to have someone who is in less need to beat me to it only to jump out and walk away while i drive around more to find a space
spinocerebellarataxia wear leg braces forfoot drop, use cane, have a tremor the fine should be much higher. Police
on patrol should be vigilant.
covered w/snow; not as close as it could be; not enough of them
i am in a wheelchair do to a stroke about nine years ago they should fine at least 25oo and jail time in clude their is enough parking spaces at all
c 4-5 quadriplegic, complete they should be heavily fined. not enough handicapped parking spaces, inconvenient locations, too narrow*
i am in a wheelchair with the use of my upper body the should be put through a situation where they have to get around in a wheelchair and there is no place to park the side lift needs that extra space that is provided and people have parked there. There is not enough room for the lift to come down in some spaces. There are just not enough space with van accessibility.
chronic myofacial pain (neuropathy) education. Community service to handicapped in addition to fines. not enough spaces, especially outside medical complexes. Handicapped ppl parking in the hatched////aisles near disabled parking spaces. Spaces too far from elevators (not everyone has wheels.)Parking is located across busy drive areas (hearing impaired etc. At greater risk.
spinal injusry - cervical myelopathy live 1 week with limitations - weights on ankles/cane; wheelchair etc. not enough of it; placard easy to get; used without person in the car.
cerebral palsy they should get a hefty ticket couldn't park vechile and had to park farther away from a building
post-polio syndrom tar and feather them !! Lol but seriously, increase penalties. just not enough of them. Usually occupied by other legitimate users.
sci large fine, towing for repeated violations  
polio survivor who uses lofstran crutches for mobility due to lower body weakness and muscle deterioration their vehicles should be towed, and the fines should be significant - minimum $200.00 main problem is people without placards using the spaces, and having total disregard for those who do need the spaces. Ex: i confronted someone who was parked in a handicap space without displaying a placard and admonished him for using the space. His response: "so what".
  get tickets with big fines...Like $1,000.00!!!! i have found that the handicapped parking areas are often not as close as the others!!! Why don't they put them in front of the stores, or by the doors???
m d ticketed and towed 3 cars parking in the 2 van-accessible spaces. Sometimes ramp is very far away from parking spaces.
paraplegic should be fined alot of people w/o any visible handicap hop out of their vehicles and walk briskly to the store (alot have placards) there should be wheelchair only spaces; another problem is shopping carts are left in handicap parking areas
spinal cord injury - paraplegic fine them severely not enough space to let lift out of van; no van parking.
broken neck have a ticketed citation and immediately tow the car with no warning. i've had cars who have double parked in a handicap parking, most of the time they just don't have parking permits.
husband has a c-5/6 spinal cord injury a huge fine however, if the person really did need the spot (as in person with legitimate disability travelling in a borrowed vehicle and did not have placard, it should be dismissed). fewer problems than most people - my husband wisely chose a van with a rear lift. We have a standing joke that we "leave the accessible space for someone with a real handicap - a side lift van!". It is terrible that in an age of informed choice that the manufacturers are promoting side lift vans as the end all! Why can't they install legal jump seats along the insides of full size vans so sci folks with active lives can park and have guests ride legally in their vehicles??
spina bifida towed not enough space on the sides to load my wheelchair
back injury,legs won't support weight talk to them and educate them. Find out why they used the space.Are they handicaped but don't or won't have a handicap card. narrow spaces,i once left the hospital after 10 days in traction and a spinal tap and various other tests on my way home [by myself] i had to stop for pain meds and got chewed out by the r/x store mgr. For using a handicap space,several were available. I still had on the hospital bracelet but unfortunately not a placecard for my car. The hosp couldn't give me pain meds and let me drive home and rightfully so. Yes i still shop there,but i feel we were both wrong.
i have a spinal cord injury due to a "mistake" during surgery--the surgeon nicked my cord!! massive fines and impound of vehicle and permit! In my state, there is not a method of searching a database for the owner of the permit. Therefore, if someone elsa uses it or it is stolen, there is no way of knowing this info. This permit has a number on it that should be tracked by our dmv!! no parking, someone parking in access lane, people parking in space with permit--but permit is for a family member.
paraplegic 1st offense; towed and stiff fines
2nd offense; revoke drivers license and forfeit vehicle.
at walmart's especially, i have watched a family of 4 park, put up placard and race each other to the front door. To many doctors are signing off on disabled statements for temporary ailments.
spinal cord injury fined and ticketed along with tow aways for repeat offenders not enough spaces
paraplegia pay a fine doctors are issuing placards to people that do not qualify under state statue
i was hit by a drunk driver in 1991 and amoung other injury's spinal cord and paralasis. communitie service working with the disabled...Lol not enough space's for as many who are hadicapped.
transverse myelitis i think they should be fined. we find just cars or vans without lifts parked in the spot we should be able to use.
sci resulting in quadraplegia they should be ticketed. the only marked accessible parking is directly in front of the access ramp.
broken back that invaded spinal cord ticket them and require that they attend class and "temporarily" be "handicapped" and try to do things for yourself spaces occupied....And in louisiana it seems that 80 percent of the african population has handicap priviledge
spinal cord and brain injury i know this unrealistic but i would like to see them have to function a full day on a wheelchair. They would have to go to work, shopping, bathroom, etc all from a wheelchair. It would change the attitude immensely. Sort of like wearing another's shoes in a sense. the handicap parking not large enough for a side entry van. Having the spot large enough but someone parks in the spot that is intended for the lift to go down in so that you cannot enter your own vehicle. Not enough parking spots because older people need handicap parking also when the hearts start to get weak. There needs to be enough for all. People should not feel like they can use the spot just because the car has a tag or card if the disabled person is not with them. I see alot of that. People think at christmas they can borrow a parents card so they will not have to walk so far. If one is able to walk it is great exercise and a chance to thank god that you are still able to.
quadriplegic fined & towed people parking in van accessible spots that donít need the extra space that an wheelchair lift equipped van needs to open and deploy the lift.
spinal stenosis,herniated discs both in lumber region ticketed or towed people making comments
para s.C.I. $500 fine and a month in a chair people who are not handicapped and who have a placard
spinal cord injury get tickets but the police do not care cant find a place to park my van
it is my mother and she is a stroke/cardia patient. Your survey did not have a place for caregiver of adult. the police should watch better and ticket them. people parking in the marked off spaces. We need that space for the wheelchair access. Police do not ticket cars with placards that park in the marked off spaces.
spinal cord injury given stiffer penalties  
spinal cord injury. they should be towed or given a fine! people either park in the van acessible area, or in a handicap parking spot, without a placard.
spinal cord injury-paraplegia fine them or make them do community service related to needs of people in wheelchairs. people parking in the lined spaces between two handicap parking spaces. I have to wait until they return so i can get my ramp down.
quadriplegic they should be fined, not warned not enough space to get off the lift from the van
t10 complete, paralysis from the waist down car impounded doctors have given everyone medical notes so they can get a handicap sticker
quadraplegic ticketed with a stiff fine cars parked in van accesible spots
mobility impairment, in severe pain, take morphine twice a day more fines for violaters & more spaces for the disabled non disabled parking in the disabled spots. I cannot walk very far, have had to not enter a business due to this problem
c5 sci ticketed  
spinal cord injury it obviously doesn't deter people with the threat of being fined or towed, so i think something more eye-opening should be done in addition to being fined. Such as being forced to perform community service for handicapped people. usually there are not enough van-accessible parking spots or people without vans are parked in them. Also, too many people that can walk are given temporary placards. The problem is that if you have a van with a lift, you are limited to parking only in the places that have wide enough spots. Another big problem is people parking in the crossed lines between handicap spots.
i was paralyzed in 1989, but the paralysis was incomplete and i am walking but have limited mobility, gait disturbances and a neurogenic bladder with incontinence. well, since there doesn't really seem to be anyone patrolling these parking places, perhaps that's all that is required-- if people thought someone might catch them, they might be less likely to park in reserved places. But recently i see a lot of people who appear to have no disability except for maybe a weight problem, and yet they have placards... I don't mean to presume that these people aren't entitled to park there because i realize that they may have a disability that isn't obvious. But lately the reserved places at a lot of stores are completely full and i have to park somewhere else. If that's the case, then having reserved spaces kind of defeats the purpose. (see above)
i have also seen parking lotss where the reserved spaces are actually farther away than the others. Paradoxically, goodwill was one of the shops where i found this to be true.
