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Buying a Secondhand Wheelchair, Powerchair or Scooter

Buying a secondhand wheelchair or powerchair can be a much cheaper way of finding a solution to your mobility problems, but since your range of choice of wheelchairs is more limited, you must make sure that you do not rush into buying the first wheelchair you find, and must avoid compromising your essential requirements.

When choosing a secondhand wheelchair, you must first check that the wheelchair you are buying is in good working order. You may have certain consumer rights when buying secondhand; for example, the seller must accurately describe the wheelchair they are selling; and you should be made fully aware of any faults or problems that need attention. If possible, obtain a written description of the wheelchair from the seller before you buy so that, should you find any faults, you can get your money back more easily.

There are essentially two sources of secondhand wheelchairs, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs: equipment retailers and private individuals.

Some commercial suppliers also buy unwanted or little used wheelchairs, recondition them, and then offer them for sale with a short guarantee of, for example, three months. Buying secondhand from a wheelchair retailer is generally more expensive than buying from a private individual, but the wheelchair is likely to have been serviced and should be in reasonable working order.

Examples of Second Hand Used Wheelchairs and Powerchairs Sold in the Forum

The forum has a wide selection of used, second hand wheelchairs, secondhand poerchairs and wheelchair accessories.

Bromakin Wheelchairs - Bromakin's lightweight folding chairs, precision engineered street and sports wheelchairs: Street Classic, Street XL, Titanium XL, Tennis XL, Tennis EVO, Transformer, Basketball, Rugby Attack XX, Rugby Defence XX, Aero Racer.

Pride Mobility - Jazzy wheelchair powerchairs. Pride markets a wide range of scooters, personal mobility vehicles (or PMVs), and powerful wheelchair lifts.

RGK Life - RGK provide a constantly high level of manufacturing standards, wheelchair development and excellent customer service. Their product range covers bespoke lightweight everyday and sports wheelchairs such as: Performance, Quattro, Grand Slam, Interceptor, Rgk Hi-Lite, Rgk Maxima, Rgk Octane. Sunrise Medical manufactures brand names such as Quickie, Sopur, Jay, DeVilbiss, Hoyer, Guardian, Coopers, Oxford, and Joerns.

Sunrise’s Quickie rigid, power, folding and sports wheelchairs are known for their endurance. Their Dynavox augmentative communication devices offer state-of-the-art touch screen technology, predictive language software, and voice synthesizers.

Invacare - Power and sport wheelchairs. The A4 TITANIUM will put up with the most rigorous of lifestyles. Invacare's 3G ARROW RWD power chair will take you smoothly over almost any terrain on the comfort of a top-of-the-line suspension system. Permobil - electric wheelchairs, Permobil is synonymous with all-terrain wheelchairs.

Permobil is best-reputed for their extra features – such as full-sized chairs, excellent front-wheel drive systems, four-wheel independent-suspension systems, and unsurpassed maneuverability both indoors and outdoors.

Colours in Motion - Choose from a top-of–the-line sports athletic wheelchair, a pediatric wheelchair. Perhaps best renowned for their off-beat and inventive model names, ECLIPSE, KRYPTO, SPAZZ, ZEPHYR, HAMMER, SWOOSH, TREMOR, or XTREME model wheelchair.


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