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Secondhand and Used Showerchairs and Bathing/Toileting Aids

Used disability equipment and wheelchairs
Disability Equipment For Sale Classifieds Forum

This is a new secondhand showerchair and bathing aids section, so you will need to Register in order to post an advertisement for your secondhand showerchair, used bath hoist, shower equipment and commodes. You do not need to register to view the second hand shower and bathing/toileting aids, so please feel free to browse the selection on offer.
Please help get the site started by submitting your used showerchairs and bathing/toileting aids, Thankyou.

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Buying a Secondhand Showerchair or Bathing, Toileting Aid

Buying a secondhand showerchair or bath lift/hoist can be a much cheaper way of finding a solution to your bathing and toileting problems, but since your range of choice of products is more limited, you must make sure that you do not rush into buying the first showerchair or bathing, toileting aid you find, and must avoid compromising your essential requirements.

When choosing a secondhand showerchair or bathing, toileting aid, you must first check that the product you are buying is in good working order. You must also make sure that the product has been cleaned or steralised properly, to avoid any bacteria bourne cross infection. You may have certain consumer rights when buying secondhand; for example, the seller must accurately describe the product they are selling; and you should be made fully aware of any faults or problems that need attention. If possible, obtain a written description of the product from the seller before you buy so that, should you find any faults, you can get your money back more easily.

There are essentially two sources of secondhand showerchair or bathing, toileting aids: equipment retailers and private individuals.

Some commercial suppliers also buy unwanted or little used showerchair or bathing, toileting aids, recondition them, and then offer them for sale with a short guarantee of, for example, three months. Buying secondhand from ashowerchair or bathing, toileting aids retailer is generally more expensive than buying from a private individual, but the product is likely to have been serviced and cleaned or steralised and should be in reasonable working order.

Examples of Second Hand Used Showerchair or Bathing, Toileting Aid Sold in the Forum

The forum has a wide selection of used, second hand accessible showerchairs or bathing, toileting aids and accessories.

Showerchairs are designed for people who require seating support when bathing or showering. The showerchair allows someone who is unsteady on their feet the ability to shower without help. Such manufacturers are Invacare, Activeaid, Nova, Guardian, Drive Medical, and Carex.

Other bathing supports include: Shower Chairs, Bath Seats, Shower Seat, Bath Chairs, Folding Shower Chair, Folding Shower Seat, Folding Bath Seat, Shower Chair.

Commodes: There are many commode designs, such as bedside commodes, including commodes that are designed to fit over the toilet, drop arm, folding/traveling, extra wide, heavy duty and commodes for bariatric needs. All-in-one (3-in-1) bedside commodes, can be used to assist a person who has difficulty in walking to the bathroom by bringing the toilet into the bedroom. This type of commode can also be used over an existing toilet, like a raised toilet seat, which raises the seat height and assists the user in standing.

Commodes range from economy, folding, high back, discreet, shower, mobile and wheelchair commodes from manufactures such as: Activeaid, Sunrise Medical, Chiltern, Savanah, Merlin.

Bath Lifts and Hoists: Those who find it difficult to use a bath, may wish to try out a bath lift or hoist. Many are powered and can either be operated independently, or by a carer to make the task of assisting someone easier and safer, thus reducing the carer's risk of back injury. The controls are air operated, usually on a handset, and are therefore safe if accidentally immersed. Although expensive, a hoist or lift may be more cost effective than installing a special bath or shower. A bath lift, lifts the person from underneath, a hoist lifts the person from above.


By entering this Classified forum you agree to the following terms. All used equipment offered for sale in the used Disability Equipment For Sale / Wanted area is done so by the respective members posting the advertisement. Apparelyzed in no way offers any warranties, either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of the equipment posted on this web site. It is a condition of entering the classifieds section that you agree not to hold Apparelyzed responsible for any loss or damage incurred either direct, indirect, incidental or consequential as a result of using the information provided from this site. It is a condition of using this site that you agree not to hold Apparelyzed liable for damage or loss incurred either direct, indirect, incidental or consequential as a result of items purchased from this site. Prospective purchasers should satisfy themselves that the equipment being offered for sale meets current safety standards, and is the property of the seller, being free from Hire Purchase or Purchase Loan agreements etc.


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