paraplegia heavy fine - community service - spend day or two in chair ramp space not sufficient or encroached by neighboring car - all spaces occupied.
parapelegic ticketed and fined at a local mall a man in a truck towing a boat was parked across 3 handicapped spaces. I watched as mall security drove by without stopping.
t-10 spinal cord injury complete inforced heavy fine and if not paid they lose their license to drive persons using someone elses placard--parking with no disabled tag or placard--and parking illegaly between two handicap vehicles on the lines---the biggest problem is tickets being issued and enforced !!!!!
para large fine  
spinal cord injury heavier fines not enough or none at all.
sci we should be allowed to flatten their tires, then they'll understand what it will be like to be handicapped for a brief moment. the idiot parking lot designers put the open area for side chairlift on the wrong side of the van.
c5-6 sci post 28 years heavy fines legal abusers
spinal cord injury inforce the current laws. people park to close to my minivan and block my access to the van. Some accessible spots are not wide enough.
spinal cord injury they should be fined and also given community service. Such as working with the disabled/physically challenged. Maybe then they will realize that something as "small" as using a handicap spot makes a huge difference in someone else's daily life. no space to exit and enter the vehicle while transfering in/out of chair. Mainly others using the spcae who are not handicap. Also alot of times there will be only one or two designated parking spaces when there are alot more then just one or two handipcapped citizens.
broken neck expensive tickets, 3 stikes and you loose your auto.. people park too close.
i have weak ankles. My ankles also turn. Have bilateral foot and ankle braces that was prescribed by a general doctor and a foot and ankle brace specialist doctor. I am forced to used a store wheel chair or store electric cart when i am shopping.

i think that it should be a federal law that for the first time offense, they should be accessed a $1,000 fine! In the state that i live in, they are accessed a $500 fine . But i think it is only on the third offense, that they are accessed a $500 fine. I think also think that it should be a federal law that their cars should also be towed and impounded on the first offense and the owner be responsible for the towing charges! there are too few handicapped spots at some locations and stores. I have also found cars without handicapped parking tags parked in handicapped parking spots!
c-6 spinal cord injury complete we should take down the tag # and have the car towed and a fine should be applied. i,ve had to park in non handicapped parking and then come out of the store and couldn't get back in the van.
degenerative disk disease & arthrittis tickets which have to be paid, driver safety course could not remove from record, as it is not a "moving violation". Records should be kept by social security number, so no matter how many times you move, the record stays the same. It would also allow states, counties or cities to garnish tax refunds or pay for unpaid fines. My 14 y/o son suggests having the car towed away at owners expense. i have even confronted a doctor who was "just running in for a couple of items" during a time at which i was confined to a wheelchair. Some people think if they are only going in for milk and bread at the grocery store, they can park there because they "won't be but just a minute". My 83 y/o grandmother is afraid one of these days someone is going to shoot me because i do confront the inconsiderate jerks, while her and her walker are slowly moving accross the parking lot.
my fiance is a quadriplegic. theyre car should be impounded and theyre license should have points put against them. people aprking there because "theyre just running in for a second", the space is blocked by grocery shopping carts and people just aprk ther cause theyre too lazy to walk and are inconsiderate.
my husband has a c4-5 spinal cord injury towed and higher fines and more enforcement of these situations not enough, or because of the side lift on our van not enough space to let the lift down and for my husband to get off the lift.
tbi and sci(t4) 1st time a ticket then tow the vehicle.If they like the convience of accessible parking they need to experience the inconvenience they inflict on others. not being able to aopen and use my lift. Waiting in a mall until a driver comes out and moves his car or motorcycle because they parked in the space provided for the lift.
also having to wheel in between cars when i had to park in regular parking.
spinal cord injury ticket and tow them there are too few van accessible parking spots and they are often taken by small cars without wheelchair lifts.
spinal cored injury get a good hefty fine !! you often wonder just how handicapped that 20 year old who got out of the car and ran into the store ? Do these doctors hand out handicapped stickers like candy ? Why aren't there polic officers patrolling these areas more ? Or make it the store owners responsibility to check out these spots in front of their stores !
paraplegic rather than being fined, they should be required to spend a day themselves in a manual wheelchair with their activities monitored to make certain they are aware of what someone required to used a wheelchair confronts each day. have been required to find two spaces in parking lot to accomodate opening the car door and transferring to wheelchair.
transverse myelitis they should be fined an outragious amount of money people parking in van acessable spots that don't need them. Even with hc placards
severe orthopedic injury they should be fined $1000 and haved there vehicle towed. They should also have to pay towing and storage charges. If thir stupid enough to do it a second time, they should have their liecense suspended for 90 days. 90 More days for each subsequent offense. in california there are many disabled drivers and not enough disabled spaces.
result from lifeguarding injury -- spinal cord injury car should be towed or they should be ticketed highly not enough room for lift to come down so i can't get out or in van
spinabifida get ticketed tight space
t 4-5 para. jail time there are not enough
c6 quad (sci) to each thier own always taken
sci c-6 incomplete fine not enough spaces
spinal cord injury ticketed and towed cars parked in access aisle between handicapped spaces
spinal cord injury large fines people with questionable disabilities occupying all the spaces
quad fined too few due to too many folks with temp parking passes
spinal cord injury   cannot find free handicap parking space. Handicap placecards are issued/borrowed or over used by those who do no need it. If you say anything to people who do not need handicap parking they are rude. If you complain the owners of the parking lot do not want to get involved.
some handicap spots are not wide enough to accomidate extended ramps plus room for wheelchair to unload.
sci enforcement of the laws lack of caring from enforcement officials
spinal cord injurie. they should be shot on sight or be run over by my wheelchair. none
not handicapped,just a person with a disability! (Sci) get with the correct lingo wheel over their toes seniors with placards parking on the accessible ladder
paraplegic larger fines/community service  
sci definitely ticketed and towed at their cost. when wanting to go to a store, the handicap parking is a ways away. For instance, a mall strip of stores there is one curb cut for the whole row of stores.

no curb cuts by handicap parking so you have to wheel in the parking lot with traffic to enter the store.

no striped zone, so not enough room to get chair in and out of car.

not enough handicap parking.
sci fines had to park in the rear of the lot. Late for appointments.
parapledgia place a really big fine($) on them can't find a close park
spinal cord injury, t9 level high fines (above $600) or if they do it repeatedly put them in jail. there was no parking spot many times so i wasn't able to enjoy the services of that business. Or if i found a spot there wasnot enough room to put my ramp down. If i decided to park in an angle occupying 2 spots than the public got angry with me.
c5 quad fines --with no excuses no van accessible spots ---people park right next to you so you cant use your lift
cannppt walk 10 feet. Use a cane. Bent over. lol... Put them in wheelchairs... not many as i need. I swicted from one grocerystore because it ws so very hard to find one.All the time.
work injury towed and fined people park to close
spinal leg and neck injuries from rta fined not enough room to get out or wheelchair out
pps they should be towed immediately an pay a heavy fine to get it back. police refusing to give tickets and if pressed they tell the person how to get out of paying for it. Vehicles parked in the access area and not being able to get into vehicle when you get ready to leave. People wising permits that aren't theirs. People with permits parking in handicapped spots while someone that isn't disabled goes in to shop. Lack of proper marking of handicapped parking spots.
parapalegic ticketed with substantial fine and /or tow vehicle missing college classes. Being blocked in when cars are parked in hash marks for ramps. Unable to go to various shopping centers.
sci quadriplegic if they are not disabled tow them away if they are disabled let them get a permit no room to raise or lower lift in certain parking places
spinal cord injury. Paraplegic. there are laws to prevnet this situation. However it is rarely enforced. the majority of the violators are senior citizens who feel they have certain priviledges when they reach a certain age.
spinal cord steep fine would be nice, but probably not effective...Maybe do daily cares for a disabled person so they can see why the space is needed...Although some handicapped stickered persons do not need them either...Its a convenience the main reason i chose a rear lift was so that i could park anywhere...But handicapped wheelchair accessiable spaces are needed more...
quadriplegia big fine able bodied people parked there. Not enough room to get out of car.
t5 spinal cord injury ( you should use the word disabled vs. Handicap. Many find the word handicap insulting). they should have to pay high fines. Maybe they should attend sensitivity training seminars. because people violate sometimes i am unable to get into my car because people park to close to me. Sometimes i simply can't go somewhere because there are no spots!
spinal cord injury tow them away people parking in stripes, constantly
paralyzed from the waist down there is only so much you can do, and if the fines arent working, i don't know, maybe have more people enforcing them more often too little handicap spots, always full
multiple sclerosis cars should be towed and owners fined people w/o placards parking in designated spaces, too little or no handicapped parking available
spinal cord tumor cancer, removed, drop foot and extreme pain chronic they should be fined people park too close to the handicap parking and i can't get out of the car unless the door is all the way open
spinal cord injury tow them away! life opens from the side..So if i don't get the outside end space, someone parks next to me and i can't get out.
spinal cord injury tow and large fine people park in the "dead zone" since they do not believe or understand that it is a handicapped parking space. 2) People who have placards that don't need them
paraplegic should be given parking tickets spaces are not wide enough at times
spinal cord injury large fine  
t4-5 para fine them $1000 and impound their vehicle for a week people abusing placards... By using someone elses placard...
sci fine and community service with a disability organization lack of hnadicapped parking location; handicapped parking location don't have an access aisle and/or proper width, people leaving carts on the access aisle; people having a handicapped parking permit that don't have a legitimate disability
sci tow at grocery, people leave shopping carts at the handicap parking
sci fine them, points on record , although many regular parking places are vacant, and are equally close to the store entrance as are disabled places, i frequently witness holders of permits use the disabled spot, leaving none available for a chair bound individual
tetraplegia fined,doubling for further offences, the placard holder should be warned first time for allowing misuse and then disqualified from holding placard for a further offence, if they are truly disabled they will know the importance of the concession and should ensure proper use of the placard supermarket cash machines located to close to disabled bays,everybody thinks it is ok to stop for a "minute" blocking bays, perfectly fit people useing the placard to do their grannys shopping,and of course placard holders themselves,sitting in the car in a disabled bay whilst there fit spouse go's shopping.
injury heavy fines ,points off licence, stickers on car they can't get off,saying (iwas punished for parking illegally in a handicap spot) too narrow, cars will park beside you even with no parking signs. At times the ramp up the curb is infront of the spot so i can't get on side walk when my own vehichle is in the way. Snow banks
broken back fined people park to close can not get back in
post-polio the fine needs to be increased not enough room on sides to not finding any
c-7 sci parking fines should be assessed. Now it seeems they are just ignored. the biggest problem is people leaving shopping carts or parkingin the hatch marked areas, so a lift cannot be used.
parplegic fined and towed too few and many people who really don't need those spots get them
spinal cord injury i think that the scurity officers or even the local police should ticket and fine violators. I know that the police department are busy with other priorities we should think of starting a new division that agressivley tickets violators. could not find any or they are not properly marked. People without placecards parking in them. Also people parking in the stiped area and then i am not able to get back in my car.
my husband is permanent disabled with ms and can't walk. He uses a motorized scooter and a van with hand controls there should be more patrolling to catch these people and they should be ticketed i quite frequently see vehicles with handicapped parking placards drop the handicapped person off at the door and then the driver goes and parks in a handicapped spot and stays there until the person is finished and then they pick them up at the door. They don't need to park in a handicapped spot for this!!
sci sentenced to 1 day in a wheelchair people parking too close
quad ticketed- on hills, not large enough,people putting grocery carts in spaces.
my sci is due to an acute episode of transverse myelitis(tm). Tm is a neurological syndrome that affects the spinal cord. It is an uncommon event that occurs in 3-4 people per million every year. It is similar to ms except in the progression. Tm is normally a one time occurance and has a 33% chance of full recovery. For more info www.Myelitis.Org they should be made to sit in a heavy manual wheelchair and have to push themselves for 3 blocks to get a feeling of how difficult it is for those of us who are disabled. the problems include not having ramps close to parking, limited width of parking space, limited # of disabled spaces and not having enough room to unload on the side of the van.
sci--c7 community service as a care giver not enough van accessable
partial paraplegia the biggest problem is the large number of people who have placards, with no visible need of them. many people, even with placards, park in the unloading zone.
quadrapalegia fine them... mostly w/ people parking too close in spaces clearly marked for a lift
sci high fines 1st offense, public service & fine 2nd, license suspension & fine after cars with no id, vehicles parking on stripped zones, curb cuts placed at front of vehicle space, inadequate snow removal, accessible spaces used for snow piles, shopping baskets left in spaces
paraplegic heavy fine people walking out of a business with nothing apparently wrong, exept they are dieing to light up a cigarette.
paralysis ? none
spina bifida    
paralyzed-------paraplegic w/c2 damage should be fined. people w/o disabled plates or cards, people who park half-way where my ramp comes down.
spina cord injury should have car towed parking is not properly signed, and with a little snow the pavement marking is covered. Also being blocked from the side. Cars are parked on the end, adding a space on the end of a row, thus blocking the side lift. Handycaped cars park on the access lane between parking spaces.
spinal cord injury high fines & car impounded  
failed back syndrome tow &fine unauthorized use
sci @ c4 severely fined people with cars (no wheelchair) parking in van accessible areas.
sci high fines - tickets cars parked in "van" accessible spots. Not enough room for ramp to go down between the parking spaces.
paraplegia community service mandatory 60 days almost every person who has a placard does not appear disabled and they get out of their cars w/ease.
paraplegia, spinal cord injury current laws must be enforced, either by local police or a contracted enforment company have been unable to enter van because another vehicle parked too close. Some handicaps do not require the space for departing/entering vehicles. Folks who are wheel chair dependent need addition parking space to load/unload.
par tow & fine space for lift on wrong side
paraplygic 1 - tow their cars. 2 - Increase the amount of fines now imposed. not enough spaces available.
paralyzed from surgery on spine heavy fine  
sci-quadraplegia increase their car insurance after a certain # of fines. misuse of placards(using relatives etc.),Not enough room to exit or enter my van, parking on yellow lines
spinal cord injury enforce the rules concerning handicapped spaces by giving individuals that are not handicapped stiffer punishments such as higher fines. as a handicapped individual i have trouble finding handicapped spaces because individuals that are not handicapped park in these spaces. As a result i have to park in regular parking, sometimes taking up two spaces to allow my lift to come down.
paraplegic fine and points assessed (3-points) everyone seems to now have a plackard now. The public does not undersdtand the safety issues involved. Non-disabled use of plackards.
quadriplegia towed and fined  
sci, mg increase fines illegal placards
spinal cord persistant warnings people park in the stripped area
spinal cord injury hefty ticket fines never any parking available;
quadriplegic   1. We are not always able to find a handicap spot that accommodates a side entrance ramp. 2. On occassion we have been in parking areas that do no have curb access to the sidewalk or building.
sci $500.00 Fine minimum people are given placards way too easily, people who don't need them.
complete spinal cord injury they should be ticketed. I've forgotten to put mine up a few times, so caution should be used with towing. A ticket can be paid, but a wheelchair dependant person who forgot to put up their sign would be pretty sad to find their car gone. main gripe is people with placards, who have no apparent disability-jogging up to the store, carrying loads out, etc. They either obtained thru false pretenses, or are using one that belongs to someone else, or the person with the handicap may be waiting in the car, in which case a regular spot should be used. Or, their disability whatever it is does not impair their mobility at all, and therefore should not warrant a placard. The most frustrating is not people with no placard, but those who get around just fine using the placard to get the last spot, when i have to park a half block away and manually wheel myself while someone is trotting up to the store from the wheelchair parking spot.
l/back and neck injury increase the fines...Then take thier drivers / lic. After warnings mostly non-handicapped cars parked in the stalls
spinal cord injury fined kids using their grandparent's parking permits
i had 2 vertebrae fractures due to an auto accident where i was the passenger. i feel that their cars should be fined or towed. none really
sci it should be a very harsh ticket. everyone these days can get a placard. The biggest problem is to many caregivers or people who arent really disabled, but have a placard parking in the spaces we need to get out. I need the extra space to jump out of the car into a chair.
spinal cord injury, ambulatory with cane cars should be towed. No prior warnings. finding available spaces. Rude people who have no sticker.
spinal cord they should be required to live in a chair for a day and see how they can get around most times i just park someplace and make due.
t12 incomplete spinal cord injury-paraplegia cars should be towed, and persons should be given huge fines usually there just aren't enough handicapped spots. The people parked in them usually do have the placards, there are just more handicapped people than the facilities realize, or are willing to accomodate.
paraplegic enormous fines. never enough. Not wide enough. Bad locations.
  stiff fines, reprimands and lockups  
tripledgic serious finds small, harzarous parking space
spinal cord injury bigger fines never enough parking spaces allways full
spinal cord injury a large enough fine to discourage (>$100) most problems are with people using someone else's placard
quadriplegic towed away people park too close to be able to deploy wheelchair lift
upper & lower back a large fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!! local small stores
paraplegic they should be required to spend at least 2 days in a wheelchair and also required to navigate their community visiting areas that require them to find accessible parking. Hopefully this will make more people aware of how important that "handicap" spot is to someone who can no longer just jump out of his/her vehicile at any old spot. our area is a cold weather state, and the most common problems are snow removal from curb cuts and access ramps and uneven curb cuts and sidewalks.
spinal cord injury 1st offense-fine, 2nd offense-license suspension availability,acess to buildings is inadequate
becker muscular dystrophy they should be fined and/or thrown into jail. i haven't been able to find spaces,sometimes non at all.
copd oxygen 4.5 L 24/7 same as dui. too far from entrance; used by elitist yuppies
dont have one i think they should be ticketed or towed. If they dont have a tag, handicap lisence, or sticker..They really have no right to be in that spot. There are plenty of other parking spots for non-disabled people. people with out a handicap identification parking in the handicap parking space.
paraplegia ticket/tow too many people with handicapped placards who do not use wheelchairs..What the hell is handicapped anymore??? Furthermore, why do their placards have wheelchair symbols? For too many of them it is more a matter of convienence than necessity.......
spinal cord injury overnite in jail seldom open
quadriplegic they should be towed & heavily fined. people park on the access aisle. They pull in a disabled spot to wait for someone for "just a minute."
born with disability spina bifida cars should be impounded not enough space to get my chair out of my car
paralyzed left side due to stroke,can't walk    
sci loss of license, community service people say i didn't know that's what that area was for. (Ramp/lift area)
spinal cord surgery have their vehicles towed. There should also be more officers that check vehicles for tags/plates a couple of weeks ago, i wanted to go to a small venue concert, and the closest parking was more than a block away. Also, last year i went to a retail outlet for a job interview and there was no ramp onto the sidewalk, or even a handicap parking space in the lot.
lymphedema in legs large fines and community service. Also for those who use others placards in order to park close. some of it is further away, which may be ok at times for wheelchairs but not for those with problems walking
artificial limb    
c 7 spinal cord there car should be keyed and then towed seen car with no handicap tags taking up 2 handcap spots
sci towed no room for lift
limited standing tolerance 1-1 1/2 hrs / day 1st offence $250; 2nd offence $500; 3rd offense suspend license 30 day poor law enforcement - it's assigned a "low priority"
polio residue effects - walk on crutches and a long leg brace, have difficulties walking long distances. the car should be towed from the spot immediately - this is a form of improper parking at best - at worse it could be a security threat as handicapped parking spots are often close to buildings spots in the wrong locations. Spots should be always near the entrance to the building.
i have spina bifida a hefty fine for first time offenders and possible jail time for 2nd time offenders and for repeat offenders jail time and community service working with handicap people people taking the spaces just because they are lazy and inconsiderate
t4/5 paraplegic have the current laws enforced. none available, design flaw (not enough room set aside to open car door all the way open, cars parked between handicapped stalls.
paraplegia more severe fine or punishment not enough handicapped parking spaces. Many of the cars have permits, but the public facilities
do not have but 3-4 spaces reserved.
quad license suspension, then counseling. i just get dirty looks at me, when i give them a look or gesture.
arachnoiditis, need cane to walk towed immediately if you have a nice car and are younger people don't look to see if your are handicapped, and embarrass you. Often they speak before they look,i have a mercedes and am 44 and i get a lot of comments because i don't look disabled immediately, even with the cane.
sci heavy fine/community service/tow vehicle worst of all are individuals with hc placards that park in the cross hatch area between two parking spaces. Individuals using placards that obviously do not need them.
cronic fatique syndrom due to failed back surgery make the fine so huge they won't dare park in handicapped spaces none really, other than there might not be enough spaces to handle the needs of the handicapped
sci-incomplete causing me to walk with an aid (cane, crutches) tow their vehicles i have been in cities where there are specific spots laid out but not on every street. I had classes in a building without any parking available so i parked in a spot for permit holders and i was towed twice. I have had up to 1500 over the last 3 years in parking tickets.
polio as a child. Limited mobility with braces and crutches. Use wheelchair/scooter most of the time. increase fines. parking spaces taken by those who do not need the extra area to get in and out of the vehicle. Since i have wheels it is not necessary that i park close but that i have the room to get in and out of the car. If someone is parked right up to the door i have to wait for them the come back and move the car or try to get in my car from another door. Often impossible.
spinal cord injury fined people staying in their vehicles;agencies' drivers using vehicles without disabled
0 fined and jail time people who have hanicapped passes and walk just fine to the store or wherever they are going.
i am a stroke victim and i am blind. i think a mail-in traffic violation should be issued. other than shortages, i have found none.
spinal cord injury major fine-loss of plates on 2nd offense competing with non-disabled for spaces, other parking too close to drivers door blocking ingress and egress. Those with permits who are not disabled
spinal cord towed and fined people park on diagonal lined section preventing lift from deploying.
hp placards r too numerous and abused.
can't find any open hp spots at prime places, ie. Mall, movies, hospital
spinal bifida with complications heavy fines it seems these days everyone has a placard. I think they are too easy to get. Also walmart has put in parallel parking spots for vans but they are usually occupied by two cars parked straight in.
spinal cord injury l1-l3 tow their car away with a larger fine people park to close tomy car so i can't get to my car.
spinal cord injury ae the least fine them heavely snow and ice in them, not enough room, people parking to close and can't get to car door
para towing & fine space to small, and people all the time park in the extra space to get out of your car if there is one.
chronic nerve damage in the l-4 through s-1 area due to other back surgeries they should have a heavy fine and points put on their lic. Just as if they were speeding. parking spaces in the back of buss. Instead of up front near doorway
para just like most laws, they are not enforced. Authorities should simply enforce the parking regulations........ insufficient room for the side lift and an area to exit the lift with my wheelchair.
muscular dystrophy criminal misdemeanor spaces not striped to code. Access aisles too narrow. Hc cars parking up too few "van accessible" spots. E need "van only" spots. Too many people with hc parking privileges who do not really need them.
incomplete paraplegia stiff fines - strictly enforced parking too close to my car and i am unable to open my door far enough to get into my car. People sometimes create their own parking spot next to me when there is really no spot available. There is often not enough handicapped parking spots available when i go to malls, etc. I live in an area where it snows a lot and there are times when the handicap spots are not cleared of the snow/slush and i have alrady become stuck with my wheelchair.
parpalgic they should given high fines not enough spaces for a side exiting van
a neurological disorder caused by a bacterial infection---it is called guillain-barre syndrome they should be fined a hefty fee people that are handicapped sometimes are unable to find a spot and park in a spot next to the handicapped spot that is not a designated spot not allowing for the passage of a wheelchair
quadriplegic $5,000 fine - no exceptions no room to get in and out of vehicle
sci prompt response from law enforcement and heavy fines to repeat offenders the most common we have encountered are the cars parking in the crosshatch space so my daughtr cannot get into the car because there is no room for her wheelchair. The next most common are nonplacard vehicles parking in handicapped space "just picking up a family member", or the family parking in the handicapped spot and sending an able bodied member into the store or fast food restaraunt, and all of the spots are filled. Then we have to park far away in a non handicapped spot just to be sure that my daughter can get back into the car when we come out. The last most comon that we have encountered are the family members without their handicapped relative using the placard just because they want easy parking.
chronic back pain syndrome strapped to the bumper then flogged none really
spinal injury car should be towed and impounded for 3 days motorcycles parking on the side of hp parking making it hard to open door full also snow being piled up in where hp parking spot are
pariligic they should be towed away, or at least be fined more than $100.00. having to park 5 lots over from the door and in the 12th slot
paraplegic fined 1000 dollars////2nd time jail people parking to close ////
c p arrest /proscution/community service with disabled community. none in my community
i have ms they should be confined to a wheel chair for a month and see what it is like. people park to close and block those with wheel chairs in or out of their car. At stores the cart holders that are outside get put or pushed into the handicap parking area.
spinal cord injury large fine i don't find the parking without a placard so much the problem as doctors giving placards out for minor things.
care giver of a disabled son in a wheelchair ticket them  
blunt trauma to the temple towed and sent to a class like defensive driving has before they can drive again not enough spaces, obstacles in the way i.E. High curb w/out ramp, uneven or broken side-walks or surfaces
paraplegic, spinal cord injury a large fine and/or tow the vehicle a long way from the building i was going to. Narrow spots, no room for the wheelchair. People using it for cart storage.
complete paraplegic. Suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident. a fine and given information on why it is important not to use the space if they do not need it. the two biggest problems i have encountered are people obtaining plates or placards that don't really need them. I can never get a handicapped parking space next to a sports stadium as a result of people using a disabled friend's placard when they do not need it. I've also seen people park in the striped off area that is used for unloading wheelchairs. I could not get back into my car as a result of a car illegally parked in the striped area.
very bad back make them stand there all day to direct traffic so that people without hang tags will not park there. i have been attacked, i have had people try a run me over, verbal fights.
incomplete c-7 spinal cord injury i think the $250 fine is good enough but it isn't enforced near enough the biggest problem i have had is people parking in the access area placards or no placards
spinal injury c6-7 stonger fines no empty spaces due to people with hangers running to get out of the rain etc.
t5/6 complete paraplegia tow away at the owner's expense able bodied people parking in disabled parking and i have to threaten to call the cops before they'll move
sci tow & fine, fine, fine anybody and there brother can get a hang tag these days.
t-12 para car impounded and fines persons parking in the blue checked areas next to the area and blocking my exit from my car.
accedent be confinded to a wheelchair = ) (hahaha). Given community service its not really accessible. Being close dosen't make it accessible
spinal stenosis l4 with fusion l4 through s1 with adhesive arachnoiditis and rsd and c5/c6/c7 bone spurs with heart condition. Spinal cord injury at c5/c6/c7 autonomic dysreflexia situations. clamp on front of vehicle so can not move until being towed away and forfeit vehicle to who catches the violator so send vehicle to charity of sci disabled person. Vehicle goes to pva for sales of vehicle to benefit pva. people coming right up into my face argumenting angrily to me how they have a worse condition when they walk towards me just fine.
osteoarthritis in knees tow their cars and fine them isn't closest parking to my workplace(that goe to management). Have to navigate cracks and curbs and speed bumps.
spinalcord injuries comunity service it seems that family members or friends of handicap people use their handicaped parking permit (hangs off of mirror. Manny manny times i see people with no handicap (and at times i've asked them)use the handicap permit while others who truely need the space wait or get dropped off by their drivers. Illegal use of the permit is what also bothers me.
there are two of us in this house hold who are handi capped. One with a wheel chair one with a cane, very difficult to walk. i think that they should be tickeded. Also i would like to be able to ticket them myself. We should have something that can be put on their windshield and another portion to send to the law enforcement. no open spaces due to un heandi capped, especially in bad weather, when it is hardest for me.I also have problems with the ramps, people drop off their family memebers and stay right there in front of the ramp with their cars.
w c pay fine none
sci points off license even people with a placard don't know how to mpark. Parking over the lines and in strike out areas is very common.
quad escalating fines for each subsequent violation abuse of placards--the vehicle displays a valid placard but the person to wom it was issued is not being transported.
quadraplegic enforce fines ambulatory people (no wheelchair, walker, cane or braces) with handicapped permits (theirs or not) are becoming so prevalent that there are hardly any places to park and let down my lift.
sci fine  
spinal cord injury heavily fined  
i am a parapalegic, paralyzed from the waist down. i would like to see a strickly enforced law imposed. I never see police looking out for this sort of illegal parking in my area. It is a struggle to get out and about as it is much less inconsiderate, lazy, law breaking people trying to make it harder on those like myself. I get very upset because it is common curtisy to not take away areas that are needed by disabled people like myself. I am paralyzed but i am not ashammed by it. I didn't want to be this way but i also don't wish this upon others either. i would say every time my wife and i go anywhere there is always a problem. We have to search and search for a parking spot. We see time and time again people park in spots needed by me or anyone else handicapped that are not at all handicapped much less have a placard or license plate. We have parked way in the rear of parking lots just to get into the stores we need to. I will wheel myself from far back just to not let others think that they can keep me out. I get extremely mad but try not to lash out at law breaking people but at times it is hard. It sure doesn't seam to get approached or taken in affect by local law enforcment.
cerebral palsy a large fine and possible driving suspension for a couple days if multiple offender they take away the disabled parking and driving so it should be taken away from them parking spots too close together, parking farther away from the door than non disabled parking, ramps at the end of the side walk and presents a danger from other traffic
spinal cord injury broken vertibra in neck and back, broke collar bone and started out paralyzed from the neck down, wore a halo, now restricted to wheelchair i believe that repeat affenders should be prosectuted. spots are limited, uptown parking is in one lot, but not along strip.
sci i think increased awareness, backed up with high fines. Zero tolerance. misuse of parking permits by family/friends.
adhesive arachnoiditis & ehler's-danlos syndrome i don't think ticketing is ebnough; they ought to have their cars towed. i have had cars "parked" against the entrance to the spaces when someone "just went into the store for a minute," making it impossible to get into an available parking space when it is open because this other car was left perpendicular to it. I have seen countless temporary placards being used when they are expired (my upstairs neighbor has one that is three years old and she still uses it). I have seen so many cars with no plates or placards parked in the spaces, and if you ask the people when they come out why they parked there, they say it is because they were only going in for "a minute" and, therefore, feel that "it's okay to take a spot right by the front door."
spinal cord injury-l1/incomplete ticketed(1st offense)  
parapalegic much stiffer fines spaces all taken, or no spaces. Most places have spaces but a lot don't have enough. About the only time i find places that don't have any spaces is at very small locations
i have muscular dystrophy more strick laws, or enforcement of the laws. the spaces are not wide enough for my lift to come out, and me drive off. There has to be an empty parking spot directly beside wherever i park in order for me to get out.
right leg amputation above the knee person with a disability should be able to call and report their license plate, make and model to local parking authority for ticketing or towing or at least a warning.  
i am a t-12 level paraplegic i feel the ada laws should be under federal rule, and should be much stricter w/o so much local leeway as to local interpretation i live in ne pa, which has one of the largest elderly popylauions in the country. I always find people parked in access spots(which aren't required to be signed as not a parking space). Also, the general public doesn't care where they park.
  fine them a lot of money.  
spinal cord injury big fines van accesible for side lift
spinal cord injury, nerves to left leg, bladder, and bowel severed by drill slipping during the back surjery procedure. I can not walk with my walker more than 15 feet, i also have a pain pump in my left side. i don't know, other than give them harsh citations. One day they may really have a handicap and need somewhere to park to just go in a store to get a gallon of milk for their children's breakfast. And have to park way out in the parking lot- raining-cold-trying to get their wheel chair etc. Maybe that will make them think well, for one instance i parked in the handicap parking place, got my wheel chair out, went to get adult diapers( for my self - bladder injury. Came back out and it was freezing and drizzling. Well someone had parked their motorcycle in the area for wheel chair access, after finally getting things resolved, i got in the car, not yet to drive off before wiping away the tears of frustration
spina bifida increased fines/penalties lack of availavility, lack of proximity to desired destination, meters
back/spinal cord injury. But i'm here in behalf of a friend that has ms. fined $100 and paint the lines as needed for the city. snow removal is not complete. Sometimes lighting is bad.
polio heavy fines and towing poorly placed. People who are minimally handicapped being issued handicapped plates.
scoliosis, degenerative spinal cord and disk disease,aracnitis,muscular dgeneration,scar tisssue pinching my spinal cord in lower lumbar area,ect. break their legs and make them crawl around. No ...They should have to pay a parking ticket of $50 that should go to someone who does research on crippling injurys. sometimes the reserved parking is in an area that makes it difficult to use effectively.
h/o fracture l2 with nerve damage and difficulty with walking   have a difficult time completing shopping tasks or even getting into the voting place as parking is so far away
my mom has spinal bifida their cars should be towed away!!! the handicapped parking spaces are always the farest from the door of the of the business. I think this is done for people with wheel chairs, because of the need for more space. But my mom has spinal bifida and is able to walk but not walk long distances. I feel they should make it the law theat all handicapped parking is in front.
unknown paraplegic heavy fines fionding one open. Not enough room to manuver chair
l1-2 paraplegic i use forearm crutches be fined big time the most problem i have had have been shopping carts pushed in the handicapped parking spots/also sometimes stores will push their snow into the handicapped parking spaces or the snow is not completely removed
parking ticket police look between time to time sometimes when i go to shopping
cerebral palsy and sci a stiff fine should be imposed the need to circle the parking lot waiting for handicap spots to open or park way out in order to have an empty spot beside the car in order to open the door wide enough to accomidate getting out of the car and into a wheelchair.
spina bifida citations and towing people think it's a great place to leave their shopping carts
spinal cord injury, sever right-sided weakness they should get a steep fine 1st time charged criminally after that not enough spaces, persons with placards using spots do not appear to have hanicaps
paraplegic t3 liscense plate # should be taken and given to police and a seep fine. people park so tht i can not lower my side lift and the most serious problem is that there is a car parked in a handicapped zone with a placard and everyone in the vehicle is in perfect health.
spinal cord injury parapelgic give them a shot so as to have temporary muscle control loss and use a wheelchair for a week! i had a lady with her children pull into a space i was waiting for and pulled in from behind the leaving car when they all trotted into the mall after pretty much telling me tough, i looked for the mall security after finding one he told me there was not anything he could do the car had handicap plates, this seems to be the norm of it
c-6 tetraplegia i always encourage the bussiness owner to call the police or leave a note on the vehicle. people that have a handicapped sticker but can walk parking in a van accessible spot when there are regular spots available. I also frequently find parking lots that have no van accessible parking and without this it is like having no handicapped parking at all. Almost every tiome we have to park in a regular spot - which takes two spots - i come out and someone has parked beside u s. Can they not see the lift and the sticker requesting that you leave room? I went to my daughters school for parents night and could noit get in the building because people had parked in front of all the ramps and in a power chair i can't get up a high curb. Also i went to the army ? Navy game with a para. It had snowed a day before the game and they plowed the lot and blocked all bu t one ramp. Also the people that design stdiums with those ramps to get to the different levels should have to push achair up the ramp. I felt really sorry for the para that was with me in a manual chair.
sci a real heavy fine  
parapalegic severely fined and towed ramp not accessible due to ice/snow. Not enough spots.
spinal cord injury be fined loading zones not big enough. Cars parked in the loading zones.
spinal cord injury/parapelgia if the police would reply immediately & then fine people at least $500.00 Or more the word would get out. Also the signs should have stricker warnings. i have had several runins; "i'm just going to be hear a minute", "i'm just filing up my water bottle",ect..... I've been yelled at, cussed out and one man threatened to kick my but & put me in my place!! I've called the police several times & the quickest that they have come was 15-20 min.
neurologic disease affecting lower extremities. I use a car topper which requires just under 2 feet of clearancd on the side to lift my chair into a carrier on top of the car fined heavily and jailed. There also should be something done about able bodied people who use permits. I am sick of seeing people park in a handicapped spot, put the permit up, hop out of the car, and run into the store. just have to drive around and around waiting for a space to open up because with the cartopper, i cannot park in a regular place. There was also an incidence where someone parked in the no parking spot (white hash marked area) right next to the handicapped spot. This made it so that i could not use my cartopper to get into the car until the other person moved her car. After trying to page the person in several stores and finally calling the police, i had to wait for almost 2 hours. (She came right before the tow truck did)
lazy tow them  
dystonia towed and fined $1000  
sci cars should be towed immediately, and license suspended requiring the driver to attend a class or seminar on why handicapped spots should be observed. people using placards of disabled to park illegally. Some who have handicapped tags or placard do not park in the lines for their vehicles making it difficult or impossible for a side lift to open. Van accessible spots taken by cars that do not need the extra space for a lift.
spinal cord injury have their vehicles impounded  
md huge fines. snow plowed into the accessible spots. Too few spots for the venues, businesses, streets.
arachnioditis, and arthritis fined sometimes it just isn't by an accessible entrance, so you are forced to wonder around until you find a ramp. The other thing is there usually aren't enough spaces.
multiple sclerosis ticketed/fined. I've found that there are many places that do nothing about this (including wal-mart!!!) i am constantly amazed at how many people without placards/plates park in hc spaces... There has been more than once i have had to not visit a merchant because of lack of available spots
spinal cord injury very stiff fines gets worse in the rain when you really
need it!
getting in and out of car can be impossible!
inability to walk due to back problem pemament revocation of driver's license i've had to walk (with a walker) for long distances to get where i'm
spinal cord injury-parapalegic i think people without placards should be towed. some people park in handicapped spaces or park in the blocked areas designated so we a space to get out of our vechicles
i broke my back 11 years ago, along with crushed my right leg, i still have hardware in my right leg to this day. I experience a lot of pain in my back and down my legs due to the injury subtained to my back while i was 6 1/2 months pregnant. well, when my placard had expired back a few years ago and i was still waiting for the new one to arrive. I received a $450.00 Fine. I did get it removed, due to the placard replacement was pendind deliver, i feel they should be fined. people parking over into the handicapped line, this either prevents me from staying in my space or making the decision not to use the space, leaving me having to go elsewhere or me have problems to deal with. I feel most security people, don't take in consideration that the car at the time parked next to the handicapped space is over thier line. This has happened twice with in the last two days.
spinal cord injury huge fine! not enough parking spots. Too many people that get a hold of handicapped placards who are not really disabled.
quadriplegia ticketed, and or towed cannot get a parking spot because they are taken up by non hanicapped parkers
broken leg    
spinal cord injury c5-6 mandatory night in jail and/or loss of drivers license for a minimum period spots are small - cannot get wheelchair out of car; people double park in the blue lines striped area with motorcycles, small sports cars; often shopping carts are in the spots ; snow is not shoveled out of spots in winter; grates and bad slopes cause difficulties in transferring in and out ofwheelchair
quadrapilegia they should be towed and fined first off, handicapped parking spots are not wide enough for my van and therefor, i sometimes have to wait for the person that is parked beside me to come and move there car. Other times, i have to park so far away from the school campus that i'm late for class because i have to wheel myself so far
ms a week in a wheelchair/ bumper sticker that indicates what they do (one that will not come off so easily) abusive language when confronted. Indiffernce / who am i to complain often is the question to ask.
quad need to have store managers to take responsability people with plac cards park in van parking,
spinal cord injury   happens most often when the weather is bad.
paraplegia heavy fine usually it is unavailability
paraplegia $1000 fine and community service. not enough. The grid is on the wrong side. Mostly people parking in them who don't really need to.
spinal cord injury pay a fine spaces aren't wide enough to get ramp down and get off, never enough spaces allocated
don't have one shoot them too much of it
  the fines should be significantly higher and towing should be enforced most of my problems are caused by people with parking priveleges. People who's handicap is trouble walking park in a handicapped spot that is further from the door than other open spaces because they feel it's "their reserved space". Also, i often see handicapped people sitting in thier car in a reserved space because their friend or spouse is in the store.
spinal cord injury tickets and very high fines. i live in the dorms at a university and there are only 3 handicapped parking spaces so it is very difficult for me to get 1 of those spots.
sci towed & ticketed vehicles without placards park in disabled spots more frequently during bad weather - when i need it the most!
spinal cord injury, from a car accident. raise the fines, and the guidelines for getting placards. too many people with placards. If you have a hangnail, the doctors are handing them out. You then have the people that use their relatives placards, etc...
sci the cars should be towed and also fined...Double being unable to locate a spot and also untagged cars in the parking spot.
car wreck depends on if they are handicapped and forget to put it up or just someone he is not handicap not enough spaces, people who are not handicap useing spots
cystic fibrosis. they should be fined one hundred dollsrs. being abused for parking in a handicapped zone because i wasn't in a wheelchair, and just not being able to find a spot.
i do not have one but often places as busy as wal -mart have a few to many "handi-capped" spaces i think they should be towed and have to pay a fine to get their car back. there is sometimes to many and no parking places for non-accesable people.
various orthopedic/neuro disorders more tickets, harsher fines not find parking places, all ways full
l1 fracture - harrington rods expensive tickets - very expensive - then make them walk 2 miles to get to where they are going  
paraplegic severe fines seems like placards are given out easily and laws have not changed to increase the amount of spaces required
spinal cord injury fined/towed away/ticketed 1)none availible, 2)full, 3)too narrow,
sci shoot them people parking in the hash marks, parked cars too close to my vehicle so that i a unable to get on my lift, people using their "grandma's" placard so they have a closer spot, someone sitting in the other car "waiting for either the handicapped person, or the handicapped person person waiting for their friend/spouse
spinal cord injury higher fines parking too close to van (when i owned my van)- unable to get the lift out
quadrapolegic heavy fines. Boiled on oil i've pushed back to my van from visiting a store, only to find someone parked in the stripes and been unable to lower my ramp
c-5 quad depends on ituation other person too close
spinal cord injury they should be fined not enough parking for vans with side lifts
paraplegia immediate towing people parking in the striped areas; people who could easily park in a nearby "non-handicap" spot and walk taking the last spot with lines that allow for full door opening; people parking in handicapped spot and leaving the person with the "handicap" in the car while they run in the store; so-called handicap spots that are no larger that the rest of the spots, just closer to the store
walk with a cane get them where it hurts, the pocketbook not enough spaces, non handicapped persons using the spaces.
spinal cord fine them. Make them take awareness class too many a.B folks with h.C placards
paraplegic prosecuted and fined people parked there without a permit and mainly not enough parking spots.
sci the laws and punishments should be enforced. motorcycles parking where lifts should open. Lift areas not being large enough. Carts left in lift areas. People parking there for "just a minute" without consideration of others. Limited number of spaces. Spaces with no marked off area for lift.
t7 sci license suspended after 3rd violation seems to be used for mercedes, porsche and people who have placards that can walk just fine
spinal cord injury ticketed and towed fined on the spot cant locate a spot. When there is a spot someone takes it although u were waiting then they put up a card and get out and walk as if nothing is wrong with them
para due to hysterectomy ticket them, but we need to educate snow is plowed into those spots, because they are close to the door.
spinal cord injury at l3, crushed lumbar blow them to hell the dirty bastards park in my space
spinal cord injury car should be towed and driver fined have had people park over the line so i could not get ramp down,once had a driver park in the spot between 2 vans where the ramps are supposed to open.
c5c6 fined  
spinal cord injury should be given tickets double the regular fine i find people parking in those spaces with the diagonal lines in between cars parking over those lines completely screwing up the whole idea of what those lines mean.
degenerative disk desease tow the vehicle getting my appartment complex to put a disabled sign in the parking area. Its been over 30 days and no results
paraplegic expensive tickets and punishment, license suspension lack of van accessible, people without lifts\ramps take up all van accessible spots
sci towed none left
parapalegia heavy fines and tow away the biggest problem is people with placards that can still walk. I don't need a spot close up, i need it because i need the space to get out of the car. Especially when i get a lift. There should be spots for disabled, then spots for disabled with wheelchair. All the time i see people get out and walk into the mall that they're going to walk around in for the next couple hours.Then i have no way to get out because the handicap spots are taken and other people park next to you in regular spots
complete spinal cord injury they should be towed and fined i'll go to a place and the handicap parking is so limited that we'll have to drive around for a long time, or if the weather is bad the driver will drop me off at the door and find a parking spot.
spina bifida the law should enforce that people be amde to pay the fines and more spots should be built people have parked in the crossed off lines
para big fines not enough+ doctors granting placards to people who are not truely in need.
paralyses they should have their car towed away & given a fine of 200. For the first offense well people are always parking too close to where i cant even open my door. There is never a place to park. Sometimes people park on the ramp or in front of the ramp.
paralysis fines not enough parking places and not enough room between parking places for chair lifts.
spinal cord injury fined, not just given warnings designated spaces too narrow for vehicles with lifts, parking lots not clearing snow from handicapped spaces, spaces not having curb cuts up to the sidewalk, not enough spaces for size of business, too many handicapped parking permits given to people who don't need them
para ticketed  
portable oxygen, cannot walk too far, limping because of leg pain tow their vehicles not enough handicapped parking spaces
sci severe fines, points  
spinal cord injury due to accident at work. Not! My fault they should be fined at least $100.00 To $500.00 Dollars minimum parking stall is not wide enough. All the time.
physical disability and use electric scooter. i think they should be ticketed. people parking in the access isles with golf carts and cannot enter my van since i have a right side lift. Also, cannot find handicap parking most of the time with access isle.
amputation fined, and repeated offenses jail time no spaces available; snow piled up around them; too far from shopping
post polio syndrome with fibro myalgia. Unable to walk fined over $100 when someone without placard is asked to move i have been cursed and told to park somewhere else. Some people are really mean. I get lots of obsene gestures because of being in a power chair and using handicap parking. Other people are nice.
c4-c5 quad sci ticketea people park on the lines that are designated to give room for the lifts
heart problems cant walk long distance get short of breath tow them or ticket cant find one or they are all taken up
spinal cord injury $250.00 Fine on the spot hills, steps , shopping carts in area
it is bad i jumped in a pool they should get one i could never find a spot
parapelegic they should be given tickets no spots available. People park to close and you can not open your door to get a wheelchair out of the back of the car.
i am a paaplegic that has to be helped by someone that can drive and get my chair off the carrier. a heavy fine- here in fl it is only $250.00 there are alot of older people from other states that don't have a parking permit and nothing is done no ticket nothing
fibromyalgia-pain and muscle exhaustion they should be ticketed and fined. some places don't have enough spots, and some are further from the door then other spots.Ie, our local drug store has the handicapped spot at the far end of the building, past all the other parking spaces.
paralysis very high fines many of the older handicapp spots are too small, and they just have been painted to look like the real thing which they are not, and there isn't enough room to park the car.
  they should be ticketed, with a sharp fine to ensure that they abide. after the first major snowstorm this past year, 1 person w/o packards chose to park in the accessible spaces, 1 w/o a plackard chose to park in the loading zone and 1 w/ a plackard chose to park in the loading zone. I have a car topper, (my chair goes to the top of my car, loads on the driver's side... My door has to be open fully or the car topper cannot open.Luckily i could get in the car in all but one of the 3 spaces, but the guy who parked too close pretended not to hear the problem when i was explaining to the store person and the guy was right behind me!I had already paid for my things. The store person asked the guy behind me if it was him... He says yes, slowly pays for his stuff while i opatiently wait for him to finish to move the car so i could then leave. I wrote n article about this for my local ilc newsletter. The person who had parked in an access aisle with a plackard, left me room, but i wanted to smash her car. She should know better, at least you'd think so. I didn't hit her car, cause i'd be the one with the felony... But i didn't break the initial rule and she gets off scott free!
sci lobotomies eldely people with handicapped placards parking next to my lift equipped van on the striped (no parking)area and blocking my lift. I know they dont realize it but shouldn't there be an education program that goes with issuing these placards.
spinal cord injury fines enforced not big enough spaces for my side lift
stenosis l3, c5 herniation, l4 to s1 fusion, arachnoiditis & rsd, including walking no more than 200 feet and i have to rest for 3 days prone to relieve inflammation and nerve pain, muscle spasms confiscate there car and ask the law for them to do 100 hours public service helping wheelchair bound persons. cement cracks rising on one side where i tripped on it.
muscular dystrophy have their cars towed away and pay a fine to get their cars out of the impound 1. People parking in a hp spot without having either hp plates or placard 2. People parking on the striped section where it is ment for a ramp/lift to go blocking access
spinal cord damage high fines and more police support would help the wal-mart here has put in paralell parking places that are being used as regular spots with two cars in them usually instead of what they were designed for.
quadriplegic fines kids using grandma's placard to get a good spot at the mall, movies etc.
stroke fined misuse
c-7 quad stiffer penalties, fines poorly maintained spaces
i have a prosthetic hip, walking any distance is painful. i have thought of getting bumper stickers printed, with the universal wheelchair emblem, with "i illegally parked in a handicap parking space today!" I am tired of people abusing this. often, cabbies park there. People will park there and someone will sit in the car like it's a standing zone, so mommy can bring the groceries to the suv car.
spinal muscular atrophy $1000 fine or more too narrow. People park to close. Yes mine van is rear load but its a hoist lift and i cannot use my walker when people park to close.
emphysema,congestive heart failure be fined at the store, grocery carts in handicap parking places
i am the driver(caregiver) for a person who has cerebral palsy, it's frustrating for an able body person to find spaces, sometimes i need to drop him off at the door for access, which may hold up traffic! ticketed and towed out of the space, perhaps just to a regular parking space to feel the frustration of "where did i have to park"! The cars not here!!!Attitude. Maybe a banner taped around the vehicle, shamming the owner! spaces are way too small, not enough of them, and not necessarily near a curb cut! Also, people parking in the "striped area" that is used for lifts.
limited walking/standing ability cars towed spaces taken by people who are not handicapped
ms fines  
sma, neuromuscular disease they should be fined. Ppl that use them when no disabled person in vech. Should be shot! too many ppl with placards that don't ned them
spinal cord injury high fines not enough van accessible spots and having to wheel behind parked vehicles when no handicapped van accesible spots re available.
cerabal palsy (in the legs) they should be fined $50.00 And up after the first one. ppl leaving cart in the spaces. People staring at me when i get out of my truck
spinal cord injury ticketed to the max penalty people parking in the striped areas, cars parked in the van accessible spots,i have spent up to 3-4 hours waiting an trying to get someone to move there car.
spinal cord injury each car that doesn't have a handicapped sticker or plates should be ticketed by the security of the particular store. If the individuals parks in these designated spots more than one time; the fine for parking in these alloted spaces should be increased. people are hanging up expired handicapped placards. Individuals are parking beside a handicapped where a lift potentially has the space to go down. Individuals are taking advantage of the sticker by parking in handicapped spaces when there isn't a handicapped person in the car with them.
heart/lung/arthritis their vehicle plates should be confiscated and a wheel lock put on their car they know they are doing wrong. parking spaces too far from the entrance. People with no handicaps useing them. I am younger than 60 and i get really nasty comments from the elderly people who want my space i park in. There was one old man who threw his lit cigarette at me. People are just really nasty when your disability is on the inside and not on the outside for all to see.
polio have vehicle towed not enough spaces or the spaces arent near entrances to doors
cerabal palsy they should have their vehicles towed and be fined.  
heart condition and fibromialgia severe summons in or out of vehicle peaple waiting in space without permit
stroke, hemiplegia tickets written, i never see this. people much more able than i, with placards, filling all the spaces
polio, paraplegic shot, hung, have their legs paralized for a week. lack of room to get out of car, people parking with placard that get out of car and run to store.
ms they should be arrected on the spot and have to pay a fine of $200 to get out of jail! old people not understanding that young people have disabilities too. I can't walk long distances (over 100 feet) before my legs will get very weak. Other than that, i look "normal" most the time and am constantly questioned as to why i'm parking in a handicap spot. If i don't have someone to push my wheelchair, i can't go to places such as the mall, the zoo, etc.
  they should have their vehicles towed, and be charged a fine.  
  tow car spaces in akward locations
  yes, fry them  
sci line them up ans shoot them  
traumatic head injury, multiple left brain strokes, bilateral hip & left shoulder replacements, and severe osteonecrosis. i think they should be towed or at least have a heavy fine imposed. Or, even better yet, have them live a month with confined with the same limitations of each person that tried to park in the space that they had taken. In other words, live a day in our lives. lack of handicapped and van accessable parking. People illegally parked in these zones.
i broke both ankles at different times years ago. Today i cannot walk distances without pain and swelling. I am also asthmatic, with additional, private disabilities also. they should be severely fined, as they are here in california, to the tune of $330.00. However, this has not detered some people from defying the law. the space beside the parking space for wheelchair exit, is sometimes taken as a parking space by thoughtless law breakers.
number one the only handicaps i have are those that are imposed on me by the environment including it people. I do not have a "handicap" myself. If you want to know if i have a disability, i do. I have a sci. T-4 to be exact. I think it is important for all of us with disabilities to try to raise our level of dignity as we are viewed by the general non-disabled public. The most impact we can have to start with is to change the terminology that discribes us and our environment. "Handicapped is a 18th century term that we should discard. When non-disabled people start realizing we are "people" first who happen to have a disability that some day they might have it will go a long way in bringing us up to a more level playing field with non-disabled people. Our law, the ada, does not contain the word "handicap". This document was drafted by persons with disabilities and they left out that derogatory term. Parking spaces for persons with disabilities is called "accessible parking". a stiff fine of $500 and their car towed off. people parking in the striped "access aisle". This is for wheelchair disembarking and maneuvering space, not parking.
neurological fined heavily and forced to live totely from a wheelchair for 7 days. finally find a space and see a totaly unhandicapped person hop out of a car with h/c plates or placard beat you to the space and go boping into a building without a care in the world.
history of strokes    
parapaligic cars should be towed, and a fine people that ar'nt handycaped but still have placecards (old,to heavy,or lazy
can't walk more than 200 feet without assistance   10 to 15 spaces in a 500 plus parking lot
polio-muscles in back & legs virtually non-functioning. stiff fine frequently the handicapped marked spaces are far from the entrance you need to enter while there are many spaces close up that are unmarked.
c.O.P.D. With emphysema ascending fines, starting out at least 100 dollars for first offense. wife had to drop me at door, then park long way off, then if i needed suction before we were through shopping, we had to go then.
arthritis in legs, spine, and feet make it very difficult to walk long distances i think they should be ticketed or towed. I was told it was okay to park in a handicapped space if you have a doctor's excuse (but no placard) where i work, there are people getting doctor's excuses and parking in all the handicapped spots, and those of us with placards can't get a space. Also, someone with carpel tunnel also has a placard. I can't see where this affects the ability to walk.
three failed back surgeries. Not able to walk long distances or stand to long at one time. Constant pain! Left leg is weak and gives out. fined greatly and community service! not enough parking and in one mall area thno parking at all. Parking at sides of or in back of buildings.
quadrapaligic   tickit
my mother has md towed i really do not like to see someone parked on the yellow lines so that a van with a side ramp can not use the handicapped spot. Thank you
cerebral palsy people abuse the placards, they borrow it from families or friends going somewhere and seeing all handicapped parking taken, and the owners of the cars seem prefectly normal to me
spinal cord birth defect increased and enforced fines limited number of spaces
i cant walk very far make them attend a class on disabilities that makes them aware of what its like to be handicapped i cant find them sometimes
t-12 lesion of spina bifida there should be more police in the parking lot to ticket those and fine them. It is not done enough people parking without a sticker, people parking in the crossed off area

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/oh5/handicap_parking/results.csv


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